2014 NHL Pre-Season Begins Tonight

nhl-logoAnother pre-season begins tonight and a slab of meaningless games are scheduled regionally and nationally. Sportsnet will have ten national games over the next two weeks, RDS will cover every Habs game, and the Edmonton Oilers will broadcast all their non-national games on their website, something no other Canadian team seems to be doing. Of course, the networks have a reason for not broadcasting Oilers games based on their previous season.

This will give us a slight glimpse into what Sportsnet has in mind for their coverage for the season and whether TSN will continue to offer their usual excellent standard of game broadcasts, but expect both networks to wait until the season proper to roll out any fancy new features and/or graphics packages.

EDIT: In my rush to post, I forgot to mention that all RDS games are regional this season, so only those in the Canadiens viewing area will see the action. Interestingly, no national French-language games scheduled for TVA Sports. Looks like CBC will be showing some Sportsnet pre-season games beginning this Wednesday, but CBC isn’t included on the NHL website schedule so I’m not sure if all national games will be on CBC or only select ones. A little weird.

Full schedule is below. All times are Eastern and regionally blacked-out games denoted by an asterisk.

Mon Sept 22 — Leafs at Flyers, 7pm Leafs TV
Mon Sept 22 — Wild at Jets, 8pm TSN3*

Tue Sept 23 — Bruins at Canadiens, 7:30pm RDS*
Tue Sept 23 — Flyers at Leafs, 7:30pm TSN4*
Tue Sept 23 — Sharks at Canucks, 9pm SN 360

Wed Sept 24 — Coyotes at Flames, 7pm SN 360
Wed Sept 24 — Senators at Leafs, 7:30pm TSN4*
Wed Sept 24 — Leafs at Senators, 7:30pm TSN5*, RDS*
Wed Sept 24 — Oilers at Jets, 8pm TSN3*, Oilers TV

Thu Sept 25 — Avalanche at Canadiens, 7:30pm RDS*
Thu Sept 25 — Canucks at Flames, 9pm SN 360

Fri Sept 26 — Leafs at Sabres, 7pm SN One
Fri Sept 26 — Canadiens at Avalanche, 7pm RDS*
Fri Sept 26 — Flames at Canucks, 10pm SN One

Sat Sept 27 — Jets at Wild, 8pm TSN3*

Sun Sept 28 — Oilers at Blackhawks, 6pm Oilers TV
Sun Sept 28 — Capitals at Canadiens, 6pm RDS*
Sun Sept 28 — Sabres at Leafs, 7pm Sportsnet

Mon Sept 29 — Leafs at Red Wings, 7:30pm Leafs TV
Mon Sept 29 — Jets at Oilers, 9pm TSN3*, Oilers TV
Mon Sept 29 — Coyotes at Canucks, 9pm Sportsnet

Tue Sept 30 — Senators at Jets, 8pm TSN3*, TSN5*

Wed Oct 1 — Canadiens at Blackhawks, 8:30pm RDS*
Wed Oct 1 — Oilers at Coyotes, 9pm Oilers TV

Thu Oct 2 — Jets at Flames, 9pm TSN3*
Thu Oct 2 — Canucks at Oilers, 9pm SN 360

Fri Oct 3 — Canadiens at Senators, 7:30pm TSN5*, RDS*
Fri Oct 3 — Red Wings at Leafs, 7:30pm Sportsnet

Sat Oct 4 — Senators at Canadiens, 7pm TSN5*, RDS*
Sat Oct 4 — Flames at Jets, 8pm TSN3*
Sat Oct 4 — Oilers at Canucks, 10pm SN One

15 thoughts on “2014 NHL Pre-Season Begins Tonight

  1. You should put an asterisk at every game on RDS because they only have regional rights to the Habs.

    • Was just looking at the TV guide for Wednesday and it seems the SN 360 game is also on CBC, but the NHL website doesn’t like CBC so I can’t be sure if all national games will be on CBC or not.

      • In what is either a scheduling oddity or an error in the programming guide, the game will be shown on a time-delay (7pm local) west of Ontario. If it isn’t an error, any viewers out here will have to tune in to SN360 or CBC East to see it live.

  2. im in southern ontario, I have shaw Direct. I was able to see the Jets game on tsn3

  3. Wednesday’s game is the “Kraft Hockeyville” game…it appears on CBC essentially as a legacy of CBC having hosted the contest to award ‘Hockeyville’ last year…also showing on SN360.

  4. The TSN twitter feed is full of responses to angry viewers who don’t understand why the regional hockey games are being blacked out and thus see no point for 5 TSN channels.

    • What is the point of blacking out an exhibition game in Toronto when MLSE makes millions and every game is sold out? If this is the result of Rogers multi billion deal with the NHL then they will continue to lose fans who can’t affford to pay for ‘NHL NETWORK, etc. Rogers had to generate some revunue after its’ huge deal with the NHL so it sold the rights to broadcast various games to TSN etc. The problem is TSN needed to recoup its’ purchase of these games by passing the cost onto its’ subscribors. This is complete bull shit! These corporations are continuing to ruin the game by making it a bigger business then it needs to be.

      • Nearly every single thing you wrote is incorrect.

      • the TSN contract with the NHL is REGIONAL. Which means only certain regions can see the games depending on what team they are broadcasting. They explained pretty explicitly what their coverage was going to be like when they announced the Leafs, Sens and Jets schedule.

        They have to black it out bc Rogers is now the National carrier of the NHL games in Canada. It is essentially illegal for them to show the Leafs or Sens exhibition or otherwise Nationally.

        That has nothing to do with MLSE being greedy or TSN doing it on purpose or having false advertising.

        Believe me, they want to be the National broadcaster but right now, they’re not.

        Thats why on the flip side last night, the Sharks/Canucks game was shown everywhere in Canada for those who had SN360. SN can do that now.

  5. Tomorrow night, the Sens at Leafs game is only on TSN4. TSN5 and RDS will have Leafs at Sens at 7:30pm.

    At 11pm, Leafs at Sens will be replayed on TSN4 and Sens at Leafs on TSN5.

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