FIFA World Cup Qualifying: Four Days, Forty Games*

FIFA World Cup 2014UPDATE: Sportsnet games confirmed for Tuesday, as well as one on GolTV.

With the addition of beIN Sport Canada streaming online for free (limited time only, see here for details), there is a plethora of options for Canadian football fans in the current round of 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches.

Sportsnet, Sportsnet World Online, GolTV and beIN Sport Play will cover qualifiers from Europe, CONCACAF, South America and Africa with numerous countries looking to secure their place alongside Brazil, Australia, Japan, USA, Iran, South Korea, Netherlands, Italy, Costa Rica and Argentina.

* May or may not be 40 games available, I was just going with a catchy title.

Friday October 11

Armenia vs. Bulgaria — 11am Sportsnet World
Croatia vs. Belgium — 12pm Sportsnet
Netherlands vs. Hungary — 1:30pm SN World Overflow | SN World Online
Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Liechtenstein — 2pm SN World Overflow | SN World Online
England vs. Montenegro — 2:30pm Sportsnet
Germany vs. Republic of Ireland — 2:30pm Sportsnet One
Greece vs. Slovakia — 2:30pm Sportsnet World
Albania vs. Switzerland — 2:30pm SN 360 | SN World Overflow | SN World Online
Luxembourg vs. Russia — 2:30pm SN World Overflow | SN World Online
Andorra vs. Romania — 2:30pm SN World Overflow | SN World Online
Estonia vs. Turkey — 2:30pm SN World Overflow | SN World Online
Denmark vs. Italy — 2:45pm RAI International
Portugal vs. Israel — 3:40pm GolTV
Spain vs. Belarus — 4:30pm Sportsnet 360
Honduras vs. Costa Rica — 4:45pm beIN Sport Play
Venezuela vs. Paraguay — 4:45pm beIN Sport Play
Colombia vs. Chile — 4:45pm beIN Sport Play
Ecudaor vs. Uruguay — 4:45pm beIN Sport Play
Argentina vs. Peru — 7pm beIN Sport Play
Sweden vs. Austria — 7pm GolTV (TD)

Saturday October 12

Burkina Faso vs. Algeria — 11:45am beIN Sport Play
Ivory Coast vs. Senegal — 12:45pm beIN Sport Play

Sunday October 13

Ethiopia vs. Nigeria — 8:45am
Tunisia vs. Cameroon — 12:45pm

Tuesday October 15

Ghana vs. Egypt — 11:45am beIN Sport Play
Azerbaijan vs. Russia — 12:30pm Sportsnet
Greece vs. Liechtenstein — 12:30pm Sportsnet One
Lithuania vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina — 12:30pm Sportsnet 360
Portugal vs. Luxembourg — 12:30pm Sportsnet World
Hungary vs. Andorra — 2pm Sportsnet World Online
Switzerland vs. Slovenia — 2pm Sportsnet World Online
Romania vs. Estonia — 2pm Sportsnet World Online
Turkey vs. Netherlands — 2pm Sportsnet World Online
Bulgaria vs. Czech Republic — 2:15pm Sportsnet World Online
Serbia vs. Macedonia — 2:30pm Sportsnet World Online
Sweden vs. Germany — 2:40pm GolTV
Belgium vs. Wales — 2:45pm Sportsnet World Online
Italy vs. Armenia — 2:45pm Sportsnet World Online | RAI International
England vs. Poland — 3pm Sportsnet
Spain vs. Georgia — 3pm Sportsnet 360
France vs. Finland — 3pm Sportsnet World
Chile vs. Ecuador — 6:30pm beIN Sport Play
Uruguay vs. Argentina — 6:30pm beIN Sport Play
Paraguay vs. Colombia — 7:15pm beIN Sport Play
Panama vs. USA — 9:30pm beIN Sport Play
Jamaica vs. Honduras — 9:30pm beIN Sport Play

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