In Case You Missed It: December 6, 2013

• ICYMI: We posted earlier this week that Toronto Sports Media reported that TSN re-signed their main hockey guys in James Duthie, Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger to long-term contracts. Rogers apparently wanted Duthie badly to host their extensive hockey coverage — which presumably means Rogers thinks Duthie is fantastic at his job (which he is), or they really didn’t want/like any of their current guys (Millard, Maclean) enough to pull it off, something every hockey forum in Canada seems to agree with. While TSN may not have the games anymore, they certainly have the best insiders in “the biz”. TSM also states that Duthie’s deal is more than just hockey and “now involves pigskin”, meaning CFL hosting or…

NFL on TSN: Toronto Sports Media (again) and Awful Announcing both reported today that CTV/TSN has allegedly acquired all rights to the NFL. This raises the following interesting questions: How does Bell expect to continue showing a decent numbers of games each week? Each week there would be constant overlap between 1pm and 4pm games, even more if you factor in overtime; TSN and TSN2 had many weeks this season where they showed no Sunday afternoon game due to clashes with CFL, NASCAR, etc. Would TSN blackout the games they show on Sunday afternoons? Is using CTV2 an option for the majority of Canada? Does CTV alienate the greater viewership by scratching their highly-rated local 6pm ET broadcast?

• During the 2014 FIFA World Cup final draw telecast earlier today, CBC and Sportsnet announced the broadcast breakdown for next year. CBC will show 56 matches live and 8 will be on Sportsnet. Sportsnet will also show all encore screenings. Kickoff times will be ideal for Canadian viewers (more so the east coast than the west coast) with the majority of games kicking off at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm ET. If you want to see the schedule for each group (unless you’re English, American, or a very devastated Aussie — such as yours truly), The Score has got you covered.

• A huge weekend coming up in college football with a bunch of conference championships, which you can read previews for in a post from Josh earlier this week.

TSN, always a safe bet to jump onto a bandwagon, announced last month they will show every NCAA basketball game of the Kansas Jayhawks. The Jayhawks have on their team one of the most promising prospects the NBA has seen in years, Canadian Andrew Wiggins. Some games will air live, some on a delay. TSN has been showing March Madness for a couple years now, but this is the first time I recall them actually showing a non-playoff game. No idea what they paid for the rights, but if the absolutely brutal Raptors numbers are anything to go buy, I wonder if they somewhat regret it.

• The 2013 MLS season comes to an end Saturday (4pm ET, TSN2) with the MLS Cup taking place between Sporting Kansas City and Real Salt Lake from Sporting Park, Kansas City. TSN will take ESPN’s coverage of the big match, featuring commentator Adrian Healey and analyst Taylor Twellman. It was nice of TSN to decide to show the grand finale after showing basically squadouche of the entire playoff series this year. No doubt the suits were more than happy when Montreal bowed out in the opening round, otherwise it would’ve presented some very big headaches for the scheduling department. A couple weeks ago I loudly prayed that Sportsnet would get the MLS rights next time around as they know how to show soccer properly, but since the big NHL purchase, I doubt that’s going to happen.

• While on soccer rights, the 2015–2018 deal for the UEFA Champions League was bid on this week. Sportsnet currently has the Champions League and Europa League packages. World Soccer Talk reports that UEFA will split the Champions League and Europa packages and that UEFA won’t necessarily take the highest bid and criteria will include the number of distribution channels used. While this doesn’t fill the hockey void for TSN time slot-wise, they could want to push soccer more. As mentioned above, they have MLS and will also have all FIFA rights beginning in 2015. However, those reported caveats from UEFA doesn’t bode well for TSN at all, with only two channels compared to Sportsnet who use three to four on match days, plus a much bigger online presence.

• We haven’t heard much about the Rogers / NHL deal since it was announced last week. Rogers continued its NHL buying spree though this week, getting the naming rights for the new arena in Edmonton due to open in 2016. The creatively-named Rogers Place will join the Rogers Centre (Toronto) and Rogers Arena (Vancouver) in the stable of venues owned and/or operated by Rogers Communications. Look out for the Rogers Shoebox once Toronto gets a second team.

Also this weekend: the Olympic curling trials conclude (Sat/Sun, TSN), English Premier League, NFL, NHL, and a bunch of winter sports.

7 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It: December 6, 2013

  1. Regarding the World Cup broadcasts, has anything been said yet about CBC streaming the games online either free or for pay like TSN did in 2010?

    Depending on what time the games are broadcast daily, streaming might be the only way I can follow my country in the tourney (Switzerland)

  2. The OHL’s Kingston Frontenacs also play in a building called “Rogers K-Rock Centre”.

  3. When you guys say all rights to the nfl does that also include Sunday ticket? Do you think that package will be altered in the same way centre ice was/will be??

    • “Would TSN blackout the games they show on Sunday afternoons?”

      Does this mean a blacked out Bills, Lions or Seahawks home game and/or any game that TSN shows would not appear in the NFL Sunday Ticket package? Dan or Josh, can you please clarify? I am not quite sure what that means.

  4. I hope Sporsnet pick up more MLS games. Weekend games for eastern time might not conflict with NHL games. I agree with this article as we lost a lot of good quality MLS playoff games.

    Any news for Bundesliga in Canada starting 2015? FOX got the right in US.

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