2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round Schedule (to be updated)

Here is the 2013 playoffs first round schedule. As more information is confirmed, I’ll update.

(1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (8) New York Islanders – TSN
Game 1, Wednesday 5/1, 7:30pm
Game 2, Friday 5/3, 7:00pm
Game 3, Sunday 5/5, 12:00pm
Game 4, Tuesday 5/7, 7:00pm
Game 5, Thursday 5/9, 7:00pm
Game 6, Saturday 5/11
Game 7, Sunday 5/12

(2) Montreal Canadiens vs. (7) Ottawa Senators – CBC
Game 1, Thursday 5/2, 7:00pm
Game 2, Friday 5/3, 7:00pm
Game 3, Sunday 5/5, 7:00pm
Game 4, Tuesday 5/7, 7:00pm
Game 5, Thursday 5/9, 7:00pm
Game 6, Saturday 5/11, 7:00pm
Game 7, Sunday 5/12

(3) Washington Capitals vs. (6) New York Rangers – TSN
Game 1, Thursday 5/2, 7:30pm
Game 2, Saturday 5/4, 12:30pm
Game 3, Monday 5/6, 7:30pm
Game 4, Wednesday 5/8, 7:30pm
Game 5, Friday 5/10, 7:30pm
Game 6, Sunday 5/12
Game 7, Monday 5/13

(4) Boston Bruins vs. (5) Toronto Maple Leafs – CBC
Game 1, Wednesday 5/1, 7:00pm
Game 2, Saturday 5/4, 7:00pm
Game 3, Monday 5/6, 7:00pm
Game 4, Wednesday 5/8, 7:00pm
Game 5, Friday 5/10, 7:00pm
Game 6, Sunday 5/12, 7:00pm
Game 7, Monday 5/13, 7:00pm

(1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (8) Minnesota Wild – CBC
Game 1, Tuesday 4/30, 8:00pm
Game 2, Friday 5/3, 9:30pm
Game 3, Sunday 5/5, 3:00pm
Game 4, Tuesday 5/7, 9:30pm
Game 5, Thursday 5/9
Game 6, Saturday 5/11
Game 7, Sunday 5/12

(2) Anaheim Ducks vs. (7) Detroit Red Wings – TSN
Game 1, Tuesday 4/30, 10:30pm
Game 2, Thursday 5/2, 10:00pm
Game 3, Saturday 5/4, 7:30pm
Game 4, Monday 5/6, 8:00pm
Game 5, Wednesday 5/8
Game 6, Friday 5/10
Game 7, Sunday 5/12

(3) Vancouver Canucks vs. (6) San Jose Sharks – TSN
Game 1, Wednesday 5/1, 10:30pm
Game 2, Friday 5/3, 10:00pm
Game 3, Sunday 5/5, 10:00pm
Game 4, Tuesday 5/7, 10:00pm
Game 5, Thursday 5/9, 10:00pm
Game 6, Saturday 5/11
Game 7, Monday 5/13

(4) St. Louis Blues vs. (5) Los Angeles Kings – CBC
Game 1, Tuesday 4/30, 8:00pm
Game 2, Thursday 5/2, 9:30pm
Game 3, Saturday 5/4, 10:00pm
Game 4, Monday 5/6, 10:00pm
Game 5, Wednesday 5/8
Game 6, Friday 5/10
Game 7, Monday 5/13

Full daily schedule after the break… (thanks to hwy19man)

Tuesday, April 30 Minnesota at Chicago NBCSN, CBC 1800h, 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 30 Los Angeles at St. Louis CNBC, CBC 1800h, 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 30 Detroit at Anaheim NBCSN, TSN 2030h, 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday, May 1 Toronto at Boston CNBC, CBC, RDS 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 1 NY Islanders at Pittsburgh NBCSN, TSN 1730h, 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday, May 1 San Jose at Vancouver TSN, NBCSN 2030h, 8:30 p.m.

