Rogers Re-news MLB Contract Through 2021

Just six weeks after Rogers became the new national rightsholder for NHL games in Canada, Sportsnet has signed an eight year extension to broadcast its traditional anchor sport, baseball. Sportsnet’s new contract, which includes exclusive rights through 2021, looks very similar to the contract that just came to an end. Sportsnet will show around 300 MLB games each season, including the All Star Game and all postseason matchups. Financial terms were not released.

Rogers Cable has also added MLB Network to its offerings. It is available in Ontario on channel 415 and is on free preview through the end of April. Last year Rogers sponsored MLB Network’s application to became an approved channel in Canada.

11 thoughts on “Rogers Re-news MLB Contract Through 2021

  1. This is bad for baseball fans once Rogers’ new NHL deal kicks in….June to September will be fine….but I fear October baseball will be difficult to find….Their will be alot of conflicts…Hello MLB/Blue Jays on City????

    • They have six channels, they will find room on SN1 or SN360 during the NHL playoffs. Even less of an issue in the fall when they’ll contractually have to hockey on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights on Sportsnet.

    • Rogers has Sportsnet 360 then 5 other Sportsnet channels so i don’t think finding baseball will be a issue.

    • I don’t see a problem with the new NHL and MLB deals on SN.

      In April/May, Rogers will only need 3 channels to broadcast all the NHL playoffs games because it never happen than more than 3 games are played at the same time (like in the 2013 NHL Playoffs). So, 1 game on CBC, 1 on City and 1 on the regionals SN. You will still have SN360 and SN1 for baseball.

      In October, only 1 channel is need for MLB playoffs. A 2nd channel is only need twice in the Division Series. When this happen, the second game is broadcast on MLB Network in the US, now available in Canada (just hope it will be available on other carriers than Rogers soon). So, on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday nights, Rogers just have to put the TBS and FOX games on SN1 and have the regionals SN, SN360, City and CBC available for hockey.

  2. Will TSN & TSN2 continue to air Sunday Night Baseball or are there no details about that at this time?

    • Doubt it. That was a one time trade in exchange for Jays games. Sub-license ended this year. I don’t see any reason for Sportsnet to renew it since they have nothing else to show most Sundays.

  3. Any word on when it will be or if it will be available on Bell or Shaw Direct?

  4. So Basically any of us on the west coast where rogers cable isn’t offered (i.e Calgary) are screwed and wont be able to get the MLB network

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