NBA Playoff TV Schedule: April 20-28

First odd, just would like to let everyone know I haven’t given up on the site. I’ve just been really busy and lacked the inspiration to write. I do plan an article looking ahead to NHL playoff coverage by the end of next week though. For now, here is the NBA playoff schedule for the first week of the playoffs.

Saturday April 20
3:00pm, Boston @ New York (game 1) – ABC
5:30pm, Golden State @ Denver (game 1) – TSN2
8:00pm, Chicago @ Brooklyn (game 1) – TSN2
10:30pm, Memphis @ L.A. Clippers (game 1) – NBA TV

Sunday April 21
1:00pm, Atlanta @ Indiana (game 1) – NBA TV
3:30pm, L.A. Lakers @ San Antonio (game 1) – ABC
7:00pm, Milwaukee @ Miami (game 1) – SN1
9:30pm, Houston @ Oklahoma City (game 1) – SN1

Monday April 22
8:00pm, Chicago @ Brooklyn (game 2) – TSN2
10:30pm, Memphis @ L.A. Clippers (game 2) – TSN2

Tuesday April 23
7:30pm, Milwaukee @ Miami (game 2) – SN1
8:00pm, Boston @ New York (game 2) – TSN2
10:30pm, Golden State @ Denver (game 2) – TSN2

Wednesday April 24
7:00pm, Houston @ Oklahoma City (game 2) – SN1
7:30pm, Atlanta @ Indiana (game 2) – NBA TV
9:30pm, L.A. Lakers @ San Antonio (game 2) – SN1

Thursday April 25
7:00pm, Miami @ Milwaukee (game 3) – SN1
8:30pm, Brooklyn @ Chicago (game 3) – NBA TV
9:30pm, L.A. Clippers @ Memphis (game 3) – SN1

Friday April 26
8:00pm, New York @ Boston (game 3) – NBA TV
10:30pm, San Antonio @ L.A. Lakers (game 3) – TSN2
10:30pm, Denver @ Golden State (game 3) – SN1

Saturday April 27
2:00pm, Brooklyn @ Chicago (game 4) – TSN2
4:30pm, L.A. Clippers @ Memphis (game 4) – TSN
7:00pm, Indiana @ Atlanta (game 3) – NBA TV
9:30pm, Oklahoma City @ Houston (game 3) – SN1

Sunday April 28
1:00pm, New York @ Boston (game 4) – ABC
3:30pm, Miami @ Milwaukee (game 4) – ABC
7:00pm, San Antonio @ L.A. Lakers (game 4) – TSN2
9:30pm, Denver @ Golden State (game 4) – TSN2

8 thoughts on “NBA Playoff TV Schedule: April 20-28

  1. A whole lotta TSN2 and Sportsnet One, which sucks for me (stuck with analog cable). Do you know how the games are allotted? Like does Sportsnet say “We want the Miami series” and TSN claims the Clippers and so forth? Or do they work around what openings they have?

  2. With the lockout shortened NHL season, there is probably going to be a LOT of NBA Playoff Second Round & Conference Finals games shown on TSN2 & Sportsnet One. Which really sucks because I don’t have digital cable / satellite either. It would be nice if certain playoff games would air on The Score. But that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

  3. There is a free preview of Sportsnet One for Rogers customers till April 30th. It isn’t much but will come in handy this Sunday.

    • The same is also being offered by Bell TV. The free preview ends on the same date as that for Rogers Cable customers.

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