2013-14 Premier League Schedule: Matchday 2

Since NBC seems to be kind enough to release a list of commentators who’ll call each match every week, I figured I’d try to pass them along in the form of a weekly Canadian TV schedule. I know some viewers have their favourites and we usually never know who’ll call what match ahead of time.

Saturday August 24
7:45am, Fulham v. Arsenal – Sportsnet (Richard Kaufman & Stewart Robson)
10:00am, Southampton v. Sunderland – TSN (Joe Speight & Tony Gale)
10:00am, Stoke City v. Crystal Palace – Sportsnet (Jonathan Beck & Garry Birtles)
10:00am, Everton v. West Bromwich – TSN.ca (Daniel Mann & Trevor Francis)
10:00am, Newcastle v. West Ham – TSN.ca (Gary Taphouse & Davie Provan)
10:00am, Hull City v. Norwich City – SN World (David Stowell & Barry Horne)
12:30pm, Aston Villa v. Liverpool – TSN, NBC (Arlo White & Lee Dixon)

Sunday August 25
11:00am, Tottenham v. Swansea City – SN World (Tony Jones & Dean Sturridge)
11:00am, Cardiff City v. Manchester City – SN World + (Jon Champion & Danny Mills)

Monday August 26
3:00pm, Manchester United v. Chelsea – TSN (Arlo White & Graeme Le Saux)

3 thoughts on “2013-14 Premier League Schedule: Matchday 2

  1. I was on vacation for the last week or so and the first EPL game I was able to sit down and watch was yesterday’s united-Chelsea stinker. I was not impressed by NBC’s coverage. I feel too much focus was put on the context of the game rather than the game itself. I guess this is what American viewers want and what works to help grow the product but I miss the EPL feed where the focus is on the game itself, the tactics and critical analysis of the players, managers, referees are provided.

    Arlo White and his partner failed to provide any critical analysis in an unbelievably boring game beyond saying “Mourinho has employed defensive tactics”. This is atypical of an NFL broadcast and I guess it’s what NBC wants but I was not impressed and hope we’re not stuck with this all season when the EPL main feed is available and fantastic.

    Arlo White makes a great MLS commentator but for EPL, please don’t mess with what works. Give me Jon Champion, Martin Tyler, Peter Drury, Tony Jones.

  2. Would you be posting the schedule for match day 3, mate?

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