FIFA World Cup Qualifying Schedule: September 10

Another round of World Cup qualifying, another full day of matches. As always, all times are Eastern.

  • Russia vs. Israel — 10:30am Sportsnet
  • Armenia vs. Denmark — 10:30am Sportsnet World
  • Kazakhstan vs. Sweden — 12pm GolTV
  • Georgia vs. Finland — 1pm SN World Online
  • Romania vs. Turkey — 2pm SN World Online
  • Ukraine vs. England — 2:30pm Sportsnet  |  GolTV
  • Belarus vs. France — 2:30pm Sportsnet One
  • Andorra vs. Netherlands — 2:30pm Sportsnet 360
  • Greece vs. Latvia — 2:30pm Sportsnet World
  • Macedonia vs. Scotland — 2:30pm SN World Online
  • Faroe Islands vs. Germany — 4:40pm GolTV (TD)
  • Austria vs. Republic of Ireland — 7pm GolTV (TD)
  • United States vs. Mexico — 8pm Sportsnet One

5 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Qualifying Schedule: September 10

  1. on my tv schedule goltv is show italy/czech republic at 230pm instead of england/ukraine

  2. the goltv website has italy/czech on it

    • on the american website and channel it has eng/ukr and the canadian website and channel are showing italy/czech

    • Their weekly TV Schedule PDF lists the England game, which is why I listed England, but their Upcoming Matches PDF lists the Italy game. Hence, wherein the confusion lies.

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