Stanley Cup Playoffs Ratings Update #1

Here are the ratings for games on CBC, as well as the Canucks on TSN and Canadiens on RDS for the first six days of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Montreal vs. Ottawa (CBC/RDS)
Game 1, 5/2: 1.9 million (CBC) + 1.2 million (RDS) = 3.1 million
Game 2, 5/3: 1.8 million (CBC) + 1.2 million (RDS) = 3 million
Game 3, 5/5: 2.3 million (CBC) + 1.3 million (RDS) = 3.6 million

Boston vs. Toronto (CBC)
Game 1, 5/1: 2.6 million
Game 2, 5/4: 3.2 million

Vancouver vs. San Jose (TSN)
Game 1, 5/1: 1.25 million
Game 2, 5/3: 1.3 million
Game 3, 5/5: 1.1 million

St. Louis vs. Los Angeles (CBC)
Game 1, 4/30: 1.3 million*
Game 2, 5/2: 822, 000
Game 3, 5/4: 1.1 million

Chicago vs. Minnesota (CBC)
Game 1, 4/30: 1.3 million*
Game 2, 5/3: 687, 000
Game 3, 5/5: 502, 000

*These games were a split-national broadcast; the ratings are for the two games combined.
All numbers are BBM Canada AMA 2+

Based on this, it looks like CBC made the right decision to take the Montreal-Ottawa series instead of the Canucks. Not only is it getting better ratings, but even CBC’s third choice (STL-LA) put up comparable numbers for game 3. Its never good when a series trends downward on the weekend, as happened with the Canucks last night. To compare, last year the Canucks had a million more viewers for game 3 (on a Wednesday night) on CBC. In fact the Canucks’ ratings for games 1-3 were quite comparable to Habs-Sens this year. I know there is a difference between TSN and CBC, but come on, it isn’t worth 50% reduction in audience levels. The first three games from Flyers-Penguins on TSN last spring all had better ratings than the first three from Sharks-Canucks this year.

For comparison, here are the ratings for the first few days of the playoffs last year.

16 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Playoffs Ratings Update #1

  1. Wow, it wasn’t even close.

    I bet tonight’s Leafs game gets 3.5+

  2. The audience for game three of the Chicago-Minnesota series is split because the game was also on NBC.

    Game four of the Habs-Senators series could be close to 4,000,000.

  3. Yeah CBC took a gamble, but even with RDS taking 1.2 million viewers away in that series they still made the right move.

  4. Pretty funny to see RDS getting more viewers for GM 3 of MTL series than TSN got for GM 3 of VAN series.

  5. I believe the RDS ratings are only measured in Quebec which is impressive that 1.2 million people out of like ~8 million are tuning in whereas the TSN and CBC numbers are for all of Canada. Of course there’s also some of us outside of La Belle Province that enjoy a dose of Pierre Houde and Marc Denis now and then that aren’t being counted in the viewership. The thing that bugs me about RDS though is they put those stupid virtual ads on the glass behind the nets that appear to float up/down and sideways at times back there for games at the Bell Centre, at least CBC and TSN haven’t taken to that trend… yet. Eh bien ma parole!

  6. Its become clear, the Canucks are not the team people want to see as someone stated earlier.

    Their poor showing though a likely culprit to the diminished viewers. Probably not what TSN was thinking when it got this series.

    It was always going to be a dumb move if the CBC didn`t take the all Canadian tilt.

  7. The ratings of the Canucks series. There are viewers who are not watching the Canucks series at all simply because it is not on the CBC. A Sunday night is like a weeknight so the lower number isn’t that surprising. There are bandwagoners from the Canucks and alot jumped off after game 2. What is alarming was a very small increase from game 1 to game 2 which was on a Friday night, it should’ve been higher. The ratings show that the Sens and Habs series is more popular than the Leafs and Bruins. Do you have the other 3 series?

    • Yeah but there aren’t a million viewers (what it would need to catch VAN-LA last year or MTL-OTT) who aren’t watching because its on TSN. As I said, last year TSN got 1.5 million viewers for games 1-3 of an all-American series. These ratings are bad for them, and probably not at all what they expected.

      I think the Senators-Habs game and history shows that a Sunday night is not like a weeknight. Sunday games always tend to get better ratings.

      On the other hand, ratings tend to not to any better on Fridays. People go out and do things, especially since Saturday is a traditional night to watch hockey.

      I don’t have the numbers for any of the other series. TSN hasn’t released much info. Usually there’s a press release or something, but I don’t think they’re getting great ratings this year.

      • The matchups didn’t favor them I don’t think.

        For one thing, they did get the Pens, but while the series is closer than anyone expected, I think many expect a short series there and thus probably didn’t find a need to get interested to begin with.

        Second, the Ducks/Wings series has been entertaining except for Game 3 which was a whitewash. Also, with the late starts in Anaheim here in the east, interest I can assume would be mild.

        And the horrible play by Vancouver already down 3-0 has probably led to dwindling viewership to that series, definitely not increases.

        And they also probably thought they’d have a boon having Ovechkin but I guess going up against the Leafs has made it difficult for them. Also too, they had an afternoon game on a Saturday.

        And also, at least for me, I think it feels a bit second class them using the NBC feed. Ok maybe not second class per se but less of a playoff feel to it. Nothing wrong with the NBC broadcasters, but they, for some reason, don’t use the same two guys to call a series. It seems all random so it doesn’t have that unique feel that the way the CBC has done for years. I guess in other words, its not uniquely TSN.

        I know its a great cost savings, but I don’t know, maybe it could be done better. I would have loved to seen say Cuthbert/Ferraro on one series, Miller/Johnson on one series, Beyak/Hnidy, Randorf/Reid on the other two series (just throwing out examples). I know they try and sell the fact one of the crews is going from one series to another, to another, but I’ve always liked how the CBC did it.

        They used their own production and own crews. Much like the way March Madness is done on CBS with 8 crews handling games at the various venues. Not say Jim Nantz doing various games all 4 days on the 1st weekend.

        • The ratings kind of prove that it isn’t worth it to send production crews to every game. The problem isn’t announcers so much as all of the other people they’d have to hire. And renting production trucks. Hnidy and Randorf are in Europe doing the worlds anyway.

          NBC does what is most cost efficient for them. Forslund/Reaugh have stayed in California for every game they’ve done. McGuire has mostly stayed with PIT-NYI and WSH-NYR. NBC also has limitations. Emrick doesn’t do games every night (much like Cole couldn’t). Olczyk, Micheletti and others can only work for NBC on days when the teams they cover locally aren’t playing.

          I don’t think most people (any?) are going to decide they won’t watch WSH-NYR because Miller/Johnson are doing PIT-NYI as well and they watched that last night. Same goes for using NBC’s broadcasts. As long as it isn’t a local broadcast I really don’t care honestly.

      • I know that it’s not a million viewers tuning out because it’s TSN. Just saying that there are some reasons for the lower number. A bit surprising that Friday night isn’t higher for viewing, some teams like the Canucks have said that Friday night ratings are very good. True for Sundays, it is better and it’s a family viewing day too so the numbers would be higher. Kind of funny TSN won’t show the low ratings.

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