Jay and Dan Leave TSN for Fox

SportsCentre hosts Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are leaving TSN this June for Los Angeles. They will host the new Fox Sports 1 sports highlights show, which is launching in August to compete with ESPN’s SportsCenter. I’ll have more on this later.


29 thoughts on “Jay and Dan Leave TSN for Fox

  1. What the heck that’s so random they would do that. Hopefully they won’t leave tsn sports centre forever though. But should be interesting what happens on that show.

    • Why would they do that? To further their careers; bigger opportunities; entertain a much bigger audience; make more scratch; etc.

      And once they go, I highly doubt they will be seen on TSN ever again considering Fox Sports is ESPNs mortal enemy.

  2. WTF. I guess they don’t want to cover hockey anymore.

    • OR they wanted to start covering sportS, and not the one sport they’re usually saddled with.

      • Yea. TSN is all hockey, hockey, hockey. There’s no variety. Sportsnet does a good job of covering other sports pretty well.

      • Or the obvious answer, they just wanted to further their careers. These guys are presenting highlights. The only real difference is in the US there is more NBA and college sports and less NHL.

  3. Chalk one up for TSN. just like a young ESPN many very talented broadcasters came to ESPN seeing it as a launching pad to higher and more high profiled networks. Fox 1 sports may be a new Network but Fox and Fox sports is a juggernaut in the US and two talented Broadcasters will see a substancial raise as well as room for promotion on other Fox networks

  4. Good, their jokes were corny and not entertaining. They got away from strictly sports guys because they thought they were so funny, but they weren’t.

    • I wouldn’t go that far. I think they were always the most funny guys on tsn that made me laugh but after a couple years they knew they were funny and got little ahead but still sucks there leaving and they were by far the funniest guys on tsn and always made it fun to watch at times.

    • Obviously Fox would disagree… You thought they weren’t. I’d say many find them funny. There’s a reason why they’re popular.

  5. Big win for American hockey fans and Fox Sports 1 with Dan O’Toole and Jay Onrait

  6. At least they can still be watched in Canada on the soon to be Fox Sports 1 Channel (Speed). Barring that the channel gets removed by the CRTC.

    • If these two end up anchoring a 1am highlights show on Fox Sports, you can bet that TSN is more than ever determined to not have FS1 shown in Canada as people will tune in just to see the duo.

      Personally, I wish I could watch any US highlights show instead of the ridiculously hockey-centric ones we have to deal with in up here.

      • As an American, I would love to have a late edition of SportsCentre on my TV. And Steve Lepore agrees with me. Good NHL and CFL highlights. I hardly ever watch ESPN anymore.

      • They’ll be hosting at 10 or 11pm Eastern, as far as I know.

        US-highlights can be just as ridicules. ESPN spent like the first 15 minutes of SportsCenter on Tebow last week when he was released.

        • Their morning Sportscenter shows are more than ridiculous. From what I usually see, the late-night SC is presented like a proper highlights show.

      • “Personally, I wish I could watch any US highlights show instead of the ridiculously hockey-centric ones we have to deal with in up here.”

        Really? Have you ever watched ESPN? Unlike TSN the American version of Sportscentre is not biased to one sport, or even any sport, instead ESPN is biased to pop culture Bull Sh*t like Tim Tebow, Chad Johnson, and T.O.

        Once ESPN is finally done talking about nonsense fluff you get highlights from 3 sports:

        1. NFL
        2. NBA
        3. MLB

        On the other hand, TSN gives us highlights of the following:

        1. NHL
        2. CFL
        3. NFL
        4. MLB
        5. NBA
        6. Soccer

        • Right on the money. ESPN Sportscentre is like E! at times or like CNN or HLN – just focus on one story at a time. North Korea was all over the airwaves. Boston bombings happened and North Korea is off the airwaves.

        • The difference is that on ESPN SportsCenter is designed like a newspaper. Headlines and top highlights, and then down from there. That’s why they show one hockey highlight, then jump to a baseball highlight all of a sudden, and then to a basketball highlight, as opposed to TSN who show highlights of sports together.

          • Yes. Espn way of highlights is terrible compared to tsn, espn is all big stories like you said, and then only there American sports like baseball, basketball, football, and whatever American. They have little to do with hockey and Canadian teams, it’s pretty sad actually, way rather enjoy watching tsn, where it’s all around all sports and then of course mainly hockey and Canadian teams but not there boring highlights and stories on espn.

            • I think that the best highlights package across the ESPN Networks is on ESPNEWS. They tend to show everything. Even hockey highlights. Instead of repeating Sportscentre from 3 am until 6 am overnight seven days a week, I think it would be cool if the main feed of TSN would pick up the ESPNEWS feed (assuming the CRTC allows it) during those three hours seven days a week starting in the summertime. This way, Canadians can have the best of both worlds. Then at 6 am, TSN could still replay the 2 am edition of Sportscentre for their morning loop.

              • There’s not really any good reason to though. Not very many people are watching TV in the middle of the night and SportsCentre is Cancon that would probably deliver better ratings than an American show.

  7. Anyone know if Fox 1 will be available in Canada?

  8. Are they Canadian boys or American ……. it’ll be harder for them to stand out in an American market , but it will help they’re exposure in the U.S. ……good luck boys

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