2013–14 Premier League TV Schedule: December


EDIT: Appears there is some uncertainty with the schedule for the final weekend of December. Firstly, Sportsnet has Spurs-Stoke listed as a Saturday game when it’s actually on Sunday. TSN didn’t have said game listed in their press release but do have it listed on their site (which would give them six games for the week instead of the normal five). Sportsnet is also missing Sunday completely from their schedule which would be Newcastle-Arsenal and Chelsea-Liverpool. Will try and find the correct information and update when possible.

Tuesday December 3

Crystal Palace vs. West Ham — 3pm TSN2

Wednesday December 4

Sunderland vs. Chelsea — 2:45pm Sportsnet East and Ontario
Southampton vs. Aston Villa — 2:45pm Sportsnet West and Pacific
Stoke City vs. Cardiff City — 2:45pm Sportsnet 360
Manchester United vs. Everton — 2:45pm TSN2
Liverpool vs. Norwich — 2:45pm TSN.ca
Arsenal vs. Hull City — 2:45pm TSN.ca
Swansea vs. Newcastle — 2:45pm TSN.ca
West Bromwich vs. Manchester City — 3pm Sportsnet One
Fulham vs. Tottenham — 3pm Sportsnet World

Saturday December 7

Manchester United vs. Newcastle — 7:45am Sportsnet
Liverpool vs. West Ham United — 10am Sportsnet
Stoke City vs. Chelsea — 10am SN World Online
West Bromwich vs. Norwich City — 10am Sportsnet World
Southampton vs. Man City — 10am TSN2
Crystal Palace vs. Cardiff — 10am TSN.ca
Sunderland vs. Tottenham — 12:30pm TSN2

Sunday December 8

Fulham vs. Aston Villa — 8:30am TSN2
Arsenal vs. Everton — 11am Sportsnet World

Monday December 9

Swansea vs. Hull — 3pm TSN

Saturday December 14

Man City vs. Arsenal — 7:45am TSN
Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace — 10am Sportsnet
Everton vs. Fulham — 10am Sportsnet World
Cardiff City vs. West Bromwich — 10am SN World Online
Newcastle vs. Southampton — 10am TSN
West Ham vs. Sunderland — 10am TSN2
Hull vs. Stoke — 12:30pm TSN2

Sunday December 15

Norwich City vs. Swansea City — 8:30am Sportsnet World
Aston Villa vs. Man United — 8:30am TSN2
Tottenham vs. Liverpool — 11am Sportsnet World

Saturday December 21

Liverpool vs. Cardiff City — 7:45am Sportsnet
West Bromwich vs. Hull City — 10am Sportsnet World
Stoke City vs. Aston Villa — 10am Sportsnet
Man United vs. West Ham — 10am TSN
Fulham vs. Man City — 10am TSN2
Sunderland vs. Norwich — 10am TSN.ca
Crystal Palace vs. Newcastle — 10am TSN.ca

Sunday December 22

Southampton vs. Tottenham — 8:30am Sportsnet World
Swansea vs. Everton — 11am TSN2

Monday December 23

Arsenal vs. Chelsea — 3pm Sportsnet

Thursday December 26

Hull City vs. Manchester United — 7:45am Sportsnet
West Ham United vs. Arsenal — 10am Sportsnet
Everton vs. Sunderland — 10am Sportsnet World
Aston Villa vs. Crystal Palace — 10am SN World Online
Newcastle vs. Stoke City — 10am SN World Online
Chelsea vs. Swansea — 10am TSN2
Tottenham vs. West Brom — 10am TSN.ca
Cardiff vs. Southampton — 10am TSN.ca
Norwich vs. Fulham — 10am TSN.ca
Man City vs. Liverpool — 12:30pm TSN2

Saturday December 28

West Ham vs. West Brom — 7:45am TSN2
Aston Villa vs. Swansea City — 10am SN World Online
Norwich vs. Man United — 10am TSN2
Man City vs. Crystal Palace — 10am TSN.ca
Hull vs. Fulham — 10am TSN.ca
Cardiff City vs. Sunderland — 12:30pm Sportsnet

Sunday December 29

Everton vs. Southampton — 8:30am TSN.ca
Tottenham vs. Stoke City — 10am TBD
Newcastle United vs. Arsenal — 10am TBD
Chelsea vs. Liverpool — 10am TBD

5 thoughts on “2013–14 Premier League TV Schedule: December

  1. The broadcast schedule for this coming Wednesday on sportsnet.ca is very different from what they listed in their press release. Weird.

  2. The schedule for tsn is a f***ing joke. They have a ridiculous amount of games available online only. There is no on demand option, no tape delayed coverage. They had Man City available online only yesterday, 1st place Arsenal available online only This Wed and also the Liverpool match. They have as many games available online as on TV this month. I was always concerned when TSN aquired 50% of the rights and sure enough they are making a farce of their coverage. At least SN offers there online matches on the SN+ channels for Rogers customers and almost always tape delays them later in the day on SNWL.

  3. I watched my first game on tsn.ca yesterday at work. Quality was amazing, but I also wanted to watch Arsenal game. They need to add an on-demand option.

    TSN will be carrying premier league games for next 3 years and I think they even try to extend it now more than ever as a result of losing NHL. I just hope they make some changes.

    Good thing Rogers has UEFA Champions league, I can watch any game I want (any time).

  4. Can it be that the Arsenal-Chelsea match on 23rd isn’t being shown at all?
    If I go to TSN/Sportsnet websites, they don’t have it. Not even tsn.ca.

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