2013-14 Premier League TV Schedule: August

I’ll try to maintain a monthly TV Schedule for the Premier League this season due to the randomness of where games air, in comparison to previous seasons.

Saturday 8/17, 7:45am – Liverpool v. Stoke City (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Arsenal v. Aston Villa (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Norwich City v. Everton (TSN)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Sunderland v. Fulham (Sportsnet World)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – West Ham v. Cardiff City (Sportsnet World Online)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – West Brom v. Southampton (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/17, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Man United (Sportsnet)
Sunday 8/18, 8:30am – Crystal Palace v. Sprus (TSN)
Sunday 8/18, 11:00am – Chelsea v. Hull City (TSN)
Monday 8/19, 3:00pm – Man City v. Newcastle (TSN)
Wednesday 8/21, 2:45pm – Chelsea v. Aston Villa (Sportsnet World)
Saturday 8/24, 7:45am – Fulham v. Arsenal (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Stoke City v. Crystal Palace (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Newcastle v. West Ham (TSN)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Hull City v. Norwich City (Sportsnet World)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Everton v. West Brom (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Southampton v. Sunderland (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/24, 12:30pm – Aston Villa v. Liverpool (TSN2)
Sunday 8/25, 11:00am – Cardiff City v. Man City (Sportsnet World Online)
Sunday 8/25, 11:00am – Spurs v. Swansea City (Sportsnet World)
Monday 8/26, 3:00pm – Man United v. Chelsea (TSN)
Saturday 8/31, 7:45am – Man City v. Hull City (TSN)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Newcastle v. Fulham (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – West Brom v. Swansea (TSN2)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Cardiff City v. Everton (Sportsnet World)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – West Ham v. Stoke City (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Norwich City v. Southampton (Sportsnet World Online)
Saturday 8/31, 12:30pm – Crystal Palace v. Sunderland (TSN2)

4 thoughts on “2013-14 Premier League TV Schedule: August

  1. Thanks a lot for this, I was actually working up the ambition to type of these up for myself. Can’t wait for Saturday.

    Thanks for all the other work you do on this site as well, I always find it interesting that the soccer related articles are always among the most commented on.

  2. TSN.ca is not that great, quality is much lower than SNWO and there is no on-demand option which is the most important fact considering there are so many games at the same time. I guess this why it’s free.

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