NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 8

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There will be errors. I had to quickly whip this up this morning before I fly out to ye olde UK for the weekend (and no, it’s not to watch the 49’ers / Jags in London, but if I’m in the neighborhood, I may swing by) so this means two things: 1) I’m almost certain I’ve probably missed a network or screwed something up, and 2) I won’t be able to make an edits to fix said mistakes or late changes. As always though, I can depend on you readers of ye blog to post either of the above corrections in the comments below.

Thursday October 24

8:25pm: Carolina Panthers (3-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6)
Sportsnet 360  |  RDS2
Brad Nessler, Mike Mayock

Sunday October 27

1pm: Miami Dolphins (3-3) at New England Patriots (5-2)
CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Winnipeg
CBS Boston, Burlington, Minneapolis, Seattle, Spokane
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms

1pm: Dallas Cowboys (4-3) at Detroit Lions (4-3)
CTV British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Ottawa
Fox Cleveland, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Toledo, Minneapolis
Dick Stockton, Brian Billick

1pm: Buffalo Bills (3-4) at New Orleans Saints (5-1)
CTV Toronto, Kitchener
CBS Buffalo, Erie
Greg Gumbel, Dan Dierdorf

1pm: New York Giants (1-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)
Fox Boston, Burlington, Buffalo
Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston

1pm: Cleveland Browns (3-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (7-0)
CBS Cleveland
Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts

4:05pm: New York Jets (4-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (5-2)
Sportsnet Ontario, West, Pacific
Kevin Harlan, Solomon Wilcots

4:05pm: Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4) at Oakland Raiders (2-4)
CBS Detroit
Spero Dedes, Rich Gannon

4:25pm: Washington Redskins (2-4) at Denver Broncos (6-1)
City | Sportsnet East
Thom Brennaman, Troy Aikman

8:20pm: Green Bay Packers (4-2) at Minnesota Vikings (1-5)
TSN  |  RDS2  |  NBC
Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth

Monday October 28

8:30pm: Seattle Seahawks (6-1) at St. Louis Rams (3-4)
TSN  |  RDS2
Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden

20 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 8

  1. Cowboys-Lions (Sunday 1pm) and Redskins-Broncos (Sunday 4:25pm) on RDS

  2. The Cowboys @ Lions will be on FOX Detroit. That looks like the only correction, have a blast in the UK.

  3. Why call this blog “rouge point”? Change it to “Fair catch point”. Because it’s just NFL all the time. For a “Canadian Sports Media Blog”, Canadians want something Canadian – CFL ratings, hockey schedules – CHL, CIS. Not that EPL and NFL can’t be included. Just looking for more balance.

    • The blog is great. If anything I would prefer more American sports. Would love to see NBA Canadian TV schedule and more College Football but I understand you are at the mercy of the networks releasing this information. Not missing much with the CFL and CIS etc. I always thought the “Canadian” in the title referred to what effects us Canadians and what we are generally interested in (American sports and culture play a huge role) rather than sports that are solely Canadian. Keep up the great work.

      • What does not missing much mean? The blog doesn’t include any CFL or CIS schedules. As for the NBA I don’t think the demand warrants coverage on this blog or in the media as more people watch preseason CFL games than the NBA finals. Simply put the NBA is a niche sport in Canada.

        • What do you mean not warranted coverage in this blog? If Josh or Dan are interested in it enough to write a post and the readers want to know the information then by all means put it up. This blog does not have to cater to only the most popular sports interest of all Canadians.

        • Is someone under the impression there is some kind of government rule or regulation that forces bloggers to write about the CFL? It’s not 1974 and Marc Lalonde is no longer a cabinet minister who can propose banning other football leagues from Canada.

          What would be the point of writing a CFL TV schedule here anyway? Every game is shown nationally on TSN, and anyone who cares would know that, unlike with the NFL where people want to know which games they will be able to see on Sunday afternoons.

          • Wow I never said anyone had to write about the CFL, I just questioned what hooble meant when he said not missing much with CFL/CIS. I still believe the NBA is over hyped by our American biased Toronto “media” based on its lack of true fan support. Its one thing to rock some Brooklyn Nets/Miami Heat/LA Lakers “swag” and quite another to actually watch games on television on a regular basis. The NHL, CFL, NFL and MLB get good TV numbers in this country and deserve the coverage they get, the NBA on the other hand does not deserve extensive coverage as non-Raptor games get beaten by soccer games from another continent (EPL games average 90-130K viewers per game according to Bobby McMahon).

