Sochi 2014 on NBC Schedule

NBC has released its broadcast schedule for Sochi 2014, the Winter Olympic Games. As usual, NBC’s coverage is almost entirely on tape delay. The two exceptions are the hockey finals for both men and women. As such, all times are eastern and pacific, except for the two hockey finals.

Thursday 2/6, 8-11pm: Snowboarding (slopestyle qualifying); Freestyle Skiing (women’s moguls qualifying); Figure Skating (team event)

Friday 2/7, 7-11:30pm: Opening Ceremony

Saturday 2/8, 2:30-6pm: Ski Jumping (men’s normal hill qualifying); Biathlon (men’s 10km sprint); Speed Skating (men’s 5000m); Cross-Country (women’s skiathlon)

Saturday 2/8, 8-11:30pm: Snowboarding (men’s slopestyle); freestyle skiing (women’s moguls); figure skating (team event)

Saturday 2/8, Midnight-1am: Luge (men’s singles, runs 1/2); Figure Skating (team event)

Sunday 2/9, 2-6pm: Biathlon (women’s 7.5km sprint); Luge (men’s singles, runs 3/4); Speed Skating (women’s 3000m); Cross-Country (men’s skiathlon)

Sunday 2/9, 7-11pm: Alpine Skiing (men’s downhill); Snowboarding (women’s slopestyle); Figure Skating (team event); Ski Jumping (men’s normal hill)

Monday 2/10, 3-5pm: Biathlon (men’s 12.5km pursuit); Speed Skating (men’s 500m)

Monday 2/10, 8-11:30pm: Alpine Skiing (women’s combined); Freestyle Skiing (men’s moguls); Short Track (men’s 1500m)

Monday 2/10, Midnight-1am: Short Track (women’s 500, women’s relay); Luge (women’s singles, runs 1/2)

Tuesday 2/11, 3-5pm: Luge (women’s singles, runs 3/4); Cross-Country (individual sprint events)

Tuesday 2/11, 8-11:30pm: Snowboarding (men’s halfpipe); Freestyle Skiing (women’s slopestyle); Figure Skating (pairs short program); Ski Jumping (women’s normal hill)

Tuesday 2/11, Midnight-1am: Biathlon (women’s 10km pursuit); Speed Skating (women’s 500m)

Wednesday 2/12, 3-5pm: Nordic Combined (men’s individual normal hill)

Wednesday 2/12, 8-11:30pm: Alpine Skiing (women’s downhill); Speed Skating (men’s 1000m); Snowboarding (women’s halfpipe); Figure Skating (pairs free skate)

Wednesday 2/12, Midnight-1am: Luge (men’s doubles)

Thursday 2/13, 3-5pm: Biathlon (men’s 20km individual); Skeleton (women’s, runs 1/2)

Thursday 2/13, 8-11:30pm: Freestyle skiing (men’s slopestyle); Short Track (women’s 500m); Speed Skating (women’s 1000m); Figure Skating (men’s short program)

Thursday 2/13, Midnight-1am: Luge (team relay); Short Track (men’s 1000m; men’s relay)

Friday 2/14, 3-5pm: Biathlon (women’s 15km individual); Skeleton (men’s, runs 1/2)

Friday 2/14, 8-11:30pm: Alpine Skiing (men’s combined); Freestyle Skiing (women’s aerials); Skeleton (women’s, runs 3/4); Figure Skating (men’s free skate)

Friday 2/14, Midnight-1am: Ski Jumping (men’s large hill qualifying)

Saturday 2/15, 3-6pm: Short Track (women’s 1500m); Skeleton (men’s, runs 3/4); Cross-Country (women’s relay)

Saturday 2/15, 8-11:30pm: Alpine Skiing (women’s super-G); Speed Skating (men’s 1500m); Short Track (men’s 1000m); Ski Jumping (men’s large hill)

Saturday 2/15, Midnight-1am: Women’s Curling (USA vs. Sweden)

Sunday 2/16, 3-6pm: Speed Skating (women’s 1500m); Bobsleigh (2-man, runs 1/2); Biathlon (men’s 15km mass start)

Sunday 2/16, 7-11pm: Alpine Skiing (men’s super-G); Snowboarding (women’s snowboardcross); Figure Skating (short dance); Cross-Country (men’s relay)

Monday 2/17, 3-5pm: Bobseligh (2-man, runs 3/4); Biathlon (women’s 12.5km mass start)

Monday 2/17, 8-11:30pm: Snowboarding (men’s snowboardcross); Freestyle Skiing (men’s aerials); Figure Skating (free dance); Ski Jumping (men’s team large hill)

Tuesday 2/18, 3-5pm: Speed Skating (men’s 10, 000m); Nordic Combined (individual large hill)

Tuesday 2/18, 8-11:30pm: Alpine Skiing (women’s giant slalom); Freestyle Skiing (men’s halfpipe); Short Track (women’s relay); Bobsleigh (women’s, runs 1/2)

Wednesday 2/19, 1-2am: Short track (men’s 500m, women’s 1000m)

Wednesday 2/19, 3-5pm: Speed Skating (women’s 5000m); Cross-Country (men’s and women’s team sprints)

Wednesday 2/19, 8-11:30pm: Alpine Skiing (men’s giant slalom); Bobsleigh (women’s, runs 3/4); Figure Skating (ladies short program); Snowboarding (men’s parallel giant slalom)

Thursday 2/20, 1-2am: Biathlon (mixed relay)

Thursday 2/20, 12-3pm ET: Women’s Hockey (gold medal game)

Thursday 2/20, 8-11:30pm: Freestyle Skiing (women’s halfpipe, men’s ski cross); Figure Skating (ladies free skate)

Friday 2/21, 1-2am: Nordic Combined (team large hill)

Friday 2/21, 3-5pm: Freestyle Skiing (women’s ski cross); Biathlon (women’s relay)

Friday 2/21, 8-11:30pm: Alpine Skiing (women’s slalom); Short Track (men’s 500m, men’s relay, women’s 1000m)

Saturday 2/22, 1-2am: Speed Skating (team pursuits)

Saturday 2/22, 2:30-6pm: Biathlon (men’s relay); Cross Country (women’s 30km freestyle); Snowboarding (women’s parallel slalom)

Saturday 2/22, 8-11:30pm: Alpine Skiing (men’s slalom); Bobsleigh (4-man, runs 1/2); Speed Skating (team pursuits); Snowboarding (men’s parallel slalom)

Saturday 2/22, Midnight-1am: Figure Skating (gala)

Sunday 2/23, 6:30-10am ET: Men’s Hockey (gold medal game)

Sunday 2/23, 2-6pm: Cross-Country (men’s 50km freestyle); Bobsleigh (4-man, runs 3/4

Sunday 2/23, 8-11pm: Closing Ceremonies

6 thoughts on “Sochi 2014 on NBC Schedule

  1. Sounds like NBC is streaming a lot more live then they have previously, I’m guessing they took heed to all those that took to VPN’s to watch the BBC’s coverage during the last games. Better to find a way to monetize the online viewers then continue ignoring them and losing them altogether.

  2. meh, I’ll stick to the CBC and friends

  3. Any comment on when the CBC and it’s official specialty partners will release their schedule?

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