The Score Will Relaunch July 1 as Sportsnet 360

Sportsnet 360 logo courtesy of @sladurantaye

Sportsnet 360 logo courtesy of @sladurantaye

After waiting months for CRTC approval, and after months of speculation about what plans Rogers had for The Score after purchasing the television side of the company in August last year, Rogers announced yesterday that The Score will be relaunched on July 1 as Sportsnet 360 – a 24-hour news service that will feature breaking news and press conferences along with live sporting events.

With the renaming comes “a new logo, sets, animation package, and enhanced ticker that combines the look and feel of Sportsnet with familiar elements of The Score brand.” Sportsnet 360 will be able to show breaking news and full press conferences so as to not break away from programming being shown on the other family of networks. Sportsnet 360 will also continue to be used for additional programming that won’t fit onto the Sportsnet regionals and Sportsnet One channels, as well as maintaining existing programming that The Score had rights to such as WWE and CIS football.

For those of you playing at home, this brings the total of channels under the Sportsnet banner to seven. While one could argue the four regional channels are for all intents and purposes one channel, it still gives Rogers and Sportsnet a significant edge over Bell and their two TSN channels. That said, even in the past month, both companies have used their over-the-air channels (City and CTV, respectively) to broadcast live events, as both fight to buy up as many sporting rights.

People of the Twitter seem to not be huge fans of the new name…

Sportsnet Two, Sportsnet News, SNational were just a few of the suggestions I saw, but I’m sure the fantastic readers of this site can come up with something better.

The full press release can be found below.

With breaking news, scores, stats, and highlights from every angle – all in one place – Sportsnet delivers on its promise to provide an unparalleled breadth of world-class sports content to Canadians with the launch of its newest Sportsnet offering, Sportsnet 360.  Beginning July 1, The Score will be rebranded Sportsnet 360, with a new logo, sets, animation package, and enhanced ticker that combines the look and feel of Sportsnet with familiar elements of The Score brand.  The announcement was made today as part of Rogers Media’s 2013 Upfront presentation, in which the company reveals its programming lineup for the 2013-14 fall and mid-season.

Sportsnet 360 is the newest asset in the already robust Sportsnet lineup, which includes Sportsnet (Ontario, East, West, Pacific), Sportsnet ONE, Sportsnet World, Sportsnet World Online,, Sportsnet 590 The FAN, Sportsnet 960 The FAN,  and Sportsnet magazine. The channel complements Sportsnet’s other platforms with a distinct 360° offering of breaking news, highlights, scores, stats, analysis, and opinion, as well as live events. Today’s announcement marks another step forward towards Sportsnet’s goal of becoming the #1 sports media brand in Canada.

“All of the things that viewers of The Score have come to know and love will not change,” said Scott Moore, President of Broadcast, Rogers Media.  “Sportsnet 360 will continue to offer the hard core sports fan highlights, stats, and scores across the broadest range of sports, but on a much larger scale.  We’ll deliver a vast breadth of premium sports content in a fast-paced, energetic and entertaining manner – and the new name, logo and animation will embody this.”

The new Sportsnet 360 look will incorporate the red and blue colour scheme from the Sportsnet brand family with the familiar oranges and blues of The Score brand, with an arc through the 360 representing forward movement and energy.

The rebrand and all on-air elements were developed in-house by Rogers Media’s Creative Agency.

“Our cutting-edge logo and treatment will deliver a new and exciting look that represents the tone and edge of The Score combined with the strength and polish of the Sportsnet brand,” said Dean Bender, Vice President, Creative, Rogers Media. “One of the most exciting opportunities with the rebrand is enhancing the ticker, which is a staple for all hard core sports fans.  We are exploring new technology that will incorporate all of the terrific current ticker features, and add to it in a more dynamic fashion.”

Through extensive market research, Sportsnet identified the Sportsnet 360 target viewer as a “paint your face” hard core sports expert that follows a wide range of sports (10+ sports), is a heavy consumer of sports media, and regularly plays fantasy sports.

Sportsnet 360 will be integrated into the overall Sportsnet brand via cross-promotion and content sharing across Sportsnet’s additional assets on TV, radio, print, digital and social media. Sportsnet’s brand tagline, Fuelled By Fans, which builds on Sportsnet’s objective to fuel the passion of Canadians and provides one source that delivers sports fans what they want, whenever and wherever, will also be part of the Sportsnet 360 sub-brand.

