2013 Baseball on Canadian TV

The 2013 Major League Baseball season begins tonight as the Houston Astros make the move to the American League and host the Rangers in the battle of the Lone Star State. There are few changes to Canadian coverage of the 2013 MLB season. However, this is the last year of TSN2’s Sunday Night Baseball sub-license from Sportsnet. Fox’s analyst Tim McCarver has also announced that he will (finally) retire following this season. Here is a quick summary of games on Canadian TV this season.

Sportsnet will show all 162 Blue Jays games. Most of the games, 131, will air on all four regional channels. Twenty will air exclusively on Sportsnet ONE, mostly due to conflicts with the Memorial Cup and NFL. The other eleven will air on a combination of ONE and the regionals, due to local hockey conflicts in April. Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler return to the broadcast booth, with Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun hosting Blue Jays Central. Hazel Mae returns from maternity leave to host the evening edition of Connected this week as well. [Full Schedule]

Sportsnet’s MLB coverage begins Monday with a tripleheader featuring Boston @ New York (1pm ET, SN), Philadelphia @ Atlanta (7pm ET, SN East/Ontario) and St. Louis @ Arizona (10pm ET, SN1). Sportsnet ONE has 88 games while the four regional channels will combine to show 168 games. The teams that are on Sportsnet most include: the Red Sox and Yankees (49 each); Angels (40); Athletics, Dodgers and Mariners (34 each), Rangers (31); Orioles (25); Rays (24); Phillies (22); and Giants (21). [Full Schedule]

TSN2 will show the 26 ESPN Sunday Night Baseball games, assuming there are no scheduling conflicts. Aside from the season-opener in Houston, these are the games that are already confirmed: Angels @ Rangers (April 7), Orioles @ Yankees (April 14), Cardinals @ Phillies (April 21), Braves @ Tigers (April 28), Dodgers @ Giants (May 5), Angels @ White Sox (May 12), Tigers @ Rangers (May 19), Braves @ Mets (May 26), Cardinals @ Cubs (July 14) and Yankees @ Red Sox (July 21). Canadian Dan Shulman and Orel Hershiser return to the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast booth, along with new analyst John Kruk.

13 thoughts on “2013 Baseball on Canadian TV

  1. WGN will have 67 Cubs games, some of which will also be shown on SportsNet:
    schedule (note, pdf also includes 8 games on WCIU)

    Click to access cubs-2013-schedule-chicago-tv1-wgn-wciu.pdf

    WGN will also have 30 White Sox games
    schedule (pdf also includes 25 games on WCIU)

    WPIX has 25 Mets games, no separate schedule

    Braves games no longer on WPCH

  2. I think RDS/RDS2 usually picks up quite a few of the ESPN Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday games, at least the couple years. They’ll be pretty hockey heavy until the end of June but maybe after then we’ll see some of those games show up there which is a bonus.

  3. Should the Jays be in a race, will Sportsnet move any September games to City, to attract a bigger audience? I recall TSN moving late-season to CTV in the 80’s, including the division clincher in 1985. And TSN and CTV weren’t even part of the same company at the time.

    • I think a better question is what would Rogers do if the Blue Jays make the World Series. I get that the Fox feed has promotional spots for the American market which the MLB International (Gary Thorne) feed does not have but would Rogers really give up half the ratings for a couple virtual ad’s behind home plate? With the addition of a Citytv station in the Montreal market perhaps Rogers pulls the trigger on getting the World Series Sim-Subbed on Citytv.

    • My guess is they will launch Mlb Network this summer or early fall which then i could see moving some Jys games there and having a free preview.

  4. I’m glad to see a lot of Dodger games on Sportsnet this year! I remember there weren’t quite as many last year. There aren’t too many things that beat listening to Vin Scully before going to bed.

  5. MLB.TV will have 2 430 regular season games this year (no blackout via a DNS service)!!!

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