Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: May 8, 2013

So the Canucks are out already, while the Canadiens are on the verge of elimination after collapsing again in the 3rd. Not exactly great news for CBC or TSN. The Leafs will try to avoid getting in the same situation as the Habs when they played the Bruins at the ACC tonight.

CBC has a pre-game at 6:30pm ET and TSN has a pre-game at 7pm ET tonight. CBC will join LA-STL in progress around the end of the first period. The full game is streamed online. I’m not sure if any alternate channels are offering, but Shaw Direct customers might want to check HD Sports (channel 398). Game 1 was available there.

7:00pm, Boston Bruins @ Toronto Maple Leafs (game 4) – CBC, RDS
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy (reporter: Scott Oake)

7:30pm, Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers (game 4) – TSN, RDS2
Gord Miller & Mike Johnson (reporter: Sara Orlesky)

9:00pm, Los Angeles Kings @ St. Louis Blues (game 5) – CBC, RDS INFO
Mark Lee & Kelly Hrudey (reporter: David Amber)

10:00pm, Detroit Red Wings @ Anaheim Ducks (game 5) – TSN, RDS
Chris Cuthbert & Ray Ferraro

Monday Ratings… Bruins @ Maple Leafs game 2 averaged 2.8 million viewers on Monday night, while Blues @ Kings averaged 695, 000. Playing at the same time as the Leafs sure didn’t help the Jays, Sportsnet averaged just 285, 000 viewers for their comeback in Tampa Bay.


20 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: May 8, 2013

  1. It is too bad CHEX-TV cannot help out for this conflict, just like yesterday’s Blackhawks-Wild game as the Habs-Senators game went into overtime.

    It will be interesting to see if the CBC takes its viewers to the Kings-Blues game during the second intermission of the Bruins-Leafs game.

  2. I believe that the LA-STL game would be available on Chex TV, CBC did something very similar in 2009. CBC threw game 4 of Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia which was previously airing on the full CBC network. Once the game went to the 2nd period, they shifted the game to chex because the CBC was scheduled to also show game 4 of Vancouver vs St Louis which was put on the full network at 8pm et. It’s a possibility, in my opinion.

  3. CHEX-TV came to the rescue in 2009 because Vancouver was the team in question. Can’t imagine CHEX would not show a Leafs home playoff game to show Kings-Blues.

  4. There is one thing about CHEX coming to the rescue and showing a different playoff game, they have always been from the eastern conference. The years were 2009, ’11, and ’12.

  5. What the heck happened to the TSN crew for the Red Wings @ Ducks game? Were they too tired? LOL.

    • Why are you complaining about TSN’s coverage of the Red Wings/Ducks game? IMO I would much rather have the NBC guys rather than anyone TSN has to offer, it’s just to bad we don’t get their intermission as well.

      • We should trade places. The NBC in-between analysis are pretty lame. The CNBC ones are much worse. I’d take the CBC or TSN take any day.

      • You seriously prefer Jeremy Roenick and Mike Milbury to Aaron Ward and Mike Peca? TSN’s studio is the only one I actually enjoy watching.

        Honestly I’m mostly indifferent for in-game coverage. There’s nobody at CBC, TSN or NBC who I can’t stand. I do like hearing Cuthbert and Cole do Canadian playoff games though.

        • As far as in game coverage, how in the world would anyone not enjoy Doc Emerik? He is so far ahead of anyone else that calls themselves PBP. And you enjoy Bob Cole? Wow, talk about being in the minority!!

          • I do like Emrick, but I like Hughson and Cuthbert too.

            There are plenty of people who like Cole. Plenty who hate him. From reading around the same is true for Hughson and Emrick.

            • I’m a Canadiens fan and I’ll gladly take Bob Cole doing most of our HNIC games over Mark Lee. I don’t mind when Dean Brown does the odd Habs game on HNIC but I identify him with the Sens. Yes he gets names and calls wrong and is behind the play (everything is happening!) but I enjoy hearing his voice when he’s excited and the Centre Bell crowd is going on a Saturday night. At least he still knows how to flow his voice with the pace of the game and the crowd unlike Lee who speaks monotone and then just starts shouting loudly when anything remotely exciting happens.

      • Wasn’t complaining. I was just wondering where Cuthbert and Ferraro were because it was reported that they would call the game.

    • No idea, except I was told last week the plan was for them to do it.

  6. The CBC does not care about the Wild-Blackhawks series. After the post game interviews, Ron MacLean said that after the commercials, viewers will join the Wild-Blackhawks game in progress. There were five minutes of commericals before the game was on. After that, two minutes of play and then more commericals!

    • Not sure about the ads between games, but the in-game ads are already sold and CBC has to show them during the TV timeout. The ads between games may be the ones they had sold, and missed, at the first TV timeout of the CHI-MIN game.

      • Thanks for the information. I understand about the in-game commercials but in between the games is not a good decision. The play was going on during that time.

  7. “Playing at the same time as the Leafs sure didn’t help the Jays, Sportsnet averaged just 285, 000 viewers for their comeback in Tampa Bay”

    And the Jays play so far this year probably hasn’t helped the Jays much either ;)

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