Buffalo Sabres 2014-15 NHL Schedule on Bell TV

Buffalo_Sabres_Logo.svgGood news for Buffalo Sabres fans in the Niargara Falls / Fort Erie / very Southern Ontario region. The Sabres have announced that Bell TV will be showing select Sabres games again this season to those in the Buffalo viewing area. Provided at no additional charge, Bell Fibe and Bell Satellite customers can catch 53 games throughout the season on channel 1442. Games will not be available in the region on Game Centre Live or Centre Ice.

With this deal, along with 19 games available on Sportsnet / HNIC / FX Canada, Sabres fans will see all but nine regular season games for the upcoming season.

To see if you’re in the 50 km viewing area, the Sabres have a map here or you can search for your postal code on this PDF.

Below is the full schedule. All times are Eastern and are subject to change.

Oct. 9 vs. Columbus, 7pm
Oct. 11 @ Chicago, 8:30pm
Oct. 13 vs. Anaheim, 3pm
Oct. 17 vs. Florida, 7pm
Oct. 22 @ Anaheim, 10:30pm
Oct. 23 @ Los Angeles, 10:30pm
Oct. 25 @ San Jose, 4pm
Oct. 28 @ Toronto, 7:30pm
Oct. 30 vs. Boston, 7pm

Nov. 2 vs. Detroit, 5pm
Nov. 7 vs. Edmonton, 7pm
Nov. 13 @ Minnesota, 8pm
Nov. 21 vs. NY Rangers, 7pm
Nov. 28 vs. Montreal, 7pm

Dec. 4 @ Tampa Bay, 7:30pm
Dec. 6 @ Florida, 7pm
Dec. 11 vs. Calgary, 7pm
Dec. 13 vs. Florida, 7pm
Dec. 16 @ Winnipeg, 8pm
Dec. 21 @ Boston, 7pm
Dec. 23 @ Detroit, 7:30pm
Dec. 27 vs. NY Islanders, 7pm
Dec. 29 @ Ottawa, 7:30pm
Dec. 31 vs. Tampa Bay, 6pm

Jan. 2 vs. Florida, 7pm
Jan. 6 @ New Jersey, 7pm
Jan. 8 @ Carolina, 7pm
Jan. 9 @ Tampa Bay, 7:30pm
Jan. 15 vs. Minnesota, 7pm
Jan. 27 @ Calgary, 9pm
Jan. 29 @ Edmonton, 9:30pm
Jan. 30 @ Vancouver, 10pm

Feb. 3 @ Montreal, 7:30pm
Feb. 5 vs. St. Louis, 7pm
Feb. 8 vs. NY Islanders, 5pm
Feb. 10 vs. Ottawa, 7pm
Feb. 19 @ Philadelphia, 7pm
Feb. 20 vs. Ottawa, 7pm
Feb. 22 vs. Nashville, 6pm
Feb. 24 @ Columbus, 7pm
Feb. 26 vs. Vancouver, 7pm
Feb. 28 @ Florida, 3pm

March 6 @ Ottawa, 7:30pm
March 20 vs. New Jersey, 7pm
March 21 @ Nashville, 8pm
March 23 @ Dallas, 8:30pm
March 26 vs. Arizona, 7pm
March 28 @ Colorado, 9pm
March 30 @ Arizona, 10pm

April 3 vs. Chicago, 7pm
April 4 @ NY Islanders, 7pm
April 6 vs. Carolina, 7pm
April 10 @ Columbus, 7pm

Dan — @SportsOnCdnTV

5 thoughts on “Buffalo Sabres 2014-15 NHL Schedule on Bell TV

  1. Does Detroit do the same thing?

    • No, but they should. It’s my understanding that there are a lot of Red Wing fans in the Windsor area.

    • I’ve never understood why they don’t. I can guarantee you there are many, many more Wings fans in the Windsor region than there are Sabres fans in the Niagara area.

      • I live here and can attest to that. One difference is that the Sabres make an effort to market to Canadian fans. O Canada is sung at every Sabres game regardless of opponent. Maybe the Wings will market harder to SW Ontario when (if?) the new bridge opens

  2. There are actually 20 games on CBC and Sportsnet channels. Some of those Sat. national games (Oct. 18) will be on FX Canada which Bell doesn’t have yet.

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