Rogers Announces Huge Hockey Broadcast Team

nhl-rogersWith over 40 members for their debut into national hockey broadcasting, Rogers has kept the old faces from Sportsnet, the familiar faces from CBC and TSN, and brought in some new faces as announcers, analysts, and insiders for 2014–15.

News slowly trickled out over the past few months of personnel Rogers had signed up, including former TSN personalities Dave Randorf and Paul Romanuk. Now with the full release, we can see Rogers have nabbed some TSN folk, US folk and a whole load of CBC broadcasters.

Hosting all the programming across the suite of Rogers channels will be the familiar names of Ron MacLean, George Stroumboulopoulos, Jeff Marek and Darren Millard. The new name is former Canadian broadcaster Leah Hextall, who returns north of the border from Boston’s NESN.

National play-by-play commentators will be longtime CBC commentator Jim Hughson, former TSN’er Paul Romanuk, former CFL on TSN host Dave Randorf, and old-timer Bob Cole. Joining them as analysts from CBC will be Glenn Healy, Gary Galley, and Craig Simpson, and from TSN the young up-and-comer Mike Johnson. Regional commentators and reporters include a mix of former CBC and current Sportsnet staff. The (seemingly unnecessarily-long) list of studio people is below. 

Sadly, Rogers has hired the three worst parts of the former CBC Hockey Night In Canada staff: longtime d-bag Don Cherry, the well-past-his-prime Bob Cole and the always-terrible Glenn Healy. You could probably add PJ Stock to the list also, but no one really cares about him enough to expend the energy. All hate mail in regards to this topic can be directed to the comments section below.

The full broadcast team is after the jump.

Canadiens English-language broadcasts

There is still no rights holder for Anglophone Habs fans in Eastern Canada. It was reported a couple weeks ago both outlets (Bell and Rogers) were balking at the high price Montreal were asking for the regional rights. Bell had the previous rights and screened games on the now-defunct TSN-Habs specialty channel. TSN has since picked up Senators rights, which could possibly cause scheduling conflicts on TSN5. 

According to a vague tweet from Sportsnet President Scott Moore and a tweet from CTV Montreal reporter Brian Wilde, Rogers could be announcing rights to Habs games this week. Of course, Moore’s tweet could also be referring to an announcement about the future of NHL Centre Ice and Gamecentre. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

George Stroumboulopoulos (Hockey Night in Canada, NHL on Sportsnet)
Ron MacLean (Rogers Hometown Hockey, NHL on Sportsnet)
Leah Hextall
Jeff Marek
Daren Millard

Play-by-Play Announcers

Bob Cole
Jim Hughson
Dave Randorf
Paul Romanuk

Rick Ball (Calgary)
Kevin Quinn (Edmonton)
Paul Romanuk / Dave Randorf (Toronto)
John Shorthouse (Vancouver)

Game Analysts

Gary Galley
Glenn Healy
Mike Johnson
Craig Simpson

John Garrett (Vancouver Canucks)
Kelly Hrudey (Calgary Flames)
Greg Millen (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Drew Remenda (Edmonton Oilers)

Studio Analysts and Insiders
Don Cherry
Damien Cox
Elliotte Friedman
Glenn Healy
Kelly Hrudey
Billy Jaffe
Mike Johnson
Chris Johnston
Nick Kypreos
Doug MacLean
Scott Morrison
Darren Pang
John Shannon
Mark Spector
P.J. Stock

Rinkside Reporters
Cassie Campbell-Pascall
Arash Madani
Roger Millions
Dan Murphy
Scott Oake
Gene Principe
Christine Simpson

9 thoughts on “Rogers Announces Huge Hockey Broadcast Team

  1. Before the knuckle-draggers come to his defense and attack you, let me say bravo for calling Don Cherry an appropriate name.

    • I still don’t know who P.J.Stock has blackmail photos of to stay employed in hockey broadcasting, but they must be damn strong ones…

    • Don Cherry, the clown prince of Canada. It is a shame that they couldn’t take this opportunity to get rid of him. But give it a couple years and they’ll slot Nick Kypreos in there for him – he’s got it in him to be a worthy successor to the throne. I’ll still thank technology for the mute button.

  2. I wish Rogers had put Cherry into retirement. His act is really getting stale.

  3. SportsNet can add regional Habs rights and throw some of those to the national side of things like they did with Flames and Oilers.

  4. Bob Cole was great in the playoffs. So he may get a few names mixed up. So do most. He just does it a bit more often. But, he still calls a great game has the best voice.

    And lets face it, if you yourself were in your 80s and still working, still doing what you like to do, then that should get admiration not hatred. The guy is a legend and more power to him to keep on working.

  5. Whatever happened to Denis Potvin?

  6. Gentlemen,
    I realize that Sportsnet doesn’t cover the Winnipeg Jets (TSN does); almost in every way, like they don’t exist, The Winnipeg Jets really do exist.
    I was very peeved the other day when the Jets defeated Chicago 5-1, in Chicago, that there wasn’t any mention of it, by your telecaster’s, in fact your people zoomed in on Ottawa’s win (I don’t even think that Sportsnet telecasts Ottawa anyway), and the Olympic scores with no mention mention at all of that major Jet’s win,
    The Jets have 4 top Defencemen injured (Trouba, Enstrom, Stuart, Bogosian) which would be enough to cripple most teams, but they still manage to win.
    Look at the standings, the Jets lead all other Canadian teams except for MTL, including Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, TO, and Edm.
    Please consider the up and coming Jets, playing in the Olympic tournament currently: Nic Petan, Nik Ehlers, Josh Morrisey, Eric Comrie, and Connor Hellebuyck.
    The Jets will not fade away because of: 1) the young guys coming up, as mentioned above, 2) Goaltending with Hutchinson & Pavelec, 3) Coach Paul Maurice, and 4) the gritty determination of the Jets players.
    Please give the Jet’s some positive comments about what they have accomplished this year in their very injury riddled ranks.
    Thank you for this.
    Ken Rogers/Kelowna, BC

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