Rumour: TSN Re-sign Their “Big Three” Hockey Guys

NHL on TSNTake this as speculation for now, but Toronto Sports Media is reporting that TSN have re-signed James Duthie, Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie to long term deals.

This post will be updated should we TSN confirm this news, but judging from these two tweets last night from McKenzie, we think TSM is on the money here.

6 thoughts on “Rumour: TSN Re-sign Their “Big Three” Hockey Guys

  1. Pretty much a role reversal then – Sportsnet’s been going along with their hockey people for all these years, doing their Hockeycentral thing, with some regional NHL coverage. The only difference is that the big three there have way more cred than Sportsnet’s guys.

    In the absence of Duthie being the main host, I wonder if they could get Elliotte Friedman to do it.

  2. Interesting. so who does Rogers get? I personally think Elliotte Friedman should be the next outside guy they look at

  3. James Cybulski recently moved to Sportsnet Pacific from TSN. Is he primed for a more expanded role as host of Sportsnet’s hockey coverage? We also know TSN’s retained Duthie but what about Steve Kouleas? He’s pretty much redundant now at TSN and he’d be a good fit at Sportsnet. I really like Jeff Marek as a host as well. All 3 are better than Millard.

  4. I wonder if Rogers swung for the fences (again). If they cannot get talent to be their face, are they going to get the numbers and the ad revenue to recoup their investment?
    Lets see, Bills Toronto Series “They will be lined up around the block to get in” “There will be one ticket for 150.00” …………um no. Strike 1!
    Toronto Blue Jays, spent how many millions to compete with the Red Sox and Yankees and got one more win. Strike 2!
    Pay rat fink Bettman billions to get NHL rights and then are stuck with a plug like Nick Kypryos as the “Face of Sportsnet NHL. Really? C’mon man! Strike 3! Yer outta here!

    • Content is what matters. Sportsnet now has it and TSN does not. Talking heads filling intermission space comes further down the list.
      I doubt Rogers sees any revenue drop because of this.

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