2013 NHL Conference Semifinals Schedule

Here is the schedule. To be updated as more info is revealed.

(1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (7) Ottawa Senators – CBC (Hughson/Simpson/Healy)
Game 1, Tuesday 5/14, 7:30pm
Game 2, Friday 5/17, 7:30pm
Game 3, Sunday 5/19, 7:30pm
Game 4, Wednesday 5/22, 7:30pm
Game 5, Friday 5/24, 7:30pm
Game 6, Sunday 5/26
Game 7, Tuesday 5/28

(4) Boston Bruins vs. (6) New York Rangers – TSN (Miller/Johnson)
Game 1, Thursday 5/16, 7:30pm
Game 2, Sunday 5/19, 3:00pm
Game 3, Tuesday 5/21, 7:30pm
Game 4, Thursday 5/23, 7:30pm
Game 5, Saturday 5/26
Game 6, Monday 5/28
Game 7, Wednesday 5/30

(1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (7) Detroit Red Wings – CBC (Cole/Hrudey/Galley)
Game 1, Wednesday 5/15, 8:00pm
Game 2, Saturday 5/18, 1:00pm
Game 3, Monday 5/20, 7:30pm
Game 4, Wednesday 5/22, 8:00pm
Game 5, Saturday 5/25
Game 6, Monday 5/27
Game 7, Wednesday 5/29

(5) Los Angeles Kings vs. (6) San Jose Sharks – TSN (Cuthbert/Ferraro)
Game 1, Tuesday 5/14, 10:00pm
Game 2, Thursday 5/16, 10:00pm
Game 3, Saturday 5/18, 9:00pm
Game 4, Tuesday 5/21, 10:00pm
Game 5, Thursday 5/23, 10:30pm
Game 6, Sunday 5/26
Game 7, Tuesday 5/28

13 thoughts on “2013 NHL Conference Semifinals Schedule

  1. I bet that NBC & Bettman are very happy with the Bruin comeback tonight and the Ranger romp.

  2. Will TSN produce their own coverage of game 2 of the BOS-NYR series on 5/19 or will they take the cheap route and use the NBC feed as they have done in the past for NBC games.
    I also take it that Pierre Houde and Marc Denis will work the PIT-OTT series for RDS this round and they’ll probably only be on site in Ottawa.

    • Usually beginning in the 2nd round TSN produces their own broadcast of every game I think

    • Evidently TSN picked up the NBC feed for this game, featuring Dave Strader and Pierre McGuire. However, this may have been due to Gord Miller heading over to Sweden for his IIHF Hall of Fame induction

  3. conflict on cbc next wednesday. do they trade a game with tsn or split coverage, with the chicago-detroit game available in windsor and on-line?

  4. It looks like Miller and Johnson are the #1 team for this round, they get the series with more viewers.

    • I doubt there will be a great difference personally. The eastern series has to go head-to-head with CBC games, while the west series has no competition.

      The biggest reason is because Cuthbert/Ferraro were already in the LA area on Sunday. Senseless to make Miller/Johnson fly out there a day after doing a game in the east.

      • The TSN eastern series only goes head to head with the CBC for game 4 next Thursday and maybe games 6 and 7. The TSN western series game 5 could have 1 night of competition and that is next Thursday and nights when OT happens.

  5. Just seeing if I get an email, I clicked the twitter icon and than change, put in the email I use, posted this, we’ll see what happens.

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