Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: April 30, 2013

A strange night to open the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight; there are no Eastern Conference games, while three of the four series in the west open. None of the four Canadian teams play tonight either. CBC has a pair of games, regionally split at 8:00pm ET. TSN’s playoff coverage opens at 10:30pm ET.

8:00pm*, Minnesota Wild @ Chicago Blackhawks (game 1) – CBC (Saskatchewan-east), RDS2
Dean Brown & Greg Millen

8:00pm*, Los Angeles Kings @ St. Louis Blues (game 1) – CBC (Alberta, BC), RDS
Mark Lee & Kelly Hrudey (reporter: David Amber)

10:30pm, Detroit Red Wings @ Anaheim Ducks (game 1) – TSN, RDS
Chris Cuthbert & Ray Ferraro

*A 30-minute pregame show will air before CBC’s broadcasts.

10 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule: April 30, 2013

  1. This is why the CBC chose stupidly and/or should pawn their clashes off to another network. We should be able to see every game live.

    • I guess question would be, aren’t CBC Toronto/Vancouver just as available on digital as TSN2? I think CBC did good choosing their western series. DET-ANA has 3 conflicts with TOR-BOS I think.

      Even if they had have did as I thought they might and take TOR-BOS and VAN-SJ, they would have got NYI-PIT (a conflict tomorrow night with TOR) and LA-STL.

  2. I have to agree with Josh. Just about everyone who has TSN2, which is on digital cable/satellite, also has multiple feeds of the broadcast networks, including CBC. If you don’t have it, Dan, then you should consider upgrading (if you can afford it).

    • I’m with Bell Fibe and while I get TSN2 included, all the time-shift channels are an additional cost, and I barely watch the regular channels let alone have any need to watch it three hours later.

  3. CBC Whitehorse in the Yukon also gets the Kings @ Blues.

    • Hey – another Yukoner?

      • No, but I have two friends up there. When the CBC says Alberta west or Sask or Man., Yellowknife and Whitehorse are west of those areas, sometimes they get what the west is getting, sometimes they don’t. The CBC is never clear about that.

  4. I’m not the same Dan, but I know on Shaw in BC the Canadian time shift channels aren’t in HD. So that would make a big difference to me for which game I’d watch. Also any idea why the Hawks/Wild series didn’t have a rinkside reporter but the other one did?

  5. From @thewhiteyfisk, 1.314 million viewers.

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