FIFA World Cup Qualifying Schedule: September 6

A huge installment of FIFA World Cup qualifiers on the schedule for tomorrow, both on television and online. All times are ET.

Russia vs. Luxembourg — 10am Sportsnet
Czech Republic vs. Armenia — 11:45am Sportsnet World
Georgia vs. France — 2:15pm SN World Online / 9:30pm Sportsnet World (TD)
England vs. Moldova — 2:30pm Sportsnet
Italy vs. Bulgaria — 2:30pm Sportsnet One
Serbia vs. Croatia — 2:30pm Sportsnet World
Scotland vs. Belgium — 2:30pm Sportsnet 360
Germany vs. Austria — 2:30pm SN World Online
Finland vs. Spain — 2:30pm SN World Online / 5:30pm Sportsnet World (TD)
Republic of Ireland vs. Sweden — 2:45pm  GolTV
Northern Ireland vs. Portugal — 2:45pm SN World Online /  7:30pm Sportsnet World (TD)
Poland vs. Montenegro — 2:45pm SN World Online
Liechtenstein vs. Greece — 2:45pm SN World Online

3 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Qualifying Schedule: September 6

  1. Sportsnet is doing an amazing job with all these games. Before I was never able to watch any of them, TSN is only good every 4 years. Sportsnet has 4 people for pre-show and half time (Canadian), this is how you grow the game.

  2. Sportsnet has done an excellent job with football/soccer. They seem much more committed to football/soccer than TSN. I love the fact that we get lots more games this year, without having to subscribe to SN World which I can’t afford.

  3. sportsnet had stepped up it commitment to sports like soccer & tennis & volleyball & swimming & cycling while tsn is still following the traditional mode of leaching off American feeds with no added value.

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