FIFA Confederations Cup on CBC / Sportsnet World

The 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup from Brazil kicks off tomorrow on CBC and Sportsnet World. The eight-team competition, featuring Brazil, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Spain, Tahiti and Uruguay is a precursor to next years FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Between the two networks, all games will be shown live culminating with the third place and championship game on June 30.

Veteran CBC sports broadcaster Scott Russell with host the coverage in-studio and will be joined by former Canadian women’s national team member Clare Rustad and former Canadian men’s national team member and Sportsnet host Craig Forrest to provide analysis. Brenda Irving will be on-site in Brazil providing reports.

CBC will screen five games of the group stage live, plus the third place and championship match. Sportsnet World will show live the non-CBC games, as well as encore screenings each night. Every game will also be available live online at CBC will broadcast an hour-long documentary at 4:30pm ET before the final on Sunday, June 30 on the history of the Confederations Cup.

All matches will also be available on TLN Telelatino and TLN En Español, as well as in French on TVA Sports. Full schedule is below.

Sat Jun 15, 2:45pm — Brazil vs Japan (CBC live, SN-World 9pm)
Sun Jun 16, 2:45pm — Mexico vs Italy (CBC live, SN-World 9pm)
Sun Jun 16, 5:45pm — Spain vs Uruguay (CBC live, SN-World 12am)
Mon Jun 17, 2:45pm — Tahiti vs Nigeria (SN-World live)
Wed Jun 19, 2:45pm — Brazil vs Mexico (SN-World 4pm)
Wed Jun 19, 5:45pm — Italy vs Japan (SN-World live)
Thu Jun 20, 2:45pm — Spain vs Tahiti (SN-World live)
Thu Jun 20, 5:45pm — Nigeria vs Uruguay (SN-World live)
Sat Jun 22, 2:45pm — Japan vs Mexico (CBC live, SN-World 9pm)
Sat Jun 22, 2:45pm — Italy vs Brazil (SN-World live)
Sun Jun 23, 2:45pm — Nigeria vs Spain (SN-World live)
Sun Jun 23, 2:45pm — Uruguay vs Tahiti (CBC live, SN-World 9pm)
Wed Jun 26, 2:45pm — Semi-Final 1 (SN-World live)
Thurs Jun 27, 2:45pm — Semi-Final 2 (SN-World live)
Sun Jun 30, 11:45pm — Third Place Final (CBC live, SN-World 9pm)
Sun Jun 30, 5:45pm — Final (CBC live, SN-World 12am)

33 thoughts on “FIFA Confederations Cup on CBC / Sportsnet World

  1. Sportsnet World? Seriously? Yet another reason I hate the Rogers empire with a passion.

    • Its not limited to Rogers just look at Bell they do the same thing even companys like Shaw do the same they put programs on cable channels the list goes on and on.

      • It’s not about putting games on cable. It’s about bypassing their 6 channels available to the vast majority of cable subscribers and putting it on the over-priced premium channel.

        • The thing is all companys want to make money there not going to put shows or sports events where there not going to see the return they want.

        • If you’re a soccer/rugby/cricket/etc fan, $20 a month is nothing.

          • That’s rediculous. One channel costs $20 for some soccer and rugby? Most of the content on that channel is 2nd rate. The anger is definitely justified. Even Bell does not try to pull off something that greasy.

            • i see both sides of this. I personally am a SNWorld subscriber and to be honest as a huge soccer fan it’s the best $20 i spend each month and I never regret it. I do understand not everyone is in the same situation as me though.

              • I am not an SNWorld subscriber but I can see John’s point. I am planning on getting the Bell NCAA Football/Basketball package because I am a huge NCAA football fan. Yes it’s $99 up front so not cheap but to me it’s worth it. To others not so much. Some people love SNWorld because it’s one of the very few channels they actually watch. I wish cable companies did more a la carte pricing but it will never happen.

                • A few years back, Bell had an even better deal … $50 for NCAA football and $50 for NCAA basketball. So if you only wanted one, that’s all you paid for. I did football only that year and it was well worth the $50 I shelled out. Now if Bell would get around to offering its customers the Big Ten Network … you know, like Rogers, Shaw, Cogeco, etc., are already doing.

                  • Yeah I noticed that when I signed on with Bell. No BTN? Not pleased. If it was offered I might consider just getting an extra sports package with that and CBS Sports Network instead.

                    It does suck that it has to include both football and basketball. Unfortunately I think the ratings for regular season NCAA basketball make it so not as many people would buy a package consisting solely of basketball.

          • $20 is more than “nothing” when the rugby is mostly tape delayed and many of the big test are ignored. I’m not spending that much for Super Rugby games in the middle of the night being the only live rugby programming.

            • 1) Maybe SN World prefers to put the game on during more normal hours so it gets more viewers, or they have other programming scheduled?

