TSN New Channel Placement and First Week Schedule

TSN launches three additional channels today, as outlined over the weekend. One change from that previous post is that Alberta will have TSN1 as their primary channel, not TSN2.

For those having trouble finding the channel numbers for TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5 on their cable/satellite provider, here they are:


With the new feeds, TSN promises:

  • More hockey: Expansion of international events such as more games at from the World Juniors and Hockey Championships, in addition to their NHL regional coverage
  • More tennis: Additional court feeds for all majors, starting today with the US Open
  • More football: Expansion of NCAA football coverage this season, in addition to every CFL game and Sunday and Monday NFL games
  • More soccer: Expanded EPL coverage with more games on Saturdays and expansion of MLS coverage, in addition to upcoming international tournaments
  • More golf: Expanded coverage of majors, including featured hole feeds and increased studio programming and highlight shows
  • More baseball: More coverage of MLB from ESPN’s Sunday, Monday and Wednesday Night Baseball as well as Baseball Tonight
  • More basketball: In addition to nearly 50 Raptors, expect more coverage during the NCAA regular season as well as more March Madness games on your screen
  • More curling: More feeds of more games during TSN’s curling coverage
  • More auto racing: Expanded Formula 1 and NASCAR (Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Canadian Tire Series) programming

Below are some are some fancy images outlining schedule with the new feeds:

TSN5-Regional Schedule-Week Aug25-Condensed TSN5-Regional Schedule-Week Aug25-Condensed TSN5-Regional Schedule-Week Aug25-Condensed TSN5-Regional Schedule-Week Aug25-Condensed TSN5-Regional Schedule-Week Aug25-Condensed TSN5-Regional Schedule-Week Aug25-Condensed TSN5-Regional Schedule-Week Aug25-Condensed

9 thoughts on “TSN New Channel Placement and First Week Schedule

  1. Is videotron going to have the new TSN channels?

    • At this stage they appear to be the only major provider not signed up for the additional channels. I would contact them and let them know you want to see them.

  2. Will there be additional NFL coverage?

  3. About time TSN is expanding its sports channels roster instead of just the two it only just had with many other sports channels around the world (think SuperSport in South Africa and Sky Sports NZ as a couple examples). No doubt this is exciting. It can now get that fuller March Madness coverage and even get the women tournament up there. World Cup games will be huge now with TSN and RDS holding the rights. Equally important, those new TSN channels should gets lots of play come the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olympics; actually, the Olympic sports will get broader coverage and even sports-sectionalized among the member channels in the Canadian English coverage part…

  4. Thanks for this, Dan! I noticed two TSNs, 1 and 4, on my cable this morning but I don’t think 4 was live at the time. I’m actually surprised there’s five different feeds for the US Open!

  5. Will there be more NFL games on these TSN channels, in addition to the games on the CTV affiliate stations, we in southern Ontario are usually getting the Bills at 1 pm, With the great lineup for week 1, I’m hope TSN/CTV will show the best possible match-up, I hope.

    Another note, any word on whether or not CBC sub-licences the 2016 Olympics to TSN and/or Sportsnet? At this point it appears CBC is going to go it alone. Any news there?


  6. How much longer does Sportsnet have OUAA Football? It would be nice if CIS got all of their games on TSN.

    • Sportsnet will not be showing OUA football anymore. Not surprising since any afternoon NHL game on Sportsnet would overlap an OUA game. Saying that, I am surprised they didn’t move the OUA game of the week to noon just so it can still be shown.

  7. Still waiting for my 3 new TSN stations. I was told we would have them by next Tuesday. Shaw has known for how long? Ridiculous!!!!

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