Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: Monday May 13, 2013

Two game sevens in the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight. And without a break, the second round will start tomorrow with Ottawa @ Pittsburgh (7:30pm ET) and San Jose @ Los Angeles (10pm ET). The Senators game will air on CBC, while San Jose @ LA will air on TSN.

CBC has a pre-game show at 6:30pm ET tonight, while TSN has one at 7:30pm ET.

7:00pm, Toronto Maple Leafs @ Boston Bruins (game 7) – CBC, RDS
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy (reporter: Scott Oake)

8:00pm, New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals (game 7) – TSN, RDS2
Gord Miller & Mike Johnson (reporter: Sara Orlesky)

Here are reported second round schedules. Not that these are not official. If you’ve seen a schedule for either Western Conference series, let me know.

(1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (7) Ottawa Senators – CBC
Game 1 – Tuesday 5/14, 7:30pm
Game 2 – Friday 5/17
Game 3 – Sunday 5/19
Game 4 – Wednesday 5/22
Game 5 – Friday 5/24
Game 6 – Sunday 5/26 (afternoon game if TOR wins)
Game 7 – Tuesday 5/28

And if the Leafs win, they’re schedule should look like this
Game 1 – Thursday 5/16
Game 2 – Saturday 5/18
Game 3 – Tuesday 5/21 (or maybe Monday 5/20)
Game 4 – Thursday 5/23
Game 5 – Saturday 5/25 or Sunday 5/26*
Game 6 – Monday 5/27
Game 7 – Wednesday 5/29

*There is a conflict at the ACC on 5/25, so if the Leafs play the Rangers the game would likely be Sunday evening instead.

21 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: Monday May 13, 2013

  1. Game 1 of the Red Wings-Blackhawks is on Wednesday at 1700h Pacific, 2000h Eastern ( 5 PT, 8 ET). This information is from

  2. If Toronto gets through wouldn’t TSN take the Sens / Pens series with the second choice?

  3. If the Leafs win tonight (AND I AM A LEAF HATER) all 4 series in round 2 have some appeal. Chicago vs Detroit has the original six flavour, Leafs vs Rangers (calling an upset tonight) has the same, Pittsburgh vs Ottawa should be a great series with the Cooke/Karrlson angle as well as the best goalie this year in the NHL going against arguably the Leagues best offense, then you have the battle of California with L.A vs San Jose, this series should provide plenty of hard hitting hockey. The CBC has the East and TSN takes the West. My only wish would be that TSN carries the NBC feed of Doc Emerik and Eddie O with the DET/CHI series but I know that is simply wishful thinking.

    • I agree. Those matchups would probably get pretty good ratings on both sides of the border. I also think the Leafs and Rangers win tonight, but even if not there is a good chance of a couple original 6 matchups (BOS-NYR). Usually there are a few teams that don’t get good ratings anywhere (NSH, PHX, NJ etc.), but not this year.

  4. Keep in mind that of the Leafs win and the Caps win the Leafs wouldn’t have home ice. Therefore game 5 would be in WSH and ACC conflict doesn’t matter

  5. When you check mark the boxes that say you’ll be notifyed for follow up comments via email does anyone actually get them? They don’t come to me.

  6. What do you think cbc will do announcers? Are bob cole and gary galley in pitt already? Do they switch up and send in hughson and crew for tomorrow? Could cole do tomorrow’s game then he sent to boston? Are tsn going to switch up their crews or do
    they stay the same as round 1?

    • TSN should stay same as 1st round since there’s no way Miller or Johnson are doing games in WSH and LA back to back days (plus Cuthbert/Ferraro were in ANA last night).

      As for CBC, I think Cole/Galley/Hrudey were ready to go in Pittsburgh. But I think CBC is sending them to do DET-CHI (or NYR-BOS if they choose it) now.

  7. Hughson and Simpson have to be doing the Sens/Pit series, assuming CBC takes the Chi/Det series I would guess that Cole, Galley and Healy do that one. Cuthburt and Ferrero should do the Rangers/Bruins and Miller & Johnson will do LA/SAN, although if I had my pick I would rather TSN just pickup NBC’s coverage rather then having to listen to Gord Miller chime off every players Junior team or College they went to, as well as predicting the rosters for Team Canada & the U,S for Sochi.

  8. Damn. Got rid of the thumbs up-thumbs down feature? I actually liked that.

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