TSN Unveils 2013-14 Premier League Schedule for August/September

TSN has released their Premier League schedule for August and September. Under a new three-year contract TSN will now show 5 games every week, up from 2 in past seasons. For the first six weeks of the season, 11 games will air on TSN, 10 will air on TSN2 and 9 will stream exclusively on TSN.ca. It seems TSN will alternate showing the premiere Super Sunday matches week-to-week with Sportsnet.

Remember that all other games will air on Sportsnet. What’s not clear is what games will air on Sportsnet World, and which ones will air on the other, more affordable Sportsnet channels.

Here is TSN’s schedule through the end of September. I will also try to post a complete Premier League schedule on a monthly or weekly basis. Highlights include Man United v. Chelsea (August 26), Arsenal v. Spurs (September 1)

Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Norwich City v. Everton (TSN)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – West Brom v. Southampton (TSN.ca)
Sunday 8/18, 8:30am – Crystal Palace v. Sprus (TSN)
Sunday 8/18, 11:00am – Chelsea v. Hull City (TSN)
Monday 8/19, 3:00pm – Man City v. Newcastle (TSN)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Newcastle v. West Ham (TSN)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Everton v. West Brom (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Southampton v. Sunderland (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/24, 12:30pm – Aston Villa v. Liverpool (TSN2)
Monday 8/26, 3:00pm – Man United v. Chelsea (TSN)
Saturday 8/31, 7:45am – Man City v. Hull City (TSN)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – West Brom v. Swansea (TSN2)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – West Ham v. Stoke City (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/31, 12:30pm – Crystal Palace v. Sunderland (TSN2)

Sunday 9/1, 11:00am – Arsenal v. Spurs (TSN)
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Sunderland v. Arsenal (TSN)
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Spurs v. Norwich City (TSN.ca)
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Aston Villa v. Newcastle (TSN.ca)
Saturday 9/14, 12:30pm – Everton v. Chelsea (TSN)
Sunday 9/15, 11:00am – Southampton v. West Ham (TSN2)
Saturday 9/21, 7:45am – Norwich City v. Aston Villa (TSN2)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – Cardiff City v. Spurs (TSN2)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – West Ham v. Everton (TSN.ca)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – Newcastle v. Hull City (TSN.ca)
Saturday 9/21, 12:30pm – Chelsea v. Fulham (TSN2)
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Man United v. West Brom (TSN)
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Aston Villa v. Man City (TSN2)
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Hull City v. West Ham (TSN.ca)
Sunday 9/29, 8:30am – Stoke City v. Norwich City (TSN2)
Sunday 9/29, 11:00am – Sunderland v. Liverpool (TSN2)

21 thoughts on “TSN Unveils 2013-14 Premier League Schedule for August/September

  1. This is absolutely brilliant that TSN is showing 5 games a week now and sportsnet have bunch others. Now I should be able to watch almost all Chelsea games, this is fantastic. I was thinking I needed to buy sportsnetworld because would miss alot games but not might not right away, looks great what TSN did here and excited for season :)

  2. Now I need TSN 2 and TSN.ca, so it’s getting a lot more confusing. Last year Sportsnet World online was enough, only missing 2 games per week. Rotation of Sundays now!!!

    I dont think canceling my sportsnet world online would be a good move as I get full access to UEFA Champions league.

    • Ya last year I could watch alot chelsea champions league/Europa league on sportsnet, and quite bit of EPL games but not as many Sunday ones on TV. But if I couldn’t watch games on TV like Fa cup, Sunday games or whatever just watched free online on a site but it’s not nearly as good with quality and speed. I love watching on TV so very happy with tsn here with sportsnet. But ya ill see how it goes might still buy sportsnet world cause its now HD for satalite I use and may show some chelsea games can’t see but looks pretty good. What club you cheer for?

      • Don’t hate me but I follow Liverpool. I actually saw a lot of Chelsea and Liverpool games last year. This season (first two months) I’m only going to miss Sunday, September 29 Sunderland vs. Liverpool which is on TSN2. This one Saturday, August 24 Aston Villa vs. Liverpool 12:30pm/9:30am TSN2 , I can watch it on NBC for free!!!

