2013-14 Premier League on Sportsnet Schedule August/September

On the heels of TSN releasing their Premier League schedule yesterday, Sportsnet has followed today. Here is the full schedule through the end of September. All games are on the four regional Sportsnet channels except where noted.

Saturday 8/17, 7:45am – Liverpool v. Stoke City
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Arsenal v. Aston Villa
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Sunderland v. Fulham (World)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – West Ham v. Cardiff City (World Online)
Saturday 8/17, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Man United
Wednesday 8/21, 2:45pm – Chelsea v. Aston Villa (World)
Saturday 8/24, 7:45am – Fulham v. Arsenal
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Stoke City v. Crystal Palace
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Hull City v. Norwich City (World)
Sunday 8/25, 11:00am – Cardiff City v. Man City (World Online)
Sunday 8/25, 11:00am – Spurs v. Swansea City (World)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Cardiff City v. Everton (World)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Newcastle v. Fulham
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Norwich City v. Southampton (World Online)

Sunday 9/1, 8:30am – Liverpool v. Man United (World)
Saturday 9/14, 7:45am – Man United v. Crystal Palace
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Stoke City v. Man City
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Fulham v. West Brom (World Online)
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Hull City v. Cardiff City (World Online)
Monday 9/16, 3:00pm – Swanswa City v. Liverpool (World)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – Liverpool v. Southampton
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – Crystal Palace v. Swansea City (World)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – West Brom v. Sunderland (World Online)
Sunday 9/22, 8:30am – Arsenal v. Stoke City (World)
Sunday 9/22, 11:00am – Man City v. Man United
Saturday 9/28, 7:30am – Spurs v. Chelsea
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Southampton v. Crystal Palace
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Fulham v. Cardiff City (World)
Saturday 9/28, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Arsenal (ONE)
Monday 9/30, 2:30pm – Everton v. Newcastle (World)

30 thoughts on “2013-14 Premier League on Sportsnet Schedule August/September

  1. At a quick glance, looks like all but two games with be on television live each week. Not bad at all.

    Last year SN World usually showed their live online games later in the day on delay, so I wonder if TSN will do the same with their online game.

  2. Long time reader, first time poster.
    Josh: Thank you for all of your time and energy and putting all of this together for everyone’s benefit. It is takes a strong individual to research, analyse and post all of the sports(especially soccer/football!) week after week, month after month, year after year. I appreciate all of your insight. Thanks especially for all of the EPL news; now only if the CRTC/Bein Sports/Bell/Rogers/Telus (delete as appropriate) could get their act together! Best regards….Ray.

  3. so whats the point of getting sportnet world now if tsn and ts2 are showing most of the games with the other sportsnet channels ?

    • Man exactly what I was thinking. I was all prepared and ready to buy sportsnetworld but now I probably won’t right away because TSN doing a great job adding games and sportsnet too. So don’t even know if will buy it yet. Might wait just incase for Champions League, and FA Cup, Capital games for Chelsea for sportsnetworld but wow really excited what TSN doing adding to Sportsnet with more games, especially sunday. Should be great. I can’t stand watching on streams online anymore, HD TV is beautiful watching games.

  4. Thanks from me too! I’m excited for the new season. I don’t understand why GolTV has to be so useless. I wrote them and they wouldn’t even tell me how many Bundesliga games they’ll show each weekend, let alone the matchups. They said to check their website, which is one of the least useful websites I encounter on a regular basis. Thanks for letting me rant. :)

    • Josh, not said enough by me, but you do a great job. I wish you were able to do it full time as a legit job.

      • Oops double post. Isn’t Goltv co-owned by Bell & Rogers. You would think it would make sense to dump .ca games on there … assuming no conflict.

        • Would conflict with Bundesliga many weeks. GolTV is owned by MLSE, not directly by Bell and Rogers, so it is (supposedly) operated at an arms length from TSN and Sportsnet. When you think about it, even Bell TV and Rogers Cable do not carry GolTV HD.

    • It is probably because they only show the games that GolTV US shows, so if GolTV US shows 3, they will show 3. If they show 5, GolTV Canada will show 5. Im not sure if GolTV has sub-licensed Bundesliga games to ESPN this season, or if they are keeping them all again.

    • i think they have 2 matches saturday and sunday

  5. Great to see TSN pickup some of those Sunday games without creating some kind of phantom pay station. If only Sportsnet would get their act together and do the same! However, we all know that ain’t happening considering how much they love to exploit soccer fans every opportunity they get. Because of that, I stopped subscribing to Sportsnet World out of principle alone.

    What would make Sportsnet World a channel worth ordering is if they found a way to negotiate with BeinSport for Serie A and La Liga rights. If that was the case, they could put all their EPL games on the network and sell Sportsnet World as a package offering EPL games (those not shown on the networks), FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Serie A and La Liga.

    Now that would be worth shelling out $20/month!

    • beIN Sport want to rival existing sports networks, not partner with them. They would never sell their rights to Rogers IMO.

      • What you have to remember is that Rogers/Bell are the providers so as much as Bein wants to compete, they need Rogers/Bell. I think that they are being blocked by Rogers/Bell. Why else would this be dragging on for so long? Rogers has their pay soccer channel so why would they want to allow a competitor in and possibly lose subscribers?

        This is all so bizarre and frustrating.

        • I think a lot of it has to do with logistics. I haven’t seen any CRTC documentation on beIN coming to Canada (all of which would be public). The US channel itself can’t be added to Canadian systems because it isn’t Canadian-owned and would compete with GolTV and SN World. So beIN needs a Canadian channel to partner with. The two options seem to be TLN (with Euroworld Sport) and Shaw (with Fox Sports World, which they still have a license for). If I had to guess, beIN and TLN can’t come to financial terms.

  6. Does anyone know what will be on Gol this fall?

  7. does anybody know if RAI is broadcasting italian soccer this season?

  8. does tsn charge to watch the EPL games online ?

  9. This is a very useful page. Thank you for putting in the effort to put it together.

    Does anyone know if Rogers offers TSN2 alone? I have the basic rogers cable, and I get sportsnet Ontario with it. I tend to order SNW for the season but it seems like it won’t be too useful this time around, with TSN picking up so much.

    I know TSN2 is part of the VIP package, but do Rogers offer TSN2 alone? Maybe for $5 or something?

  10. Any idea if sportsnet world plus will show the sportsnet world online games on tv again this season?

  11. anybody know how many years the EPL will be on NBC

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