Stanley Cup Playoffs TV Schedule: Friday May 10

Here is the schedule for tonight. The Maple Leafs will try to avoid becoming the third Canadian team to bow out of the playoffs in four nights. The Red Wings and Blues are also facing elimination tonight.

7:00pm, Toronto Maple Leafs @ Boston Bruins (game 5) – CBC, RDS
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy (reporter: Scott Oake)

7:30pm, New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals (game 5) – TSN, RDS2
Chris Cuthbert & Ray Ferraro (reporter: Sara Orlesky)

8:00pm, Anaheim Ducks @ Detroit Red Wings (game 6) – TSN2, RDS INFO
Dave Strader & Brian Engblom [CNBC feed]

10:00pm, St. Louis Blues @ Los Angeles Kings (game 6) – CBC, RDS
Mark Lee & Kelly Hrudey (reporter: David Amber)

Ratings… On Tuesday CBC averaged 2.07 million viewers for Montreal @ Ottawa (game 4) and 648, 000 for Chicago @ Minnesota (game 4). On Wednesday night CBC averaged 3.15 million for Boston @ Toronto (game 4) and 1.02 million for Los Angeles @ St. Louis (game 5).


7 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Playoffs TV Schedule: Friday May 10

  1. So lets hypothetically say… the NYR/Caps and Pens/NYI both go to game 7s. Would TSN use the NBC announcers for the Det/Ana game 7 or could they use Denis Behak and Craig Button. That way they would have their own announcers.
    Do you either way they will use the NBC announcers or would they send either of the crews from the east coast to west coast if either of the other series ends?

    • Actually now that I think of it I guess the only way they could send their own crew would be if the Pitt/NYI series ends tomorrow night. I was thinking that teh Det/Ana game 7 was on Monday. I am surprised now that they sent Cuthbert and Ferraro to the east coast when they could have used them in Ananheim for game 5 and game 6 tonight in Detroit.

      • Interesting move with Cuthbert and Ferraro going east and I agree with you Dan, they should have stayed in the west. TSN may have a conflict on Sunday if the Capitals @ Rangers game goes longer or into OT. The Islanders @ Penguins game could start on TSN2 but it’s Sunday Night baseball.

  2. RDS did 1.311 million for game 4 of the MTL-OTT series which combined for a total of 3.381 million with CBC for that game. Then their numbers were down for game 5 (1.145 million) as some Habs fans lost hope I suppose.
    By the way, stumbled across this article on the Sens website (link below) that says the final Sens game of the regular season against Boston on April 28 got 419,300 viewers on Sportsnet East as it had big playoff implications. RDS appears to have averaged 162,300 for its Senators games this year. With the Habs gone, RDS should now make the Sens front and centre in round 2 and give their series to Houde/Denis to call.

  3. Cuthbert has twittered that he’ll be in Anaheim for game 7.

    • Makes sense. Miller/Johnson already in NY. I guess they’d stay anyhow and do the Rags/Caps game and they’d probably use the NBCSN feed for the Isles/Pens game as it would have gone up against the Leafs/Bruins match. Also, likely it would have been Mike Emrick calling it so they’d have an A List play by play guy calling a game 7. So it makes sense Cuthbert/Ferraro do game 7 in Anaheim.

      Pretty interesting day of sports tomorrow. Golf Channel has the finish of the 3rd round at the Players starting at 7am est. NBC takes over at 2pm for final round coverage.

      Canada plays the Czechs at the Worlds at 10AM that’ll be on TSN. The Jays game is at 1:30pm on SN. Then starting at 430 its a triple header of playoff action starting with the Rangers/Caps on TSN, then Leafs/Bruins on hockey night, then Wings/Ducks game 7 on TSN.

      ABC also has NBA playoff action at 3:30. Happy Mother’s Day!

      • You missed a biggie – Ferguson last day at Old Trafford & Man United getting their trophy.

        Mother’s Day – one of the top 5 best days in sport in a given year.

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