NFL Pre-Season Begins Sunday with HOF Game

In what some consider the longest five months of the year, the NFL off-season drought ends this Sunday with the annual pre-season Hall of Fame game from Canton, Ohio.

TSN will  show five games over the coming month (three ESPN games and two simulcast with NBC)

Sun Aug. 4 — Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins (Hall of Fame Game) – NBC / TSN (8pm ET)
Thu Aug. 8 — Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons – TSN2 (8pm ET)
Thu Aug. 15 — San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears – TSN (8 p.m. ET)
Fri Aug. 16 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots – FOX (8pm ET)
Sun Aug. 18 — Indianapolis Colts at New York Giants – FOX (8pm ET)
Mon Aug. 19 — Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins – TSN (8pm ET)
Thu Aug. 22 — Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens TSN2 (8pm ET)
Fri Aug. 23 — Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers – CBS (8pm ET)
Sat Aug. 24 — St. Louis Rams at Denver Broncos – CBS (8pm ET)
Sun Aug. 25 — New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans – FOX (4pm ET)
Sun Aug. 25 — Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers – NBC / TSN (8pm ET)

Select Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and New England Patriots pre-season games will also be available on local affiliates, for those who are able to get said US networks through their cable/satellite provider.


12 thoughts on “NFL Pre-Season Begins Sunday with HOF Game

  1. I will probably watch a bit of the Hall of Fame game this Sunday night and any preseason games that I am able to watch (until the starters are out of the game). Thursday September 5th CANNOT come fast enough! :)

  2. And, as I assume most people who care probably already know, all NFL pre-season games are shown on the NFL Network at least once. On some nights they move between different live games in the same way their RedZone channel operates on Sundays during the regular season.

  3. Nothing beats NFL preseason football except:

    CFL regular season
    MLB regular season
    MLS regular season
    Aussie Rules Football
    Watching Paint Dry

    That about sums it up. I think scrapping the preseason would be a fantastic idea.

    • I cannot see the NFL scrapping the preseason. However, what I do see is that the NFL preseason could be cut down from four games to two games in the future.

    • Great post Sean. But I want the 4 pre-season games as I actually use NFL pre-season as a decent way to fall asleep. Other than using drugs, nothing beats the 3rd & 4th quarters of pre-season matches.

      • Moosy how dare you insult the great National Football League you must be one of those Western Canadian ANti-NFL, CFL redneck inbreds! My guess is the sports “media” in Toronto is all over the NFL preseason getting all excited about a bunch of meaningless games.

        And yes the 3rd and 4th quarters of preseason football is a drug. You sit down expecting to watch football and what you get is a bad psychedelic trip that barely resembles the sport.

      • Preseason may be boring (in all sports, remember CFL preseason is on TSN as well), but it is necessary to a degree. Gives newly drafted players a chance to get used to NFL plays and gives starters a chance to get game-ready.

        • Wait, the CFL has a preseason? I was too busy watching the Stanley Cup Finals to notice. I understand that there is a need for a preseason, but 4 games? That’s 1/4 the size of the NFL season. The CFL does it right, 2 games which is only 1/9 the size of the regular season.

          • Yeah I think its only a matter of time before they cut preseason in half and add 2 more regular season games anyway.

            • I can definitely see the preseason going down to two games. However, I think that the regular season schedule will remain at 16 games (with two bye weeks per team) especially if the players association doesn’t agree to an 18 game regular season schedule. That’s another possibility which is being considered.

  4. So true Sean & Moosy. I remember watching the preseason game last year between the Texans and Saints. The first two quarters both teams put on a clinic on how to blowtorch opposing secondaries. It was tied at 24 going into halftime and it was a lot of fun to watch. I didn’t even bother watching the second half because the starters got taken out of the game and in came the backups. That was when I decided to go to bed for the night.

  5. Nobody said NFL pre-season games are overly exciting, interesting, or important to anyone who is a casual fan. If you have a particular team you like to watch, this gives you a chance to watch them and see their new players, when you otherwise may only get to see the team two or three times a year if you don’t have NFL Sunday Ticket. I don’t get why some of them are shown on national broadcast network TV in the U.S., other than maybe the networks have nothing better to show in the summer when fewer people are watching TV.

    You could probably say similar things about pre-season games in any sport, including all the dullard Leaf fans who show up for their pre-season games.

    I watched some of the Argos pre-season home game this year, but that was because it was at Varsity Centre (site of the former Varsity Stadium) where I could see it from the outside for free through the fence, unlike the other suckers including the mayor and his brother who bought tickets to sit on the other side of the field and then had trouble seeing anything because the sun was in their face.

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