A Question About the Media Coverage of the Boston Bombing Shootout

First off I’d like to say that as a sports fan what happened in Boston last week was really, truly terrifying. One of the great freedoms and escapes in life is playing sports and attending sports events. And what happened to the victims is horrible, especially considering how young they all were. Last Friday I was pre-occupied with other things in life, but I’ve never seen anything as surreal as Boston on that day. And I’m not sure that this is the right place to ask this question, but I’m going to anyway simply because its been bugging me for a few days now.

I’m far from a conspiracy theorist, but one thing has really bothered me about the night of the shootout last Thursday. As I was watching it live in the middle of the night, CNN showed a suspect being taken into custody. You can see that video here. You can also see a suspect, who appears to be the same person, laying on the ground surrendering in this video (around the 4:40 mark). The suspect in the videos looks a lot like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who according to police was DOA when he arrived at hospital after being shot during the shootout and runover by his brother’s vehicle. In fact CNN’s reporter on scene said (see 2nd video) “the main put in the car matches a general description of the suspect they are looking for.” And “he definitely looked more like suspect one (Tamerlan).” Of course it is possible it was a mistake of

Now, even if it’s not Tsarnaev I find it very interesting that neither police nor any US media (to my knowledge at least) have mentioned this suspect since that night. There was almost no mention of him last Friday, and certainly none since. Why has the media been so quiet on a potentially key person being stripped and put in a police car? Now, if it was Tsarnaev, then a more serious question arises. He was able to walk after the shootout and after his brother got away. So, how did he end up dead by the time he got to hospital?

I didn’t think much of it at first. I thought maybe it was the person whose car had been stolen by the brothers. After hearing his account this week, it becomes clear that he had escaped before they went to Watertown and was nowhere near the shootout. The media has spent every hour of the last week talking about this incident, but they’ve never mentioned this arrest, despite it being a major news story when it broke. Anyone else as baffled as I am?

And, for what its worth, I don’t want any comments on wild conspiracy theories of how the FBI coordinated the whole thing. I will delete those. Any banter on the video and subsequent lack of media coverage is more than welcome though.

UPDATE: This fantastic Boston Globe article seems to lend itself to the idea that Tsarnaev was the man who was stripped naked and handcuffed. Here is a quote from that story.

Linskey saw that Donohue was surrounded by other officers so he ran straight toward the severely wounded ­Tamerlan Tsarnaev. He saw that one of his cops, Jared Gero, was holding the suspect, who was handcuffed. Linskey and Gero ripped Tsarnaev’s clothes from his body, frisking him for an explo­sive device. They found none.

Still no mention of him walking, being put in the police car or being questioned.

5 thoughts on “A Question About the Media Coverage of the Boston Bombing Shootout

  1. I could be wrong but i think that was the first person they took in for questions but it turned out to be nothing and they let him go.

  2. One thing that I can’t understand is the story of their uncle, Ruslan in Maryland, who claims that the older brother was influenced by a Muslim convert named Misha. It makes me think of the story of Craig Monteilh in SoCal, who was written up in various publications and whose story was told on This American Life. Could this Misha guy be the Boston equivalent of Monteilh, who was planted by the FBI to drum up a plot, then lost touch with Tsarnaev, who a couple years later completed the plot on his own, before the FBI could arrange a sting.

    Here is article about Monteilh from the Guardian:

    • You really think there are no radical Muslims?

      • lol, of course not. but it just seems unusual that this guy suddenly turned after meeting this one guy, and later did this, convincing his brother to join. Thankfully, it seems the days of large groups with massive plots like the 9/11 bombers and Toronto 18 are done. speaking of which, Peter Mansbridge did his one-on-one a few weeks ago before the marathon bombing with Mubin Shaikh, the Muslim guy who reported them to CSIS.

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