MLB Canadian TV Schedule: April 14-20

Here is this week’s MLB schedule for TSN and Sportsnet.

Monday April 14
7:00pm, Atlanta Braves @ Philadelphia Phillies – TSN2
7:00pm, Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles – SN1
10:00pm, Oakland Athletics @ Anaheim Angels – TSN2

Wednesday April 16
12:30pm, Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles – Sportsnet

Thursday April 17
7:00pm, New York Yankees @ Tampa Bay Rays – SN360
8:00pm, Boston Red Sox @ Chicago White Sox – SN1

Sunday April 20
7:00pm, Baltimore Orioles @ Boston Red Sox – TSN2

8 thoughts on “MLB Canadian TV Schedule: April 14-20

  1. Nice to see 360 getting a game! I know it’s probably too much to ask, but I hope they bring back Diamond Cuts or Ball Surfing or whatever their cut-between-a-bunch-of-games show was called

  2. Was tonight’s postponed Jays-Twins game to be on Sportsnet? They’re showing the Raptors-Knicks game, as for tomorrow’s day-night double-header, will it air on the regionals or on One or 360?

    • Yes it was scheduled for SN. NBA moved from SN1 to SN, and SN1 added a Mariners-Rangers game. Both games tomorrow are on the regional channels. The evening curling draw has moved to SN1, bumping the Red Sox-White Sox game.

  3. OK Josh, I’m confused about the Sunday Night game, according to this site, it’s at 7 pm ET on TSN2, according to it’s on TSN at 8 pm ET with TSN2 showing NBA playoffs. Which is it?

  4. If anyone saw the Jays-Indians game today, Gregg Zaun made an error during a between-innings segment, they were discussing statistics and he referred to Bill James as the author of Moneyball, which is incorrect, He (James) wrote the Baseball Abstract, it was Michael Lewis who wrote Moneyball.


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