2013–14 Premier League TV Schedule: November


Saturday November 2

Newcastle vs. Chelsea — 8:45am Sportsnet
Stoke City vs. Southampton — 11am Sportsnet
Hull City vs. Sunderland — 11am Sportsnet World
Fulham vs. Manchester United — 11am TSN
Manchester City vs. Norwich — 11am TSN2
West Brom vs. Crystal Palace — 11am TSN.ca
West Ham vs. Aston Villa — 11am TSN.ca
Arsenal vs. Liverpool — 1:30pm Sportsnet

Sunday November 3

Everton vs. Tottenham — 8:30am TSN2
Cardiff City vs. Swansea — 11am Sportsnet World

Saturday November 9

Liverpool vs. Fulham — 10am Sportsnet
Crystal Palace vs. Everton — 10am Sportsnet World
Chelsea vs. West Brom — 10am TSN2
Aston Villa vs. Cardiff City — 10am TSN.ca
Southampton vs. Hull City — 10am TSN.ca
Norwich vs. West Ham — 12:30pm TSN2

Sunday November 10

Tottenham vs. Newcastle — 7am TSN
Sunderland vs. Manchester City — 9am Sportsnet
Manchester United vs. Arsenal — 11am Sportsnet
Swansea vs. Stoke City — 11am Sportsnet World

Saturday November 23

Everton vs. Liverpool — 7:45am Sportsnet
Newcastle vs. Norwich — 10am Sportsnet
Hull City vs. Crystal Palace — 10am Sportsnet World
Arsenal vs. Southampton — 10am TSN2
Fulham vs. Swansea — 10am TSN.ca
Stoke City vs. Sunderland — 10am TSN.ca
West Ham vs. Chelsea — 12:30pm TSN2

Sunday November 24

Manchester City vs. Tottenham — 8:30am TSN
Cardiff City vs. Manchester United — 11am Sportsnet World

Monday November 25

West Bromwich vs. Aston Villa — 3pm Sportsnet World

I’ll include the Saturday November 30 games with the December update, as it just makes sense to do so.

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