Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: May 1, 2013

Night 2 of the playoffs is tonight. With the Penguins in action, maybe more scoring than night one. The Leafs make their triumphant return. Anyone got ratings predictions for Leafs and Canucks game 1s? Also, Cherry makes his return to the CBC studio for the first time since Saturday’s Coach’s Corner.

7:00pm, Toronto Maple Leafs @ Boston Bruins (game 1) – CBC, RDS
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy (reporter: Scott Oake)

7:30pm, New York Islanders @ Pittsburgh Penguins (game 1) – TSN, RDS2
Gord Miller & Mike Johnson (reporter: Sara Orlesky)

10:30pm, San Jose Sharks @ Vancouver Canucks (game 1) – TSN, RDS
Chris Cuthbert & Ray Ferraro (reporter: Farhan Lalji)

19 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: May 1, 2013

  1. I am probably in a minority but I would far prefer to have the voice of Bob Cole call a Toronto Maple Leafs playoffs game. Nobody captures the tension of a playoff game like that man, his age notwithstanding.

    Then again, we will be spared Hughson’s affected pronunciation of ‘Desharnais’ every time the Canadiens are playing. I have nothing against the guy, I just find his voice to be very affected.

    • i don’t know you’re in the minority actually. Leafs fans seem to hate Hughson because he isn’t a Leafs homer. I’m personally very happy Cole is doing the Senators series and I know plenty of Ottawa/Montreal fans who hate Cole though.

  2. Leafs first playoff game in nine years will draw at least 3 million viewers. Tonight’s Canucks game will probably come close to or just go over 1 million. By that same token, I believe that the Canucks game tonight will get slightly more viewers than the first game tomorrow night between the Senators and Les Canadiens.

  3. The Sharks-Canucks game will have approximately 1,500,000 viewers. The Leafs-Bruins game will have 3,000,000 viewers. The Islanders-Penguins game will have 600,000 viewers.

  4. The RDS telecast of tomorrow night’s Senators-Canadiens opener could likely draw somewhere between 1,000,000 and 1,500,000 on top of whatever CBC gets in English.

  5. I’ll say 2.5M for the Leafs game and 1.35M for the Canucks games, lower than some guesses so far but it is a weekenight mid week game.

  6. I’ll guess:
    Bos-Tor: 4,500,000
    Pit-Nyi: 800,000
    Van-Sjs: 1,400,000

  7. TSN should switch their commentators around for all 4 of their series. Have Miller and Johnson do the Canucks series, they are better. Cuthbert and Ferraro should call the Islanders-Penguins series because Cuthbert called it back in the 1993 Pens-Isles series and Ferraro played in it. He assisted on the winning OT goal!

    2.2 million for the Bruins game and 1.2 million for the Canucks.

    • The fact that Cuthbert called a series 20 years ago and Ferraro used to play for NYI is nowhere near good enough reason to put them on that series. That’s simply not how it works. Ferraro is paid to be TSN’s primary hockey analyst. It’s probably in his contract that he gets the top series. Same for Cuthbert. They were pegged to do the Canadian series before they knew which one it would be, BTW.

      And you seriously think Miller/Johnson are better than Cuthbert/Ferraro? They’re ok, but Cuthbert/Ferraro and Hughson/Simpson are way above everybody else IMO.

      • Out of curiousity why does Cuthbert seem to do more regular season western games than Miller?

      • I do like teams meeting again after a long period of time of not playing each other and the memory of Cuthbert calling the winning goal. I thought Cuthbert would call it. Ferraro doing it was a stretch, I get that. I think Miller is just as good as Cuthbert and aren’t the two co #1 callers? I am not a Ferraro fan and I like Johnson’s commentary on TSN and NHL Network. That’s just my preference. I get that Ferraro is paid as the #1 colour guy but isn’t it weird that Miller and the secondary Johnson are calling games every night? I know their travel is much shorter compared to the western series. Usually, top announcers get the heavier work load.

        • Cuthbert knew he was doing the Canadian series before any of the matchups were decided, so matchups have nothing to do with it.

          I don’t find it that weird. Cuthbert/Ferraro are doing game 5 (and probably 7) in Anaheim as well. It’s simply the circumstances of all 4 eastern cities being closely located. I’m not sure if Miller/Cuthbert are still co-#1s or not. Cuthbert seems to get more big games every year. The top announcers get the bigger games, and the heavier workload if possible. It’s not really possible here.

          • In my opinion, I think TSN sees them as co-number 1 announcers. I’d be willing to bet Miller gets TSN’s conference final games this year based on the trend in recent years. 2009 Cuthbert gets Canadian team (CGY) in first round and Miller gets conf final. 2010 Miller gets Canadian team (MTL) in first round and Cuthbert gets conf final. In 2011 Miller got conf final and Cuthbert in 2012. Based on all of that is why I suspected Cuthbert would get the Canadian team series this year and why I think Miller works the conference final games.

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