Bell Media Extend and Expand Canadian NFL Rights: All Sunday Games on CTV and TSN

Quick hit as I’m swamped at work: As alluded to late last week, Bell Media confirmed today that TSN and CTV have agreed with the NFL to broadcast all Sunday NFL games, taking away the 4pm package of games from the Rogers-owned Sportsnet and City networks. Each market  will get two games at 1pm and 4pm, via TSN, TSN2, CTV and CTV2. Bell continues to hold the rights for Sunday Night Football (TSN), Monday Night Football (TSN) and the playoffs and Super Bowl (CTV). Sportsnet has the Thursday night /Thanksgiving Day games locked up until 2016. At first glance, I’d say in a normal week you’d get one game on CTV and one on TSN. In weeks where TSN is showing CFL and NASCAR (for example), you’d see two games on CTV and CTV. Feel free to dissect in the comments.

Press release below.

TORONTO and NEW YORK (December 9, 2013) – Bell Media and the National Football League announced today a multi-year extension of their broadcast partnership that will see more NFL games on more Bell Media channels and platforms than ever before. The agreement brings the 4 p.m. Sunday package to CTV and TSN for the first time, allowing for a full day of Sunday NFL programming on Bell Media channels (see below for Sunday lineup). The new agreement is complementary to the existing agreement for primetime games on TSN.

Beginning Fall 2014, Bell Media becomes the rights holder to NFL football in Canada for:

  • Sunday 1 p.m. regular-season games
  • Sunday 4 p.m. regular-season games
  • Sunday Night regular-season games
  • Monday Night regular-season games
  • All Playoff Games

Fans will now receive Sunday afternoon games on conventional (CTV/CTV Two) and specialty (TSN/TSN2) at both 1 and 4 p.m.

Additionally, the new agreement grants Bell Media digital media rights for the first time, giving Canadian fans the ability to watch NFL games and content on Bell Media TV Everywhere platforms, including CTV GO and TSN GO.

As the home of professional football in Canada, TSN will continue to be Canada’s source for NFL news and information, led by SPORTSCENTRE. In addition to broadcasting NFL programming from ESPN, including NFL COUNTDOWN on Sunday mornings, MONDAY NIGHT COUNTDOWN, and the NFL DRAFT, TSN also broadcasts the Sunday night pre-game show FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA.

NFL Sundays in Canada:

10 a.m.           NFL COUNTDOWN

1 p.m.             Two games in each market

4 p.m.             Two games in each market

7 p.m.             FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA

8:30 p.m.        Sunday night football

11 p.m.           SPORTSCENTRE

11 thoughts on “Bell Media Extend and Expand Canadian NFL Rights: All Sunday Games on CTV and TSN

  1. I think it is safe to say now that the 9:30am game next season will be on a Bell Media channel.

  2. the downside is that when the early games run long, we may not be able to see late games in their entirety

  3. Looks like there’s still going to be no way for cord cutters to legally watch NFL games that are on CTV/TSN given how Bell Media locks the digital content to a required BDU subscription.

    And what does this do to the TSN2 NASCAR package once the NFL season starts? Replays are worthless unless you lock yourself in a cave (and avoid the TSN screen crawl at the bottom or the TSN Sportscentre “quick hits”

    • Just bump NFL games to other channels.

      Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like “two games in every market” refers to, for example

      at 1pm games on CTV and TSN
      at 4pm games on CTV Two and TSN2

      So CTV won’t show doubleheaders. Maybe I’m wrong though, I’ll ask for clarification.

  4. There has already been some times when they’ve had trouble getting everything on live on a Sunday with NFL, Nascar, F1, CFL, and/or soccer. Recently they didn’t bother showing the US F1 race live, and they only showed it delayed on TSN2 on the Sunday evening, although Canadians could watch it live on NBC.
    I don’t know if it’s a realistic idea, but I hope Bell or Rogers (or maybe both together through their co-ownership of MLSE?) consider the idea of starting their own motorsports channel that could replace the presumably lame duck Fox Speed channel in Canada.

    • The F1 US GP was on if you didn’t know. It was great because it was ads-free. In 2012, the race was on CTV Two.

  5. I hope this new TV deal will give us in Southern Ontario more options than being forced to watch the Bills. By the way, will CTV Toronto stick with Bills-Jaguars this Sunday, or show us a decent game, say, Patriots-Dolphins?

    • CFTO will be showing the Seahawks @ Giants game this Sunday. That’s a very strange choice as I am sure that most people in Toronto (like yourself) want to see the Patriots @ Dolphins game.

  6. When A became CTV Two, I was wondering if BCE would use if for sports. Now that it’s gonna happen, how does BCE account for CTV Two’s coverage gaps in the Prairies and Québec in the late Sunday afternoon window?

    • The work around is CTV Two to be simsubbing so that game is on cable anyways. TSN/TSN2 grabs the game not available on US OTA whenever possible.

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