Thursday, May 2 Ottawa at Montreal CBC, RDS, CNBC 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Thursday, May 2 NY Rangers at Washington NBCSN, TSN 1730h, 5:30 p.m.
Thursday, May 2 Los Angeles at St. Louis CNBC, CBC 1930h, 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, May 2 Detroit at Anaheim NBC Sports Network, TSN 2000h, 8:00 p.m.

Friday, May 3 NY Islanders at Pittsburgh NBCSN, TSN 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Friday, May 3 Ottawa at Montreal CBC, RDS, CNBC 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Friday, May 3 Minnesota at Chicago NBCSN, CBC 1930h, 7:30 p.m.
Friday, May 3 San Jose at Vancouver TSN, CNBC 2000h, 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 4 NY Rangers at Washington NBC, TSN 1030h
Saturday, May 4 Toronto at Boston CNBC, CBC, RDS 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 4 Anaheim at Detroit NBCSN, TSN 1730h, 5:30 pm
Saturday, May 4 St. Louis at Los Angeles NBCSN, CBC 2000h, 8:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 5 Pittsburgh at NY Islanders NBC, TSN 1000h
Sunday, May 5 Chicago at Minnesota NBC, CBC 1300h, 1:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 5 Montreal at Ottawa CBC, RDS, NBCSN 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 5 Vancouver at San Jose NBCSN, TSN 2000h, 8:00 p.m.

Monday, May 6 Boston at Toronto CBC, RDS, NHL Network USA 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Monday, May 6 Washington at NY Rangers NBCSN, TSN 1730h, 5:30 p.m.
Monday, May 6 Anaheim at Detroit CNBC, TSN 1800h, 6:00 p.m.
Monday, May 6 St. Louis at Los Angeles NBCSN, CBC 2000h, 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday, May 7 Pittsburgh at NY Islanders NBCSN, TSN 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, May 7 Montreal at Ottawa CBC, RDS, CNBC 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, May 7 Chicago at Minnesota NBCSN, CBC 1930h, 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, May 7 Vancouver at San Jose CNBC, TSN 2000h, 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 8 Boston at Toronto CBC, RDS, NHL Network USA 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 8 Washington at NY Rangers NBCSN, TSN 1730h, 5:30 p.m.
**Wednesday, May 8 TBD Los Angeles at St. Louis CBC
**Wednesday, May 8 Detroit at Anaheim TSN 2000h, 8:00 p.m.

*Thursday, May 9 NY Islanders at Pittsburgh TSN 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
*Thursday, May 9 Ottawa at Montreal CBC, RDS 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
*Thursday, May 9 TBD Minnesota at Chicago CBC
*Thursday, May 9 San Jose at Vancouver TSN 2000h, 8:00 p.m.

*Friday, May 10 Toronto at Boston CBC, RDS 1700h, 5:00 p.m.
*Friday, May 10 NY Rangers at Washington TSN 1730h, 5:30 p.m.
*Friday, May 10 Anaheim at Detroit TSN
*Friday, May 10 St. Louis at Los Angeles CBC

*Saturday, May 11 Pittsburgh at NY Islanders TSN
*Saturday, May 11 Chicago at Minnesota CBC
*Saturday, May 11 Montreal at Ottawa CBC, RDS
*Saturday, May 11 Vancouver at San Jose TSN

*Sunday, May 12 TBD NY Islanders at Pittsburgh TSN
*Sunday, May 12 TBD Washington at NY Rangers TSN
*Sunday, May 12 TBD Ottawa at Montreal CBC, RDS
*Sunday, May 12 TBD Boston at Toronto CBC, RDS
*Sunday, May 12 TBD Minnesota at Chicago CBC
*Sunday, May 12 TBD Detroit at Anaheim TSN

*Monday, May 13 TBD NY Rangers at Washington TSN
*Monday, May 13 TBD Toronto at Boston CBC, RDS
*Monday, May 13 TBD San Jose at Vancouver TSN
*Monday, May 13 TBD Los Angeles at St. Louis CBC

79 thoughts on “2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round Schedule (to be updated)

  1. So leafs will play Wednesday? Cool, I’m pumped for playoffs, when will official schedule be released tomorrow?

  2. RDS annonced that the Habs’ serie starts Tues ??

  3. Wow, a change of plans for the Habs because RDS said the series would commence on Tuesday, April 30.

    Thanks for the quick information.

