NBC Releases Premier League Schedule for Through November

Since TSN has released their early-season Premier League broadcast schedule, I figured I’d post NBC’s as well. NBC will show 10 games on Saturday afternoons in the fall with Arlo White providing commentary on-site, with Lee Dixon joining him for the first two games (the rest are unconfirmed). Here is NBC’s early-season Premier League schedule. These games are also available on TSN or Sportsnet channels in Canada.

Saturday 8/17, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Man United
Saturday 8/24, 12:30pm – Aston Villa v. Liverpool
Saturday 8/31, 12:30pm – Crystal Palace v. Sunderland

Saturday 9/14, 12:30pm – Everton v. Chelsea
Saturday 9/28, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Arsenal

Saturday 10/19, 12:30pm – West Ham v. Man City

Saturday 11/2, 1:30pm – Arsenal v. Liverpool
Saturday 11/9, 12:30pm – Norwich City v. West Ham
Saturday 11/23, 12:30pm – Man City v. Spurs
Saturday 11/30, 12:30pm – Newcastle v. West Brom

15 thoughts on “NBC Releases Premier League Schedule for Through November

  1. Does NBC block these games for Canada? I have NBC through Bell, but I also get it with TV antenna ( I get it for free, yeeaaaayyyyy)

    • No it won’t be blocked. The US nets (NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS) can’t be blocked for Canadian consumers.

    • You cal always get it OTA (Over the air), what I think is that through Canadian cable they might show different commercials only but if TSN or SN get mad about it they will get it their way, as usual.

      • Won’t even be different ads if TSN and Sportsnet do their own coverage with their own studio, which is what I expect. Be the same as the Champions League or FA Cup finals for example. Fox has their broadcast, Sportsnet has theirs. Both are available. Or the World Cup on CBC and ABC.

  2. I’m currently with Bell Fibe TV, If I were to subscribe to Sportsnet World, would I be able to get the online version free? I know Rogers does it. I’m afraid that TSN would pre-empt games for junior hockey or something down the line. Sportsnet hasn’t done that yet, but TSN has.

  3. is TSN.ca free? So I guess SN World is useless with the exception of the FA Cup and UCL

  4. Thanks for the info. Is there way of getting Al Jazeera in Canada? Apparently they have the rights to broadcast EPL, Serie A, La Liga, DFB-Pokal, Eredivisie, CL, Europa League, World Cup and Euros.

  5. I read somewhere that NBC Sports is broadcasting all EPL games across their owned channels (in the states). In Canada what other channels would show the games besides NBC affiliate.

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