NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 11

NFL LogoMy apologies for the lateness for this. Life be crazy, etc. For another week, one could argue the Canadian networks have chosen less-than-ideal games for some of their time slots.

Sunday November 17

1pm: New York Jets (5-4) at Buffalo Bills (3-7)
CTV Ontario, Montreal, Atlantic
CBS Boston, Burlington, Buffalo, Watertown, Rochester

1pm: Washington Redskins (3-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (5-5)
CTV British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta
Fox Buffalo, Burlington, Spokane, Tacoma

1pm: Detroit Lions (6-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6)
Fox Detroit, Minneapolis

1pm: Baltimore Ravens (4-5) at Chicago Bears (5-4)
CBS Minneapolis, Spokane, Seattle

1pm: Cleveland Browns (4-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (6-4)
CBS Cleveland

4:05pm: San Diego Chargers (4-5) at Miami Dolphins (4-5)
CBS Detroit

4:25pm: San Francisco 49ers (6-3) at New Orleans Saints (7-2)
City  |  Sportsnet East  |  Fox Buffalo  |  RDS2

4pm: Green Bay Packers (5-4) at New York Giants (3-6)
Sportsnet Ontario, West Pacific  |  Fox Burlington, Rochester, Buffalo, Detroit

4pm: Minnesota Vikings (2-7) at Seattle Seahawks (9-1)
Fox Minneapolis, Spokane, Seattle

8:30pm: Kansas City Chiefs (9-0) at Denver Broncos (8-1)
TSN  |  RDS  |  NBC

Monday November 18

8:30pm: New England Patriots (7-2) at Carolina Panthers (6-3)
TSN  |  RDS2

11 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 11

  1. Remember: simulcasting opportunities trump viewer interests EVERY time.

    • Cliff: this is absolutely true, and both the Det-Pit (Manitoba, N. Ont, Ottawa) and Bal-Chi (SK, AB, BC) could be simsubbed. In fact, CTV is eschewing simsubs in Manitoba, N. Ont, and Ottawa altogether.

    • Remember the time last year where a Bills game got blacked out (Week 13 against the Jaguars) and CFTO showed the Vikings @ Packers game (which was airing on WUTV in Buffalo) instead of the Patriots @ Dolphins game (where both teams are in the same division as the Bills)? Who cares about what the viewers want to see? It’s all about the simsubs. Pathetic all around.

      • That’s not exactly the greatest example considering the Vikings and Packers were both in a heated NFC North title race last year, not to mention AD was in the middle of his best season and the Fins were pretty mediocre last season. I think the notion that Southern Ontario is full of Bills fans is false (the ticket sales to the regular season games at Rogers Centre are a testament to this) and I actually appreciate CTV for sometimes realizing that.

        Interestingly, for whatever reason, this week WUTV/Fox Buffalo actually ended up showing the Giants-Packers game. Sportsnet Ontario was showing it too, but the feed wasn’t simsubbed on WUTV.

        • I could have easily used another example but it was the most recent one that I could think of. The Packers @ Giants game was airing on Fox 2 Detroit (WJBK) and it was not simsubbed here in the Ottawa area.

          @ Dan,

          CBS Detroit did show the SD/MIA game. The last minute of the game did get cut off however for a simsub of 60 minutes by CHCH.

        • I would agree that most GTA NFL watchers are probably not Bills fans, but four of the five regular season games have had Rogers Centre filled or very close to it, with people right up to the top row of the 500 level all around. Last year against Seattle was the first of the five to have some small noticeably empty parts of the stadium. That said, I would expect the lowest crowd yet this year for the very disappointing Atlanta Falcons. There seems to some kind of idiotic notion that gets repeated (by McCown among others) that the Bills in Toronto series has been unsuccessful because many of the tickets are allegedly “given away”. Many are bought by sponsors such as Budweiser, Pizza Pizza, etc., who give them to their customers, as happens with successful sports events more than unsuccessful ones. The Super Bowl has a large percentage of corporate tickets. By comparison, for example, earlier this year the Toronto Argonauts were literally giving away pairs of tickets to anyone completing an online survey.

          • Those aren’t allegations, as you mentioned, a lot in the media have stated the attendance has been papered for Bills in TO by Rogers. You do realize McCowan works for Rogers and is the preeminent sports radio journalist in Canada. It’s why ticket prices have fallen since Bills in TO started in 2008 and last yr’s 40k attendance was the lowest ever.

            Looks like another boobus on this site wishing something isn’t true despite evidence to the contrary.

            • Which part of what I said do you claim is untrue? You can look up the attendance. It was at around 50,000 for the first four of them, and I saw it for myself as I was at all five of them in the 500 level.
              I like McCown and find him entertaining, but he can certainly be wrong sometimes and can often say things to mock his employer Rogers just to be humorous.

  2. Was the SD/MIA game on CBS Detroit because originally it was supposed to be DEN/KC?

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