  4. Now confirmed by Renaud Lavoie, Habs vs Sens starts thurs and Friday

  5. It would be an epic first Wednesday night for CBC if they take Vancouver series

  6. Anyone know what date the first round must be finished by? Seems like they’re trying to cram it in with Game 6&7 on back to back nights in some case

  7. Playoff schedule show streaming right now at NHL.com

  8. Blues Kings isn’t TSN, it’s CBC

  9. Can you post the games by day instead of series?

  10. looks like cbc’s first night will be regionalized. I would guess that the Chicago-MN game would be seen in Manitoba-East, and the the StL-LA game will be Sask-West

  11. Game 1 Kings @ Canucks is at 7:30 pacific, 10:30 eastern.

  12. Game 1 Sharks @ Canucks is at 7:30 pacific, 10:30 eastern.

  13. TSN better have a plan for Wednesday because the Islanders @ Penguins game could go late and into overtime. The Sharks @ Canucks game is next and checking the TSN2 schedule, there is a playoff NBA game.

    • It’s basically ‘tough shit’. Has already happened a couple times with NBA playoff games this year (not specifically with just TSN). You just miss out on the beginning of the game.

      • That is poor planning by TSN if that happens. Pre-empting a Canucks playoff game is not acceptable and this is where the CBC has the advantage over TSN when it comes to split telecasts.

        • There aren’t any NBA games confirmed for Wednesday, let alone confirmed to air on TSN2. So that’s a lot of what ifs and assumption of poor planning. My guess is TSN2 will only have an early NBA game.

          • The Shaw guide for TSN2 was showing an NBA game for 1900h Pacific this morning and the TSN website last night was showing the NBA game. The website has changed its programming and now shows taped programming beginning at 1630h Pacific.

  14. A bit off topic but the Sens are going to make a mint off this series they increaset ticket prices big time cheapest is no $71 for standing and $121 for the nose bleeds.

  15. Great job on Twitter last night Josh, considering all the different scheduling possibilities. I have tickets to game 2 in MTL and had no idea what was going on, since I (like everyone else going into Sunday) was expecting a Leafs/Habs series to start on Tuesday and saw that the Bell Centre was booked Fri, Sat, Sun.

    I’m still a little perplexed as to some of CBC’s decisions. Why Habs/Sens over a ‘Nucks series? Are playoff ratings higher for Eastern matchups? Do they go into every season knowing that their top 2 choices are TOR and MTL regardless of opponent? Maybe they feel Habs/Sens has more national interest (read: ad $) than a Canucks series? Further, why choose MIN/CHI over PIT/NYI? You have to think that a 7pm ET start featuring Crosby/Iginla/Tavares is more valuable than an 8 or 9pm ET start of any non-Canadian team.

    • As for Ottawa/Mtl i think they look at it doing better ratings wise plus its the first time ever they will meet as for Pitt i think the fear is what if Sid is not ready.

    • Simply because they figured Habs-Sens will get better ratings than SJ-VAN. They would have chosen Vancouver over both Montreal and Ottawa if they were playing American teams.

      As for MIN-CHI over PIT-NYI, look at the schedule. All of the games conflict with MTL-OTT or TOR-BOS except one on a Sunday afternoon. They can show all of MIN-CHI without conflicting with a Canadian series. Plus, I think there is a rule that each network gets 2 eastern and 2 western series. By the sounds of it, the draft went like this

      1/2) TOR-BOS & OTT-MTL – CBC
      3) SJ-VAN – TSN
      4) MIN-CHI – CBC
      5) ANA-DET – TSN
      6) LA-STL- CBC
      7/8) NYI-PIT & NYR-WSH – TSN

      • You would also figure that it makes the most sense for each network to have 2 Eastern and 2 Western series just for easier scheduling. Can you imagine if, say, CBC had three Eastern series and only one Western? How could that possibly work? I am still amazed CBC passed on the Canucks (despite the whole Habs-Sens first time meeting in the playoffs angle). Then again, you (along with many posters it seems) are probably right that other than the Leafs-Bruins ratings bonanza, the Habs-Sens series should get the second-highest ratings for the first round.

