A Mail It In Friday Post: Hiring, Firing, Acquiring

Sportsnet has announced the hiring of former successful TSN presenter James Cybulski to man the Sportsnet Pacific version of Connected, as well as reporting on the local Vancouver teams. Cybulski left/was fired from TSN Radio Toronto in February after hosting the drive show since April 2011 when TSN Radio launched to try and compete with Sportsnet. To say Cybulski’s show barely put a dent into Sportsnet’s ‘Prime Time Sports’ drive show would be an understatement.

“Shock jocks” in Toronto and Atlanta were under fire this past week after a series of statements that appeared to be attempts at humour, but led to a barrage of outrage that ended in a couple of firings.

Locally first, Toronto’s The Edge morning host Dean Blundell made some unpleasant remarks regarding the death of Edmonton Oilers draft pick Kristians Pelss in Latvia, implying that the future Oiler would have rather killed himself than go to the city of Edmonton. Blundell eventually apologized for the remark, but not before some Toronto sports media reporters took their own shots at Blundell in a back and forth with the host, notably Bruce Arthur and Steve Simmons.

South of the border, and to a radio station that seems to have more balls than The Edge, three members of an Atlanta-based morning show were fired after a segment based on former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason, who is currently battling ALS. The joke was based around the notion of “Gleason” calling into the show and using a computerized voice to speak. At first, the station, 790 The Zone, announced the three individuals involved were suspended, but shortly followed the news they had all been fired. They have since apologized.

Not some much an acquistion, more an extension, (I wanted to keep my rhyming headldine going) as TSN and RDS announced this week that they had signed a 10-year agreement with Hockey Canada to continue broadcasting all Hockey Canada events including internationals such as the World Juniors Championship, World Championship, Women’s World Championship, Mens U18 World Championship. Domestically, the networks will continue to cover events such as the Telus Cup, Esso Cup, RBC Cup, Allan Cup, World Junior A Challenge and etc.

Also included in the announcement is that Montreal and Toronto will co-host both the 2015 and 2017 IIHF World Junior Championships.

Some recent ratings, most care of @TheWhiteyFisk.

I don’t have exact numbers, but CBC averaged around 2.5 million for the first two Stanley Cup Final games with RDS averaging half a million viewers. 


Sat 8th — Indycar: Texas — 66,000 (SN)

Sun 9th  — NBA Finals: Spurs vs. Heat, Game 2: 381,000  (TSN, also on ABC)

Tue 11th — NBA Finals: Spurs vs. Heat, Game 3: 258,000  (TSN, also on ABC)
Tue 11th — MLB: Blue Jays @ White Sox: 572,000 (SN)

Wed 12th — MLB: Rangers @ Indians: 88,000 (SN –  replacement after Jays game postponed)

Thu 13th — NBA Finals: Spurs vs. Heat, Game 4: 325,000 (TSN, also on ABC)
Thu 13th — MLB: Blue Jays @ Rangers: 568,000 (SN)

Fri 14th — MLB: Blue Jays @ Rangers: 604,000 (SN)
Fri 14th — CFL Pre-Season: BC @ Calgary: 593,000 (TSN)

Sun 16th — NBA Finals: Spurs vs. Heat, Game 5: 467,000 (TSN, also on ABC)

Tue 18th — NBA Finals: Spurs vs. Heat, Game 6: 498,000 (TSN, also on ABC)
Tue 18th — MLB: Rockies @ Blue Jays: 686,000 (SN)

Last night’s NBA Game 7 finale averaged 890,000 viewers with a peak of 1.45 million tuning into the final minutes making it one of the highest-rated games ever on TSN. With the game also screening on ABC, the numbers could have been much higher.

17 thoughts on “A Mail It In Friday Post: Hiring, Firing, Acquiring

  1. HNIC ratings for the first three games of the final.

    Wednesday, June 12——2,460,000 and was on NBC too (499,000 on RDS)
    Saturday, June 15——2,724,000 (499,000 on RDS)
    Monday, June 17——2,536,000

    HNIC’s pregame show for game one had 784,000 viewers.

    Sources are from the June 10 to 16 BBM ratings for french and english television, Bill Brioux’s tv feeds my family blog on June 19, Bill Brioux twitter, and Steve Lepore twitter.

    • Thanks for those. I glanced over Bill’s site, but I guess I missed his numbers, and I looked at the Puck the Media site, but I guess Steve doesn’t bother posting them on there, just Twitter.

    • HNIC ratings for the final three games of the final.

      Wednesday, June 19——2,653,000 and was on NBC too
      Saturday, June 22——2,911,000 and was on NBC too
      Monday, June 24——3,401,000 and was on NBC too but not on the Seattle and Detroit stations

      HNIC’s post game show for game six had 1,356,000 viewers.

      Sources are from Bill Brioux’s tv feeds my family blog on June 26, Bill Brioux twitter, and Steve Lepore twitter.

  2. What does this mean for Don Taylor on Sportsnet Pacific. He also is a host on the Team 1040 which is owned by Bell.

  3. Bill’s numbers for Game 1 and 2 are a little off. According to the BBM website games 1 and 2 averaged 2,572,000 on CBC.

    • I have noticed that in the past as well that BBM does have slightly different totals than other sources. In this case, the difference is 20,000 thousand viewers.

  4. Sun June 9th – F1: Grand Prix du Canada – 482,000 (RDS)

    That courtesy the RDSRP twitter feed. Don’t know what TSN got for Canadian Grand Prix.

    A few more motorsports ratings from Norris McDonald of the Toronto Star from almost a month back:

    Sun May 26 – F1: Grand Prix de Monaco – 252,000 (TSN)
    Sun May 26 – IndyCar: Indianapolis 500 – 153,000 (SN)
    Sun May 26 – NASCAR Sprint Cup: Coca Cola 600 – 210,000 (TSN)

    • I wonder if the Monaco numbers were down from last year? I watched on NBC since they had a pre-show and were on-site.

      • I watched mainly on NBC too. I think they may have even had fewer commercials than TSN normally does. But by flipping between NBC, TSN, and RDS pretty much the entire race was able to be seen “commercial free”. NBC also had the Canadian Grand Prix but so did Fox in recent years. From what I hear NBC kept their booth announcers in their Stamford CT studios for Canada even though the original press release said they would be on site.

  5. Damn, those are some of the highest numbers I can remember a NBA game getting in Canada. It’s also neat to see how the Jays ratings slowing increasing as the team gets better and better.

    • no need to remember, NBA ratings have never approached 1 million in Canada other a handful of Raptors game when they were in the 2nd round. Finals ratings are lucky to 500k. Regular season ratings have as much viewers as any other filler programming on cable sports tv in Canada.

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  7. I wish thumbs down was still a thing on this site because I would give you 1000000 thumbs down for your comments on the Blue Jays and baseball. The Blue Jays ratings are great. They’ve been increasing more and more the last few years as the team gets more exciting and Rogers promotes them more.

    • Yes, bring back the thumbs up thumbs down. That’s what makes this site fun.

    • The ratings are solid no question but i think the big concern is attendance it should be alot better then it is it might have to come to the point where they black games out to increase attendance.

    • Don’t worry, I usually just delete all of Rick’s posts. They’re annoying and I stopped reading comments on other sites cause of them.

  8. Oh brother… not this nonesense on here.

    Josh or Dan, you should do yourselves a favour and nip this in the bud right now.

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