Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: May 6, 2013

Didn’t have time to do this over the weekend, but it is back. What a weekend of hockey it was though. NBC came within 30 minutes of having to move an OT game to its cable network because of Kentucky Derby pre-show, again. And then Sunday had two OT games on NBC and easily the craziest period of hockey in the playoffs so far during the Canadiens @ Senators game last night. I hope to have playoff ratings for Thursday-Sunday tomorrow.

CBC has a pre-game at 6:30pm ET, while TSN has a pre-game at 7:00pm ET.

7:00pm, Boston Bruins @ Toronto Maple Leafs – CBC, RDS
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy (reporter: Scott Oake)

7:30pm, Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers – TSN, RDS2
Gord Miller & Mike Johnson (reporter: Sara Orlesky)

8:00pm, Anaheim Ducks @ Detroit Red Wings – TSN2, RDS INFO
Rick Peckham & Ed Olczyk [NBC feed]

10:00pm, St. Louis Blues @ Los Angeles Kings – CBC, RDS
Mark Lee & Kelly Hrudey (reporter: David Amber)


5 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: May 6, 2013

  1. The CBC came within 50 minutes of having to move the Chicago-Minnesota OT game to its website for all viewers because of the Senators-Canadiens game. Ron MacLean mentioned this during the third intermission of the Wild game. That would have been a terrible decision by the CBC for viewers outside of the Ottawa area and the province of Quebec.

    • Why? It was on NBC.

      • Ron MacLean, at the very least, should have mentioned that to the viewers. In the past, the CBC has stayed with a game that went into overtime except for local and regional viewers of the team(s) game that is about to start.

        • He probably would have if it came to that. And CBC probably made that decision because the game was on NBC anyway.

          • I know the “golden rule” in sportscasting is to stick with an event until the end, but I agree that considering the game was also on NBC and the simple fact that they would’ve gotten more complaints across Canada for not going to the MTL-OTT game on time it would’ve been the more logical decision. But I mean come on, there was still the better part of an hour to go. If it got down to like 10 minutes then maybe the HNIC brass start sweating a little…

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