        • I’ve heard from some Vancouverites that the general mood in BC is of disappointment that CBC didn’t take the Canucks. They feel that there is an “Eastern” or “Centre of the Universe” bias. While we can’t be 100% sure of why the decision was made, I can tell you that if I were looking to buy a spot to reach a National audience, I’d be spending my money on the Habs/Sens. Far more coast-to-coast interest than the Canucks/Sharks.

        • I phoned the CBC this morning and was told there have been many complaints from all over western Canada. It is really suprising that the CBC would concede the second largest english market to its arch rival. My opinion is that the Senators-Habs series will be the third highest ratings for canadian viewers.

          • I don’t think its surprising. It’d also be surprising if they turned down an all-Canadian series. Montreal is the 2nd biggest market (yes I know at least half the pop. watches on RDS) and Ottawa is 4th.

            The two series featuring Canadian teams on CBC will be the highest rated IMO. VAN 3rd undoubtedly. Everything else will probably get relatively bad ratings compared to all-US series last year.

            • We shall see what the audience numbers will be through out the first round and we look forward to your blogs on this very subject.

            • “yes I know at least half the pop. watches on RDS” has to be the biggest understatement of the year. Seeing as this is a sports media site how about we look at the real numbers, BBM Canada’s English TV market rankings for Canada.

              1 Toronto-Hamilton 7,362,000
              2 Montreal 4.714,000; Montreal (French) 3,273,000 (69%); Montreal (English) 1,441,000 (31%)
              3 Vancouver 3,526,000
              4 Kitchener-London 1,858,000
              5 Edmonton 1,687,000
              6 Calgary 1,607,000
              7 Ottawa-Gatineau 1,488,000 (English only numbers unavailable, this number Includes French)

              So even when you combine Montreal’s English population with Ottawa-Gatineau’s total population you still come up short of Vancouver’s population. The fact is that Ottawa may be a large metropolitan area but the city’s media market has an underwhelming footprint outside the immediate area. Vancouver on the other hand is clearly the dominant media market in BC and the city “means more” to people geographically further away from it than Ottawa does.This is why I feel CBC has dropped the ball on this issue. In my opinion there is no question that the Canucks would slaughter the Sens-Habs ratings if they were also on CBC. Hopefully TSN kicks CBC’s a** in the ratings and gives the network a wake up call that Vancouver is the team people want to see.

              GO CANUCKS GO!

              • If you were to take population Ottawa-Gatineau thats around 1.2 million right there that does not include Brockville/Cornwall/Hawkbesury etc or the smaller towns on the Quebec side you add in Montreal/Laval and smaller towns you would be looking at around 4.5 millions thats a fair size.

                As for the Vancouver ratings would slaughter Ottawa-Montreal ratings not likely there going to be very close but i think your down playing how much hype there is with the 417 series ratings will be very good and like it or not this is going to be a great series.

                As for Ottawa’s media market your rights but keep in mind there smack in the middle of the 2 best hockey markets in the world and it take alot away from Ottawa with Vancouver there the only team in Bc and are not don’t have to worry about mega markets as Ottawa does have to worry about.

                • How does Ottawa-Gatineau and Montreal’s combined English TV market equal 4.5 Million? I am pretty sure that Ottawa and Montreal’s media markets cover all population between their Metropolitan Areas and come out to 2,929,000 (which again, actually includes francophone’s in the Ottawa-Gatineau portion). Therefore, Vancouver’s media market has at least 500,000 more people than Montreal and Ottawa-Gatineau combined.

                  I am in Vancouver so I can’t comment on hype for the 417 series but you may be right that it could be a good series.

