2013 NHL Playoffs Matchups and TV Coverage

I expect that the NHL will release their 2013 Conference Quarterfinals schedule Sunday night at 11:00pm Eastern on a special that will air on NHL Network. That’s regardless of what happens tonight. However, with about 24 hours for schedules to leak before any is officially released, I’m sure some news will come out early.

In this post I’ll list the NHL Playoff Matchups as they are confirmed, what networks will cover them, and the night the series will start. I’ll also add full schedule information once it is available. Anything that is not confirmed, but worth mentioning (probably broadcasters and current, but not final standings) is in italics. I’m assuming every series will start Tuesday or Wednesday, but that’s not confirmed. Feel free to post any information you come across in the comments.

Eastern Conference
(1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (8) New York Islanders (Game 1, Wednesday)
(2) Montreal Canadiens vs. (7) Ottawa Senators (Game 1, Wednesday)
(3) Washington Capitals vs. (6) New York Rangers
(4) Boston Bruins vs. (5) Toronto Maple Leafs

Western Conference
(1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (8) Minnesota Wild (Game 1, Tuesday at 8pm)
(2) Anaheim Ducks vs. (7) Detroit Red Wings (Game 1, Tuesday at 10:30pm)
(3) Vancouver Canucks vs. (6) San Jose Sharks
(4) St. Louis Blues vs. (5) Los Angeles Kings (Game 1, Tuesday)

*The Canadiens will likely play game 1 on Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “2013 NHL Playoffs Matchups and TV Coverage

  1. If Ottawa plays the Pens this is my guess on the schedule.

    Game 1 Friday
    Game 2 Sunday
    Game 3 Tuesday
    Game 4 Wednesday
    Game 5 Friday
    Game 6 Saturday
    Game 7 Monday

  2. Bulls have game 6 (if nec) scheduled at home Thursday 5/2. So Blackhawks will play either Tues/Wed or Wed/Fri. I would guess. Also if the Bulls and Blackhawks both advance, the Rolling Stones have two dates at the UC this month: 5/28 and 5/31

  3. The scheduling could get tricky for an OTT-MTL series if that happens. Don’t know if it’s true but I’ve read on other forums that the NHL won’t make the Senators play until at least Wednesday because of their rescheduled game in Boston tonight. If OTT-MTL happens, the Bell Centre is only available Tuesday and Thursday this week. Rihanna has a concert there Wednesday and Marie-Mai (never heard of her) has shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Perhaps they’d ask Marie-Mai to reschedule her Saturday concert.

  4. The Canucks will not play on May 14 and hopefully the CBC will not have games on that day either due to the British Columbia provincial election.

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