News & Notes: Hockey Edition — GameCentre Live Sign Up, CHL March Madness

• Rogers GameCentre Live: Registration opened today for early-bird signup for the Canadian version of GameCentre Live. Head on over to to create/login to your MyRogers account and commit to over 1000 games this season. Early-bird pricing for non-Rogers customers is $180 and for Rogers internet and wireless customers, you’ll get a free preview until December 31 and your early-bird price after that is $149. For everything you should need to know about GCL, check out this earlier post.

• NHL Centre Ice: Not sure if anything has officially been announced, but from my Bell Fibe programming, NHL Centre Ice will be available this season for $219 which seems a little steep considering how many games will be on television this season compared to previous ones. Early bird is available until October 12 with a free preview running on most major providers for the first week of the season.

• CHL March Madness: In an article on, Sportsnet President Scott Moore admits that Sportsnet and the CHL are looking at changing the playoff format of the Canadian Hockey League to that of a NCAA March Madness format. No only would this combat the usually weaker host team being automatically added to the four-team playoff, but it would add more teams to contend for the Memorial Cup and generate more interest, especially if in an elimination matchup. Rogers loves their hockey!!!

• HBO 24/7: As announced last week, HBO will no longer be producing 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic for the NHL after four years. No doubt last seasons Wings-Leafs series of 24/7 was the cause of the cancellation with it being far-less interesting than past teams and HBO getting kicked out of the locker room by both teams, despite being promised complete access. The NHL will partner with small-time US cable network Epix according to ESPN, with a full announcement coming September 23. Epix will produce a four-part series leading up to the Caps-Hawks Winter Classic but also a four-parter for the Sharks-Kings Stadium Series. UPDATE: SB Nation reports Rogers will be helping finance the project and airing it on Sportsnet, and like last season, it will probably be censored so you’ll need to download it anyway,

• Rogers Hometown Hockey: Rogers has listed the 25 communities the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour on City will be visiting each Sunday night during the regular season with Ron MacLean broadcasting live. The tour will include free outdoor festivities and concerts, meet and greets, giveaways and culminating with an outdoor viewing of the Sunday night game. The full list of cities can be found here.

• In what is probably a preview of an overall site redesign, if you check out the NHL section of, you can see a brand new design and give your feedback on it. Let the record show this will be at least the third redesign of the Sportsnet site while continue to uses a layout that looks like it was created last decade.

12 thoughts on “News & Notes: Hockey Edition — GameCentre Live Sign Up, CHL March Madness

  1. TSN is also working on a new design for their website. Last summer, a redesign MLB section was available asking for feedback.

  2. Just a quick comment. If you don’t have an account with Rogers for any services be prepared to spend some time with a Rogers CSR to set up your account initially (about 30 minutes on line in my case)

    I think they needed another few days with the CSR training

    • Really? I just plugged in the basic details online and I had a MyRogers account within a minute. Did something go wrong when you were signing up you had to contact a CSR?

      • Yes, I started from scratch, thought everything was working only to find out that not only did the login not work, but that the link to send a temporary password to the email address that was registered to the account also didn’t work.

        Cue the needed CSR interaction that included their confusion because I had previously had Rogers services with the company that I had cancelled a year ago (but I had never set up the My Rogers services before I cancelled so I’m not sure if that was the issue or not)

  3. It’s a little strange that they are planning to do a Hometown Hockey on Super Bowl Sunday (and for that matter the Sunday when the Grey Cup is on).

  4. Anyone have a link for purchase of the French-language Gamecenter package Rogers says they will offer?

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