            • By “not missing much” he probably meant at least in the CFL’s case, players that weren’t good enough to go to the NFL.

      • To comment on the college football portion of this, um, post, I started a blog this season (cheap plug!) to offset the overwhelming amount of information given out on this blog. He can’t do everything. That is why there is a list on the side of other sites that contain valuable information. He also tweets about additional information you can get from other blogs (including mine…cheap plug #2).
        Saying all that, this is the blog that got me interested in scheduling and the media side of sports, something I hardly paid attention to before. For that, I give major kudos to this blog for the work it does. One of the better blogs out there.

    • My thoughts echo this very point. We have the World Series going on. NBA season starting. Hockey still kills in the ratings vs all other sports combined. 2 big matches in EPL and la Liga last weekend. MLS entering playoffs.

      But instead we get listless listings of NFL games that I can easily find on my tv. And like the networks that broadcast, this blog has totally missed the big media story surrounding the NFL in the past month

      • The NFL TV schedule is a worthwhile subject every week during the season because it is a more complicated situation than other sports, involving many different local Canadian and American broadcast stations along with different national and regional sports channels. There can be eight or ten games happening at the same time in the early Sunday afternoon time slot, and another three or four games after 4pm ET., and which games may be available or not available often does not become finalized until just a few days ahead of time, and even then can sometimes be changed again. Except for the few who pay for the Sunday Ticket package and get everything, all other Canadians get different games depending on what part of the country they live in and what channels they can see on their cable, satellite, IPTV service package and/or over-the-air antenna.

        • – Just to add something to my post above — The availability of some games may not be determined until a couple of days before they occur because of possible TV black outs, which can change what games are shown on the Fox and CBS stations we get here, including whether or not they show an early or late afternoon game, which in turn can change their availability on Canadian stations.

          And the NFL also has flexible scheduling during its regular season (unlike other sports) that can change the starting time of any Sunday game from its original tentatively listed starting time (and that is regardless of the situation recently for that unusual 11:30 pm ET game in Oakland delayed by a baseball playoff game in the same stadium on the same weekend).

          • But this type of info is a commodity – easily found everywhere on the interweb and if you use a cable/sat provider. In other words, boring…

            • My TV on-screen guide will, usually for most of the week often until Saturday or Sunday morning, just list “NFL Football” with “teams TBA” or no description (or an incorrect one). You can eventually find pieces of it in various places like the TSN and Sportsnet sites, but that’s only part of the picture because it doesn’t include the US stations — as I said before, not the networks but all of the different relevant individual stations from Detroit, Buffalo, Seattle, etc.
              I appreciate that someone can at least go to the trouble of combining it all into one useful list for Canadians. I just typed “NFL Canadian TV schedule” into Google, and this was the only site that came up in the results that actually does that.

  4. Ratings from last Thursday night when 3 leagues went head-to-head

    CFL: 517k
    World Series: 465k
    NFL: 105k

    Weekend Cdn netowrk ratings via BBM and Chris Z

    1. NHL, Pens-Leafs/Sharks-Habs/Jets-Stars, Saturday, CBC: 2,108,000

    2. NFL, Early games, Sunday, CTV: 809,000

    3. CFL, Riders at Stamps, Saturday, TSN: 771,000

    4. NHL, Caps at Flames, Saturday, CBC: 722,000

    5. Figure skating, Skate Canada, Saturday, CTV, 666,000

    6. World Series, Bosox-Cards, Sunday, Sportsnet: 645,000

    7. CFL, Esks at Lions, Friday, TSN: 604,000

    8. CFL, Bombers at Argos, Thursday, TSN: 517,000

    9. World Series, Bosox-Cards, Saturday, Sportsnet: 496,000

    10. World Series, Bosox-Cards, Thursday, Sportsnet: 465,000

    11. CFL, Als at Ticats, Saturday, TSN: 451,000

    12. NFL, Packers at Vikings, Sunday, TSN: 411,000

    13. Auto racing, NASCAR Sprint Cup, Sunday, TSN: 362,000

    14. Figure skating, Skate Canada, Friday, TSN: 228,000

    15. Soccer, Man U at Stoke, Saturday, TSN: 201,000

    16. Auto racing, F1 Indian GP, Sunday, TSN: 165,000

    17. NFL, Late afternoon games, Sunday, Sportsnet: 151,000

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