                  Lastly, how does the fact Ottawa is smack in the middle of the 2 “best hockey markets in the world” support your position that CBC could draw better ratings from that series than Vancouver-San Jose? Leafs fans from Ottawa will likely be focused on their teams series against the Bruins which will have a bigger dent on the Sens-Habs ratings than any other series will have on the Nucks-Sharks series in Vancouver. This of course just further widens the ratings gap between these two series.

                  • My point is if you include population for Ottawa-Gatineau plus the other smaller towns and take Montreal and Laval it adds up to around 4.5 million maybe a bit less but around that number now you want to talk just tv market thats a whole different thing.

                    Being in the middle of the worlds 2 best hockey markets take away from Ottawa in terms of the media and so on if Ottawa was not where it is things would be alot different but the way it is really does make it hard for Ottawa.

                    Now with the 417 series because both citys are so close the fact is they have never played in the play offs also Montreal scores alot Ottawa gives up very little all of this will make for one very good series I am not saying Vancouver-Sj won’t be good it will be but the ratings gap won’t be that big between the two series.

                    • I still cant figure out how you came up with 4.5 Million Anglophones in Ottawa-Gatineau and Montreal combined. Lets remember that Francophone’s will most likely be watching the series on RDS which does not count towards CBC’s ratings. I could understand if you were trumpeting the 5 Million combined metropolitan populations of Montreal and Ottawa (which includes speakers of Greek, Iclandic, and Afrikaans) but 4.5 Million?

                    • It can also be called the A 50 series. Sean Z is correct that many people in Quebec will be watching the Habs-Senators series on RDS and that does include anglophones. It is a smaller amount but there will be RDS viewers around the Ottawa area too.

              • Don’t forget the Habs have an unbelievable following across the country. Montreal fans are not just in Quebec. They are all over Canada just like the Leafs are.

                Having them playing another Canadian team is a big deal.

                Blame the TV deal, don’t blame the CBC. If they had a choice, they’d broadcast all Canadian teams, but this is just how it is. And if there’s a backlash from the West, it wouldn’t be worse than the backlash from Montreal/Ottawa fans who’d likely turn this to anti-Francophone anti-Quebec argument.

                • The Montreal Canadiens may have many fans across the country, but I don’t think they have a larger English speaking fan base than the Canucks do. If we are talking about total fan base (English and French) then the Habs clearly have the largest fan base in this country. However, the CBC gains nothing from the Canadiens huge French fan base that watch games on RDS. For the CBC the only fans that count financially speak English.

                  • You’re both missing the point. If you’re a media buyer looking for a National audience (i.e. Canadian Tire, Tim Horton’s, Molson Coors, Ford Motor Company, etc), are you going to purchase ad space during a game that starts at 10pm ET, features a Western-US team and has a vast majority of its interest west of Winnipeg? Or, alternatively, are you going to buy ad space during the eastern prime viewing time featuring two Canadian teams, one of which has a massive national following? It won’t just be Eastern Ontario and English Quebec watching the game – it will be most NHL viewers in eastern markets (excluding cable-subscribing francophones) as well as hundreds of thousands of western NHL viewers. Respective market size matters little when the goal is cross-region viewership.

                    • You really make some good points. One thing that has not been discussed though is how much of a difference rating wise would Habs-Sens do vs. an All-US much back east as opposed to the Canucks vs an all-US much up in the West. My gut tells me that Western all-US match ups do WAY worse than Eastern US match ups which means the CBC is gonna take a beating on it’s late game. Basically the ratings viewership margin between the Canucks-Sharks series and Kings-Blues and Blackhawks-Wild will be a lot bigger than the one between Canadiens-Senators and Penguins-Islanders and Capitals-Rangers which are the “NHL’s marquee franchises” with loads of bandwagon support in Eastern Canada due to the Ovechkin and Crosby effect.

                    • At the end of the day, they couldn’t pass on the All-Canadian Matchup. Its a pretty special matchup when you think about it. They’re meeting for the first time, and one of those teams is guaranteed to go to the 2nd round which means again, the CBC will be following that team through. That too probably factored in as well. Either one of these teams may be the Canadian team that goes the furthest in the playoffs, so best to follow through from the beginning.

