2013 World Athletics Championships TV Schedule

Usually CBC provides Canadian TV coverage of the IAAF World Championships, but as with the FINA World Aquatics Championships, budget cuts at CBC Sports (made in 2012) have resulted the CBC giving up rights. And also like the swimming, Sportsnet will air a nightly highlights show for the Athetics Worlds. NBC will also have coverage on weekends in the afternoon, including the men’s 100m final live. Here is the broadcast schedule. For Sportsnet only the debut broadcast is listed, each regional channel (and Sportsnet ONE) will show each highlights show at least once. Check local listings for encores.

Saturday 8/10, 3:30-5:00pm
Sunday 8/11, 12:30-2:00pm (LIVE)
Saturday 8/17, 12:00-12:30pm (LIVE)
Saturday 8/17, 2:30-4:00pm
Sunday 8/18, 2:30-4:00pm

Saturday 8/10, 11:00pm ET (West & Pacific)
Sunday 8/11, 9:00pm ET (West)
Monday 8/12, 11:00pm ET (West & Pacific)
Tuesday 8/13, 11:00pm ET (West & Pacific)
Wednesday 8/14, 9:00pm ET (ONE)
Thursday 8/15, 9:00pm ET (ONE)
Friday 8/16, 11:00pm ET (West & Pacific)
Saturday 8/17, 11:00pm ET (West)
Sunday 8/18, 10:00pm ET (Pacific)

12 thoughts on “2013 World Athletics Championships TV Schedule

  1. sportsnet is providing less coverage than it just did for the swimming worlds. and nothing live either including the 100m meters despite having 6 sports channels and a plethora of other networks showing run of the mill repeats.

  2. Disappointed that Sportsnet is using the World Feed for both FINA Swimming Worlds and IAAF Track & Field Worlds!

    • Why? As opposed to what feed?

      • Presumably opposed to using their own commentators, like CBC always did. At least for the swimming they had their own studio host to update Canadian results. It wasn’t that long ago that CBC sent Scott Russell or Ron MacLean plus a play-by-play and analyst to both Worlds events. Now there’s not even a Canadian production.

  3. It’s a shame when I watched a Cdn win the bronze in a decathlon in almost a generation live on NBC. It’s a shame when one of the world’s pinnacle events (100m) with one of the world’s sports stars isn’t shown live. This provides evidence that we have 900 channels but nobody wants to put on anything world class.

    • Yeah, I think this is the first time I’ve ever watched a 100m final (Worlds or Olympics) on NBC. So used to CBC (and CTV last year) having it live and NBC on delay.

    • I totally agree. We matched our best results and not one Canadian broadcaster could bring anything on live? Unfortunately I had to stream all of the events from bbc one via trackie.ca…it was fortunate I found the link! Canada broadcasting should be ashamed!

  4. Pi$$ poor of all Canadian sports networks that we can’t watch some of this live. Lots of reruns of sportscentre on TSN, though…

  5. Rather shameful display by Sportsnet for this. Can’t even be bothered to get footage of Drouin for the recap show when the kid wins a medal… it was out there to be had, they both got some from NBCSN for the highlight shows, but didn’t even show a jump of his on their hour long recap.

    • That’s terrible…how could they not show his beautiful jumps? And his Canadian record…I’m sad to hear this!

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