Montreal Canadiens 2014-15 NHL Regional Schedule on RDS

montreal-canadiensIf you’re a fan of the Montreal Canadiens and you don’t live in their viewing area, prepare to watch a lot less games this season and experience what every other fan has been dealing with.

With RDS only having regional rights this season, fans west of Ottawa will no longer be able to watch games on their cable package. RDS will show 60 games regionally and new national French broadcaster TVA Sports will have 22 that can be seen across Canada (presuming you pay extra for the French package).

And for Anglophones, you’ll only be able to see 32 games nationally on the Rogers family of channels this season as neither Bell nor Rogers have elected to obtain the English regional package. Of course, there is always the option of NHL Centre Ice (presumably, as Rogers hasn’t released any information on Centre Ice for this season).

UPDATE: RDS will show all seven preseason games and English-language fans will be able to catch the games on Sportsnet East.

English and French Radio

TSN Radio 690 Montreal will cover all 82 games in English and CHMP 98.5 providing French-language radio coverage for all games.

Below is the full schedule. All times are Eastern. Subject to change.

Thu, Oct 9 — Montreal at Washington, 7pm
Mon, 13 Oct. — Montreal at Tampa Bay, 7:30pm
Thu, 16 Oct. — Boston at Montreal, 7:30pm
Tue, 21 Oct. — Detroit at Montreal, 7:30pm
Mon, 27 Oct. — Montreal at Edmonton, 9:30pm
Tue, 28 Oct. — Montreal at Calgary, 9pm
Thu, 30 Oct. — Montreal at Vancouver, 10pm

Sun, 2 Nov. — Calgary at Montreal, 7pm
Tue, 4 Nov. — Chicago at Montreal, 7:30pm
Wed, 5 Nov. — Montreal at Buffalo, 7:30pm
Tue, 11 Nov. — Winnipeg at Montreal, 7:30pm
Thu, 13 Nov. — Boston at Montreal, 7:30pm
Sun, 16 Nov. — Montreal at Detroit, 7pm
Tue, 18 Nov. — Pittsburgh at Montreal, 7:30pm
Thu, 20 Nov. — St. Louis at Montreal, 7:30pm
Sun, 23 Nov. — Montreal at New York Rangers, 7pm
Fri, 28 Nov. — Montreal at Buffalo, 7pm

Mon, 1 Dec. — Montreal at Colorado, 9pm
Wed, 3 Dec. — Montreal at Minnesota, 7pm
Fri, 5 Dec. — Montreal at Chicago, 8:30pm
Tue, 9 Dec. — Vancouver at Montreal, 7:30pm
Fri, 12 Dec. — Los Angeles at Montreal, 7:30pm
Tue, 16 Dec. — Carolina at Montreal, 7:30pm
Thu, 18 Dec. — Anaheim at Montreal, 7:30pm
Tue, 23 Dec. — Montreal at New York Islanders, 7pm
Mon, 29 Dec. — Montreal at Carolina, 7pm
Tue, 30 Dec. — Montreal at Florida, 7:30pm

Fri, 2 Jan. — Montreal at New Jersey, 7pm
Tue, 6 Jan. — Tampa Bay at Montreal, 7:30pm
Wed, 14 Jan. — Montreal at Columbus, 7pm
Thu, 15 Jan. — Montreal at Ottawa, 7:30pm
Tue, 20 Jan. — Nashville at Montreal, 7:30pm
Tue, 27 Jan. — Dallas at Montreal, 7:30pm
Thu, 29 Jan. — Montreal at New York Rangers, 7pm
Sat, 31 Jan. — Washington at Montreal 1pm

Sun, 1 Feb. — Phoenix at Montreal 1pm
Tue, 3 Feb. — Buffalo at Montreal, 7:30pm
Sun, 8 Feb. — Montreal at Boston, 7:30pm
Tue, 10 Feb. — Philadelphia at Montreal, 7:30pm
Thu, 12 Feb. — Edmonton at Montreal, 7:30pm
Mon, 16 Feb. — Montreal at Detroit, 7:30pm
Wed, 18 Feb. — Montreal at Ottawa, 7pm
Thu, 19 Feb. — Carolina at Montreal, 7:30pm
Tue, 24 Feb. — Montreal at St. Louis, 8pm
Thu, 26 Feb. — Montreal at Columbus, 7pm

Mon, 2 Mar. — Montreal at San Jose, 10pm
Wed, 4 Mar. — Montreal at Anaheim, 10pm
Thu, 5 Mar. — Montreal at Los Angeles, 10:30pm
Tue, 10 Mar. — Tampa Bay at Montreal, 7:30pm
Thu, 12 Mar. — Ottawa at Montreal, 7:30pm
Mon, 16 Mar. — Montreal at Tampa Bay, 7:30pm
Tue, 17 Mar. — Montreal at Florida, 7:30pm
Thu, 19 Mar. — Carolina at Montreal, 7:30pm
Tue, 24 Mar. — Montreal at Nashville, 8pm
Thu, 26 Mar. — Montreal at Winnipeg, 8pm
Mon, 30 Mar. — Tampa Bay at Montreal, 7:30pm

Thu, 2 Apr. — Washington at Montreal, 7:30pm
Fri, 3 Apr. — Montreal at New Jersey, 7pm
Sun, 5 Apr. — Montreal at Florida, 5pm
Thu, 9 Apr. — Detroit at Montreal, 7:30pm

7 thoughts on “Montreal Canadiens 2014-15 NHL Regional Schedule on RDS

  1. Speaking of NHL Centre Ice, considering that the pre-season is in just about a months time and that Rogers, with Canadian streaming rights will (presumably) need to set up the support network (hardware & personnel) to support streaming and billing for the product, the deafening silence makes me wonder if their plan is to effectively kill off the (legal) on line streaming option for NHL hockey.

    This has all the earmarks of the same baloney they pulled when they locked up the rights to the WWE product in Canada and refused to allow the WWE to stream their product on-line to Canadians, instead foisted an over-priced and half baked cable channel on Rogers customers and will “negotiate” to add the channel to other broadcast systems.

    They might be able to avoid the wrath of WWE fans due to the lower number of those fans, but they try this with NHL fans and it will get ugly for them.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that the league finally closed the “Habs loophole” for broadcasting games nationally as I’m sure they were losing out on Centre Ice subscriptions from the many Habs fans across Canada who would choose to add RDS to their package for a few dollars a month rather than coughing up for Centre Ice.

    Unfortunately French speaking Canadians west of Belleville/Pembroke are now going to be SOL. Yes I know TVA Sports is carrying a lot of other games nationally but those likely won’t be of interest to most. Maybe someone should play the language card and complain to the government/crtc as that usually gets a fair bit of attention when it’s made about the two official languages in this country and one not being treated fairly/equally. At the very least NHL Centre Ice should offer the French RDS feed of the games.

  3. Rogers better think twice on how they are going to handle the viewing of this season’s NHL games on TV and I invite everyone to voice their thoughts and rights as Hockey fans to watch the best team in NHL franchise history. Please send your disatisfaction and complaintso the CRTC. Pre-season games have already been blacked out East of Ottawa. I think Mama Bell better get involved or they will start loosing prescribers at an alarming rate.

  4. My son and I prefer to watch a habs game in French to hear ( ai le but) nothing like it so what are you trying to do to us rogers you’re talking about the most successful professional franchise and in the case you don’t want to admit it they are canadiens

  5. hockey schedule on tv sucks for us western habs fans .George strom……what ever the hell his name is sucks even more,

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