                      It was lose lose situation for them. Of course it offends the West and Canuck fans, but really, they had to hope TSN would have passed on that series. They didn’t.

                      They got the 1st two choices and pretty much everyone under the sun knew the CBC was going to pick Toronto first, so their second choice was going to be a difficult one. 10 years ago or so they didn’t offend anyone because they had access to all series involving Canadian teams. That changed with the most recent contract and could change again in the next TV deal.

                      It’s unfortunate that its perceived as a slight against Vancouver not choosing them, but I say, it could be worse, things like the playoffs could be PPV.

                    • Games starting at 1600h Pacific, 1700h Mountain Monday to Friday do not get hundreds of thousands of viewers in those timezones.

                • There is a backlash from the west and it is turning into an anti-west debate. Yes, the TV deal is why it has turned out this way. One reason for the change was because of the CBC regionalizing playoff games and putting the Leaf games on nationally. An example of this was game one of the Oilers-Stars was shown to Alberta only while the rest of Canada had to see the Senators-Leafs. Viewers in western Canada outside of Alberta were upset and the anti-west feeling was loud and clear.

          • The Ottawa-Mtl will have huge ratings not near Toronto-Boston but they will be very high.

            • I also believe the Tor-Bos ratings will be out of this world, followed by Mtl/Ott in second and Van/SJS closely behind in third. Seeing as how almost 70% of Canada’s population is east of Manitoba, most viewers are going to be asleep half-way through the west coast game on a weeknight.

              I’m also curious to know which of the Minn/Chi and Pitt/NYI series’ wins.

              • I have a feeling the Wild-Hawks series will be near the bottom in viewership in Canada. The only one I can see having less viewers is the Kings-Blues series. I don’t remember a time when the President’s Trophy winners would have possibly the least-watched series in the first round.

              • I think the 1st game for the Leafs-Boston will be amazing it will break record etc but if Boston blows them out in game one you will see the numbers drop a bit for game 2.

                • No matter what the result of Game One, ratings for Leafs games (especially playoff games where it’s the first time that the Leafs are back in the postseason after nine years) will be extremely high. I cannot see the numbers dropping off even in the slightest. If anything, they will increase game by game.

                • Why? If anything’s been proven the past 10 years it’s that Leafs fans watch the team when they’re terrible. Losing one playoff game won’t affect anything. Not to mention game 2 is Saturday night. Ratings always go up on Saturday. And always go up as the series goes on. Game 5 of the Canucks series was the highest rated last year, I think.

                  • I am not so much talking about Leaf fans but all as they willw atch the 1st game but who knows after that.

                    • In the playoffs, some francophones without cable/sat will watch on CBC instead of RDS, especially those interested only in “Canadiens playoffs” hockey.

  16. Sean

    I am talking total population not just english now with that said i am not saying that will equal massive ratings as some might not watch many will but it will be split between french/english so the ratings are the surface will not look great but over all it will be solid.

  17. Do we know which announcers will be doing which series?

    • On CBC, it will be:

      Chi/Min – Dean Brown, Greg Millen
      Stl/LA – Mark Lee, Kelly Hrudey
      Bos/Tor – Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Glenn Healy
      Mon/Ott – Bob Cole, Garry Galley

      On TSN it looks like it will be:

      Van/SJ – Chris Cuthbert, Ray Ferraro
      Ana/Det – Maybe Cuthbert and Ferraro will go do the games in Anaheim.
      Pit/NYI – Gord Miller, Mike Johnson
      Was/NYR – Gord Miller, Mike Johnson

      TSN will also be using the NBC feed for a lot of the games too especially the weekend afternoon games. That means listening to Mike Emrick, Ed Olzcyk and Pierre MacGuire. They also have Dave Strader, Darren Pang, Brian Engblom, John Forslund, Kenny Albert and Joe Micheleti working games as well. I think in turn the NBCSN will use the TSN/CBC feeds too for some of the series.