As part of its current programing strategy, Sportsnet 360 will continue to deliver its own unique mix of programming and is the prime destination for breaking sports news, analysis and highlights.  While some sports properties are shared with the additional Sportsnet networks, Sportsnet 360 is the home of exclusive content in Canada, including WWE, FIBA basketball, and the Vanier Cup.

Programming details and a robust marketing campaign will be unveiled in the coming weeks leading up to the launch of Sportsnet 360 on July 1.

Sportsnet 360 will continue to operate out of the station’s studio on King Street in Toronto’s downtown core, with support from the extended Sportsnet and Rogers Media family.

17 thoughts on “The Score Will Relaunch July 1 as Sportsnet 360

  1. Other than the live sporting events who’s going to watch this channel? Few people want to watch Sportsnet Connected at 6:00 and 10:00, let alone all day. The Score had a unique style of programming that I’m afraid will be lost with this re-brand. Let’s hope Rogers proves me wrong.

    As for the name, Sportsnet 360 is stupid. I would have simply called it “SNet.” The channel’s kind of like a “lite” version of the regular Sportsnet, so “SNet” kind of makes sense to me.

    • I have PVR’d my way through an hour of The Score’s highlights in the morning before I go to work for a awhile now. Since Rogers took over, there has been definite change with their morning loop format. Obviously a lot more Sportsnet promotion, which is no big deal, but they now include a lot of ‘talking head’ segments of SN personalities (and I use that term loosely). The whole reason I would watch The Score loop was to not have to deal with those pointless segments, and just get straight-up scores and highlights.


    • I totally agree with you abt connected. I think that is why rogers wants to rebrand it as something different while keeping it under the corporate umbrella. i also hope they keep some of the features that set apart the score from tsn and sportsnet

  2. I think the 360 is unique brand and is a way for rogers to set it apart from names like “espnnews”, “rds info” etc. I think the logo could be tweaked, though. continuing the blue and red stripes under the SN through the 360 to suggest full circles rather than a separate stripe through the 360

  3. TSN also has ESPN Classic Canada that they own and the NHL Network. I like the name Sportsnet DIrect which would give the impression of a sports news network that gives you the news in a speedy way.

  4. I was guessing that the new name would have been Sportsnet Xtra. I don’t mind the Sportsnet 360 name. On the other hand, they could have came up with something better.

  5. I don’t think the name really matters, but I just hope Rogers keeps the same vibe theScore has had for more than a decade, though I doubt it. Really hope there’s more emphasis on basketball, which we all know is seriously lacking in the Canadian sports media. It would be awesome if they could still keep Court Surfing and possibly get the exclusive rights to TNT’s Thursday night coverage. With all the Canadian talent coming up the ranks, it would be a great idea to go in for the basketball rights.

    • given the ratings, basketball gets more coverage than it warrants but it is cheap filler programming which is why it was on the Score.

  6. Here’s hoping that Sportsnet 360 (SportsnetNEWS, Sportsnet Extra, The Ocho, etc. would have been better names) keeps a good majority of their live programming. I always looked forward to OUA football on Saturday and Thursday night college football from ESPN (or Fox Sports 1 perhaps). I know many enjoy the WWE programming on here and a ton of people enjoy Court Surfing. It will be very interesting to see what makes the cut and what gets changed. As long as we don’t have to endure more Sportsnet hockey personalities on a second channel I will be fine.

  7. Since Rogers took over, The score is showing TFC games and World Cup 2014 qualifying matches. So there will be more lives games for sportsnet 180/360 and more Footy games on TV.

    But I have good memories from the score, good old Sunday morning premier league, then Italian Serie A.

    I just hope they keep the footy show, which I don’t see the point with soccer central and fox soccer report.

    • The Footy Show is already gone. Fox Soccer Report will be gone by August too with Fox Soccer becoming a 2nd FX channel. Can’t imagine Sportsnet will be able to carry on with the same quality program without Fox’s backing.

  8. I don’t like the new sportsnet 360, and it nothing to do with the name. I want the content of back. Rogers sucks in everything they do because they are greatly.

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