TVA Sports National 2014-15 NHL Schedule

tva-sports-logoNewcomers to hockey TVA Sports will broadcast nearly 300 games nationally during the upcoming 2014–15 NHL season after obtaining the French-language rights as part of the landmark 12-year deal by Rogers. To accommodate all the action (with at least one game nearly every night of the season), TVA Sports will be adding a second channel.

TVA Sports will show 22 Saturday night regular-season Canadiens games (all but one Saturday night game), the Stanley Cup Finals, Winter Classic and other outdoor games, All-Star Game, and the NHL Draft. For something different, beginning in the new year, TVA Sports will offer fan voting to determine what matchup will be broadcast on select Monday nights.

For their Saturday night Canadiens broadcasts, the pre-game will be hosted by Jean Louis and his team including Renaud Lavoie, Michel Bergeron, Paul Houde and Elizabeth Rancourt. Once the game begins, Félix Séguin and analyst Patrick Lalime will be in the booth with Renaud Lavoie close to the benches. Dave Morissette will handle post-game duties.

The full schedule can be found be clicking each month:

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