      • Cuthbert and Ferraro will definitely be doing the Ducks-Red Wings games in Anaheim. For game three of this series, it seems that Miller and Johnson will call the game in Detroit since TSN will simulcast NBC’s feed of the Rangers-Capitals game two.

        • Has it been confirmed anywhere TSN will simulcast NBC? I know they usually do, but they do their own broadcast sometime. I agree with you though.

          When I asked yesterday I was told Chris and Ray are doing SJ-VAN and game 1 of DET-ANA. Gord and Mike are bouncing back and forth between NYI-PIT and WSH-NYR.

          • I would guess that:

            Ana vs Det
            Game 1 Cuthbert/Ferraro
            Game 2 Cuthbert/Ferraro
            Game 3 Miller/Johnson
            Game 4 Miller/Johnson
            Game 5 Cuthbert/Ferraro
            Game 6 Miller/Johnson (depending if necessary otherwise they are in Washington that night)
            Game 7 Cuthbert/Ferraro (game unlikely to be scheduled in afternoon as PGA Players Championship on NBC that weekend)

            Was vs NYR
            Game 1 Miller/Johnson
            Game 2 NBC feed (afternoon game on NBC)
            Game 3 NBCSN feed as game on TSN2 (Miller/Johnson in Detroit that night)
            Game 4 Miller/Johnson
            Game 5 Miller/Johnson if necessary otherwise they are in Detroit that night. If both games necessary, this game likely on TSN2 with NBCSN feed.
            Game 6 NBC Feed as if necessary, this game will likely be a afternoon start unless Pitt/NYI series still happening. If so then game will be in evening and called by Miller/Johnson. no NBC doubleheader due to golf.
            Game 7 Miller/Johnson

            Pitt vs NYI
            Game 1 Miller/Johnson
            Game 2 Miller/Johnson
            Game 3 NBC feed (afternoon game on NBC)
            Game 4 Miller/Johnson
            Game 5 Miller/Johnson
            Game 6 NBC Feed as if necessary, this game will likely be in afternoon prior to golf
            Game 7 NBC Feed as if necessary, this game will likely be in afternoon prior to golf

            Cuthbert and Ferraro of course will do all 7 games if necessary of the Canucks/Sharks series.

            Very possible too the weekend of May 11-12, no games on NBC in the afternoon? Golf is scheduled for 2pm eastern. Not sure they’d squeeze the NHL in or not during the day.

            • There are no NBC games in the afternoon on May 11 or 12. All games will be in primetime on Saturday. NBC SN has a 4pm ET slot on Sunday if there is more than 2 games that day.

              TSN has switched game 3 of WSH-NYR to TSN, so they’ll likely produce that themselves. And use CNBC for ANA-DET on Monday. Otherwise, I agree. That’s a lot of games for Miller/Johnson though. I’ll try to check back with TSN later this week and find out more.

              • That makes more sense they switched that Monday game. That will allow them to be in NY for 3 straight days. They will probably travel there Sunday and have a day off. Do the Rangers game at MSG monday, do the Pens game on Long Island Tuesday and do the Rangers again at MSG Wednesday. Makes more sense logistically.

          • I have been emailed by other chat friends and seen on other message boards about the simulcast and where the TSN crews will be.

  18. So with tonight’s Kings-Blues Series being shown in Alberta-West and the Wild-Blackhawks Series being shown in Saskatchewan-East which game will CKSA (CBC) in Lloydminster, AB/SK be showing? Their website gives no indication.

  19. For all Shaw Direct Subscribers, tonight’s Blues-Kings game is available in HD on the HDSPT1 Channel (391 on Advanced Lineup, 454 on Classic Lineup).

  20. I wanted to add one point to debate about ott-mtl vs sj-van. I’m ambivalent; I get all the channels the games are on, so I won’t miss anything. Part of CBC’s mandate is to show programming that is distinctly Canadian. If CBC didn’t feature the all-Canadian series, I think some Senators (think Brazeau, not Alfredsson) and MPs would have suggested further budget cutbacks because CBC didn’t show the all-Canadian match-up.

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