2013-14 HNIC Schedule

I wasn’t expecting to post anything until next weekend, but the release of the 2013-14 NHL schedule, the first with new divisional realignment, is enough to get a post out of me. CBC also released their broadcast schedule today, while TSN’s will likely come next week. This season opens on a Tuesday, instead of the usual Thursday start. I prefer it because it gives CBC games on opening night, and TSN their traditional Wednesday night game the next night. CBC has five other weeknight broadcasts (including the Winter Classic in Detroit). This is certainly the most interesting HNIC schedule in years. And also possibly the last year of NHL hockey on CBC as the leagues’s current TV contracts.

Here are the highlights

  • Doubleheader on opening night (October 1) featuring Toronto @ Montreal and Winnipeg @ Edmonton.
  • Regional broadcasts in the 10pm ET slot four times this year. The first is on October 12. Montreal plays in the late slot three of these four weeks.
  • On January 25 CBC has opted to show an outside game from Los Angeles in the late slot instead of a game featuring Canadian teams. This is one of four outside games on the CBC this year. They also have Rangers vs. Devils the next day, the Winter Classic featuring Toronto @ Detroit on New Year’s Day and the Heritage Classic featuring the Senators and Canucks on March 2.
  • Weeknight games November 7, December 13, March 6 and April 4. Three of these four games are all-Canadian matchups, with Ottawa playing Montreal twice.
  • Hockey Day in Canada is on January 18. Lloydminster will host, with the usual fare of all seven Canadian teams in action.
  • The traditional Canadiens Super Bowl matinee features the Jets in Montreal.
  • CBC has a HNIC doubleheader at 3pm and 6pm on the day 1 of the Sochi Olympics. Live Olympic coverage will air before the hockey, with Olympic Primetime following.
  • Number of appearances by team are: Montreal (29), Toronto (25), Ottawa (17), Vancouver (15), Winnipeg (13), Edmonton (13), and Calgary (12).

Here is CBC’s schedule.

Tuesday October 1
7:00pm, Toronto @ Montreal
10:00pm, Winnipeg @ Edmonton

Saturday October 5
7:00pm, Ottawa @ Toronto
7:00pm, Philadelphia @ Montreal
10:00pm, Edmonton @ Vancouver

Saturday October 12
7:00pm, Edmonton @ Toronto
10:00pm, Montreal @ Vancouver
10:00pm, Ottawa @ San Jose

Saturday October 19
7:00pm, Toronto @ Chicago
7:00pm, Nashville @ Montreal
10:00pm, Calgary @ San Jose

Saturday October 26
7:00pm, Pittsburgh @ Toronto
7:00pm, San Jose @ Montreal
7:00pm, Winnipeg @ Dallas
10:00pm, Washington @ Calgary

Saturday November 2
3:00pm, Chicago @ Winnipeg
7:00pm, Toronto @ Vancouver
10:00pm, Montreal @ Colorado
10:00pm, Detroit @ Edmonton

Thursday November 7
7:00pm, Montreal @ Ottawa

Saturday November 9
7:00pm, Toronto @ Boston
10:00pm, Vancouver @ Los Angeles

Saturday November 16
7:00pm, Buffalo @ Toronto
7:00pm NY Rangers @ Montreal
10:00pm, Edmonton @ Calgary

Saturday November 23
7:00pm, Washington @ Toronto
7:00pm, Pittsburgh @ Montreal
7:00pm, Ottawa @ Detroit
10:00pm, Chicago @ Vancouver

Saturday November 30
7:00pm, Toronto @ Montreal
10:00pm, Calgary @ Los Angeles

Saturday December 7
7:00pm, Toronto @ Ottawa
7:00pm, Buffalo @ Montreal
7:00pm, Winnipeg @ Tampa Bay
10:00pm, Calgary @ Edmonton

Friday December 13
9:00pm, Edmonton @ Vancouver

Saturday December 14
3:00pm, Dallas @ Winnipeg
7:00pm, Chicago @ Toronto
7:00pm, Montreal @ NY Islanders
10:00pm, Boston @ Vancouver

Saturday December 21
7:00pm, Detroit @ Toronto
7:00pm, Montreal @ Nashville
10:00pm, St. Louis @ Edmonton

Saturday December 28
7:00pm, Boston @ Ottawa
7:00pm, Montreal @ Tampa Bay
10:00pm, Philadelphia @ Edmonton

Wednesday January 1
1:00pm, Toronto @ Detroit (Winter Classic)

Saturday January 4
7:00pm, Ottawa @ Montreal
7:00pm, NY Rangers @ Toronto
10:00pm, Vancouver @ Los Angeles

Saturday January 11
7:00pm, Chicago @ Montreal
7:00pm, Ottawa @ Nashville
7:00pm, Columbus @ Nashville
10:00pm, Pittsburgh @ Calgary

Saturday January 18 [HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA]
2:00pm, Edmonton @ Winnipeg
2:00pm, NY Rangers @ Ottawa
7:00pm, Montreal @ Toronto
10:00pm, Calgary @ Vancouver

Saturday January 25
7:00pm, Toronto @ Winnipeg
7:00pm, Washington @ Montreal
9:30pm, Anaheim @ Los Angeles

Sunday January 26
12:30pm, NY Rangers @ New Jersey

Saturday February 1
1:00pm, Tampa Bay @ Montreal
7:00pm, Ottawa @ Toronto
10:00pm, Minnesota @ Calgary

Sunday February 2
1:00pm, Winnipeg @ Montreal

Saturday Feburary 8
3:00pm, Ottawa @ Boston
6:00pm, Vancouver @ Toronto
6:00pm, Montreal @ Carolina

Saturday March 1
7:00pm, Toronto @ Montreal
10:00pm, Calgary @ Edmonton

Sunday March 2
4:00pm, Ottawa @ Vancouver (Heritage Classic)

Thursday March 6
7:00pm, Los Angeles @ Winnipeg

Saturday March 8
3:00pm, Ottawa @ Winnipeg
7:00pm, Philadelphia @ Toronto
10:00pm, Calgary @ Vancouver
10:00pm, Montreal @ San Jose

Saturday March 15
7:00pm, Ottawa @ Montreal
10:00pm, Calgary @ Phoenix

Saturday March 22
7:00pm, Montreal @ Toronto
7:00pm, Carolina @ Winnipeg
10:00pm, Calgary @ Edmonton

Saturday March 29
7:00pm, Detroit @ Toronto
7:00pm, Montreal @ Florida
10:00pm, Anaheim @ Vancouver
10:00pm, Winnipeg @ Los Angeles

Friday April 4
7:00pm, Montreal @ Ottawa

Saturday April 5
7:00pm, Winnipeg @ Toronto
7:00pm, Detroit @ Montreal
7:00pm, Ottawa @ NY Rangers
10:00pm, Los Angeles @ Vancouver

Saturday April 12
7:00pm, Toronto @ Ottawa
7:00pm, Montreal @ NY Rangers
10:00pm, Vancouver @ Edmonton

9 thoughts on “2013-14 HNIC Schedule

  1. CBC doesn’t list cal vs la on 30th as one of their games. A mistake on their part?

  2. It’s not the five split regional doubleheaders at 10 pm eastern time that I thought it would be this season but seeing that there will be four of those is really cool. Here’s hoping that the CBC retains the rights to Hockey Night In Canada for the foreseeable future. That would be even cooler.

  3. Hi Josh,

    I saw one error: Columbus @ Winnipeg should be listed for January 11th.

  4. CBC have no control over any broadcast. It is all Rogers and any games on CBC are the ones that Rogers tell them they will broadcast.

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