        I had to buy some games last summer from TSN.ca for Euro 2012 (I didnt have TSN2). Quality was the same as Sportsnet World online which is good. But TSN came up with the package and pricing a night before tournament kick off.

        I care about on demand that’s why I got Sportsnet world online PLUS they show a lot of games from CL, FA German Play off league, FIFA qualification and many other leagues which you can’t even find on TV.

        I do quite a bit of free online streams too, but only for Bundesliga or Barcelona VS Real. GOL TV just doesnt make sense any more to have for just one league,

        • Hey Amir,

          Nice to see another Liverpool supporter on the site.

          Looking forward to this season, I’m otimistic we’re gonna have a good year.


        • I wouldn’t be surprised if the games on TSN.ca are free. Just a guess and maybe I’m wrong, but you never know.

          GolTV has Eredivisie this year as well. I bought GolTV last year to watch Sunday Bundesliga games on since it is a lot cheaper than SN World. I probably won’t bother this year now TSN has some of the Sunday games.

          • Do you think there is any chance they will have the matches availabble on tsn.ca also available on demand? I’d hope that’s the case so if i want to watch a match live on tv I can catch matches that are exclusively online at some other point in the day.

          • I was assuming they would be free as well.

          • No Eredivisie for GOLTV Canada, just GOLTV US. Plus I dont even think they have Argentina league any more. I wish sportsnet world would pick up Bundesliga.

            • Sportsnet World just added Argentina league. Not bad, we need more for losing half of premier league.
              So I guess sportsnet world online will not be dropping prices after all.

        • Ya man last season I just had all Chelsea games that were on TSN, TSN2 and Sportsnet and SportsnetOne, so was pretty decent with EPL, and Champions League/Europa League but for cup games like Capital One and FA Cup couldn’t get on tv and quite a few EPL games especially the Sunday ones. I just watched rest online like firstrow sports but that online streaming isn’t nearly as good as TV at all. But really excited this year with amount of games TSN adding and sunday games so pretty pumped. I might still get Sportsnet World just incase for some cup games. But ya man you should get TSN2 its only like 5$ a month I thought, and how can you watch games on NBC? Cheers man cool to talk to.

  3. Coverage looks to be great this year. Should see most games broadcast live on tv or high quality streams on tsn.ca. Can’t wait for the 17th. think it’s gonna be a real interesting season.

    • Thanks John, Strive for victory, shun defeat!

      My British friend convinced me that this season would be on the most exciting season ever as Man U is not going to be that strong.

      Eredivisie on GOLTV, wow, so they are trying to survive, I love European football beside EPL so I am reconsidering getting GOLTV again.

      • Hey Amir,

        I think this season is goin to be very interesting because of the shake up at the top of the league. I wouldn’t say Man United won’t be strong, but it’s hard to see them being as strong as they’ve been under Ferguson. with his reitrement I think they’ve lost a bit of the x-factor they had over the years that always pushed them to the top. Mourhino back At Chelsea and Pelligrini at Man City should make both of those clubs stronger. Then depending on what happens between now and the end of the transfer window i expect Arsenal and Spurs to batttle for the 4th spot to the wire, with Liverpool hopfully able to stary with them and make it a 3 team race.

  4. Which Channel is showing the Community Shield on Aug. 11? It’s second division Wigan Athletic vs. Manchester United. I’ll be cheering for Wigan because I’m a Liverpool supporter.

  5. Heads up that you missed the Palace/Spurs game at 8:30, August 18 on TSN. As a Tottenham fan I was freaking out a bit that it was missing from both schedules.

  6. What feed will TSN use for commentary? Will they be using the world feed, with the same commentators that Sportsnet uses for there PL coverage, or the NBC Sports network feed with Arlo White, or even Talksport Live, which TSN uses for there radio coverage?

    • It won’t be Talksport. Doubt it will be NBC, but even if it is White is only doing 2 games per weekend. Most likely the world feed for every game.

      I expect TSN will have a studio show (something like Wileman, de Vos, KJ) and then use world feed.

  7. anyone know why TSN2 is showing the Arsenal/Tottenham match (1Sep) at midnight on Monday? The website says they are showing it live but its not on the actual TV schedule on the telly?

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