              2) SN World showed Australia vs. British & Irish Lions live on Saturday morning, one of the biggest test matches of the year.

              • Rugby is only 2nd behind soccer in priority on SNW, and sometimes 3rd when it’s IPL time. Meanwhile, SNW is not even the main venue through which Rogers broadcasts soccer. IOW, the channel marketed to rugby fans as their only choice for any rugby, outside of Rugby Canada events, treats rugby as its ugly stepchild. That’s why I refuse to spend $20 a month and instead stream one of the numerous pirate streaming sites without an ounce of guilt.

                Yes they showed the Lions test match live but only because it was at a time when their were no competing live soccer or cricket broadcasts. Thus the reason the Six Nations and most of the fall tests in Europe and SAF aren’t shown live, if at at all.

  2. I find it interesting that SN World gets the better matches on the days where two matches are played simultaneously (June 22-23) – I would have thought that CBC would have had the first pick. I can’t imagine that CBC would have chosen Japan vs Mexico over Italy vs Brazil as a live match, and I certainly don’t think CBC would have chosen Uruguay vs Tahiti instead of Nigeria vs Spain.

    Will we need SN World for the 2014 World Cup? I hope the Sportsnet matches will be on their main network.

    • CBC is advertising for FIFA 2014, maybe they are sharing again with sportsnet.
      OMG,what is up with June 22-23!!! I am going to watch the web games.

      Overall I think the confederation cup is a start for football on free TV. Regular FOX showed UEFA champions final. So soccer is growing on TV more than ever. At least we dont have to use pay per view, I remember that I paid so much to watch the FA cup in old days (15 and more per one regular game).

      • I’d have no problem with the World Cup on basic cable – the 2006 tournament was between TSN and Sportsnet, with the final on CTV, the two networks pooled their resources and I thought that worked very well.

        CBC did air the 2009 Confederations Cup, but I agree that I am liking the trend towards more soccer on TV. I am really looking forward to August when NBC will air Premier League matches on Saturday afternoons, and Sportsnet and TSN will split games. Definitely a step forward from 10 years ago, when I watched the odd live FA Cup match on Fox Sports World Canada on satellite.

        • Yes, I’m looking forward to NBC too, maybe they split games between NBC sports and regular NBC. I just hope sportsnet world adds something to their online package (like another league) as their premier league cover cuts to half.

          • NBC announced that they will show 18-20 live games per season on the main network, all in the Saturday 12:30pm ET slot. I expect that either Sportsnet or TSN will air those games live as well, which means there may be no net benefit to Canadians.

            I still want to hear the arrangements for Canadian broadcasts, my understanding is that Sportsnet and TSN have split the rights 50/50 so they each have the rights to 190 of the 380 Premier League games. I don’t know if that will mean more games on the regular Sportsnet and TSN channels, but I do think it means the end of every Sunday matchup being broadcast exclusively on Sportsnet World.

            • Wow, NBC main network carrying some games is an amazing news. Many people in Toronto and Niagara Region have either basic satellite/cable package or they just use little TV antenna. So they only get NBC, CBC and …. They dot want to pay extra to watch soccer, now they get to watch a little bit of football for free (TV Antenna). CBC should at least show some MLS games (Canadian teams).

          • I wouldn’t get too excited. NBC is using American announcers though at least he has announced football matches before (MLS) unlike Fox who brings a clueless Gus Jonson in for Champions League (WTF). At least ESPN used a seasoned team.

            • Arlo White is English, he only lives in America (and is now moving back to England). Their analysts include Lee Dixon and another guy (can’t remember who) who appear on British networks as well. Another Brit, Rebecca Lowe is presenting. The studio analysts are Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe, both great and have lived in Britain (and played in Premier League). White is certainly the weak-link, but I see nothing wrong with their broadcast team.

  3. Really looking forward to this, been missing the footy since the domestic season ended, have caught a little of the u21 euros.

    Anyone without SNworld cans stream the matches on I know it’s better on an actual tv, but it’s still good quality

  4. just watch all the games on TLN. only bad thing is that its not in english

  5. I know this is off topic but are Jay and Dan done on TSN now? Also I saw James Subolski on with Tim snd Sid today.

  6. Also slightly off-topic but still on soccer: It seems like the U20 World Cup, which started a few days ago in Turkey, is totally unavailable in Canada. I presume the rights are owned by the CBC, but they are completely ignoring the tournament. There’s not a single article on their site about it.

    • I think CBC is showing the final live on tv. the tournament took a backseat to the Confederations Cup i would asume

  7. Only the ignorant call the beautiful game soccer or saaaker!

  8. The famous red vest with white arms of the Arsenal defined an era of football in England.
    NFL jerseys play a big role in setting up the atmosphere.
    Not everyone definitely will agree with the teams mentioned in this article, but that is
    actually not the point.

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