2013 NBA Conference Finals Schedule

The 2013 NBA Conference Finals begin Sunday afternoon. Here is the Canadian TV schedule, subject to change due to changes in the NHL playoff schedule.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies
Game 1, Sunday 5/19, 3:30pm (ABC)
Game 2, Tuesday 5/21, 9:00pm (theScore)
Game 3, Saturday 5/25, 9:00pm (TSN2)
Game 4, Monday 5/27, 9:00pm (TSN2)
Game 5, Wednesday 5/29, 9:00pm (TSN2)
Game 6, Friday 5/31, 9:00pm (TSN/TSN2)
Game 7, Sunday 6/2, 9:00pm (TSN)

Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers
Game 1, Wednesday 5/22, 8:30pm (TSN)
Game 2, Friday 5/24, 8:30pm (TSN)
Game 3, Sunday 5/26, 8:30pm
Game 4, Tuesday 5/28, 8:30pm (TSN2)
Game 5, Thursday 5/30, 8:30pm (TSN)
Game 6, Saturday 6/1, 8:30pm (TSN)
Game 7, Monday 6/3, 8:30pm (TSN/TSN2)

Only the first 3 games of the West Final and 2 games of the East Final are confirmed. Next Sunday TSN has NHL playoffs, TSN2 has NASCAR and Sportsnet has the Memorial Cup Final. So if I had to guess, Sunday Night Baseball will air on Sportsnet ONE and theScore will have Heat-Pacers, but that isn’t confirmed yet.

7 thoughts on “2013 NBA Conference Finals Schedule

  1. You’re right about baseball being on SN1 and the NBA on the Score.

  2. Has this website died?

  3. Also Josh had said in the past that this website takes a lot of time. So I thought maybe he had given up on it.

    • Hopefully Josh comes out with some new material during the new week. I sent him an email this past Tuesday asking him about this website and he hasn’t responded.

      “So I thought maybe he had given up on it.”

      Let’s hope that’s not the case. Josh’s material would really be missed by regular and occasional readers.

  4. It’s too bad there is no way for regular readers can’t post thee odd blog or something.

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