More CGI Advertising Possibly Coming to an NHL Broadcast Near You

During this weeks Islanders at Devils NHL pre-season game at the Prudential Center, the boarding all around the ice was tinted yellow and was apparently for testing CGI advertising. There was no television broadcast of the game, but superimposed advertising was visible on the inhouse video feed at times.

From Tom Gulitti of Fire & Ice blog:

There was no telecast of tonight’s game, but a couple of times the ads showed up on the replays shown on the scoreboard’s video screen. (I saw one with a red McDonald’s ad that wrapped completely around the end boards). Otherwise, the CGI ads are not visible to those in the arena. (There are the regular ads on the board that you normally see, though.)

Select regional broadcasts in Canada and the US already used CGI advertising on the glass behind each goal, and I guess this is the next step for money-hungry cable sports networks. The difference and weirdness here is that they are covering up existing advertising with additional advertising. If I was a company with advertising signage, I’m not sure I’d be thrilled with my logo being covered up with a McDonald’s logo that wraps completely around the ice. No doubt those companies are paying for their #brand to be seen to fans in attendance as well as viewers at home.

Seems some of the players noticed the yellow tinting and weren’t too thrilled with it (from Fire & Ice again):

 “I don’t like that,” Devils’ Travis Zajac said. “Is it going to stay like that? I didn’t like it, hated it actually. I thought it was stupid. It doesn’t look right. You get used to it, but I still don’t like looking at it. That’s my opinion.”

There is no word on whether this was just a one-time test or whether it will be implemented during the regular season. Also unknown is whether this was a test run by local broadcaster MSG or something NBC was using for national broadcasts (this seems more likely). Lets be thankful though — if this green screen advertising does come to Canadian broadcasts — that it isn’t Rogers developing the technology as they continue to be the only MLB broadcast to use that horrifically bad CGI advertising during Jays home games in the batters eye and on the baselines.



Posted by Dan — @SportsOnCdnTV

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