Canadian Sports Ratings Update: February 25, 2013

Here are the latest sports ratings, including the Scotties and the first Jays game of the season. All numbers are BBM 2+ AMA.

Tournament of Hearts
ON-QC, Feb 19, TSN: 518, 000
ON-CAN, Feb 22, TSN: 596, 000
ON-MB, Feb 23, TSN: 822, 000
CAN-MB, Feb 24, TSN: 635, 000
BC-CAN, Feb 24, TSN2: 287, 000
ON-MB, Feb 24, TSN: 1.057 million

PIT-WPG, Feb 15, CBC: 772, 000
PHI-MTL, Feb 16, RDS: 912, 000
OTT-TOR, Feb 16, CBC: 2.248 million
VAN-CHI, Feb 19, SNP: 483, 000
LA-EDM, Feb 19, TSN: 506, 000

Daytona 500, Feb 24, TSN: 691, 000

MLB Spring Training
Jays Central, Feb 23, SN: 206, 000
TOR-DET, Feb 23, SN: 456, 000

LAL-BOS, Feb 7, TSN: 43, 000
CHI-DEN, Feb 7, TSN: 25, 000
LAC-TOR, Feb 8, TSN: 148, 000
TOR-NY, Feb 13, SN: 224, 000
MIA-OKC, Feb 14, TSN: 127, 000
Rookie Game, Feb 15, TSN: 64, 000
All-Star Game, Feb 17, TSN: 309, 000
MEM-TOR, Feb 20, SN: 164, 000

Thanks to: Jamie Campbell,  Bill BriouxWhitey FiskBob Weeks

Those baseball numbers are incredible for spring training. 450, 000 would be good for a regular season game against Detroit on a Saturday afternoon. But what’s most amazing, the repeat of 1993 World Series game on Sunday afternoon scored around 150, 000. And we all thought the 200, 000 range was crazy for 20-year old hockey broadcasts on the CBC last fall.

The Scotties ratings are about consistent with 2012, drawing around 50, 000 more viewers this year.B

11 thoughts on “Canadian Sports Ratings Update: February 25, 2013

  1. Would love to see the ratings that the Daytona 500 got in Canada…

  2. Got numbers for the Daytona 500 yet?

  3. Daytona 500 must have been viewed by less than the 2011 record audience of about 700K. If it was viewed by more than this you would expect a press release. I am surprised the record was not broken as it is not as if the race was against any major competition.

    • that is assuming there is nothing else to do but watch sports on tv

    • True on the 1st part (and I’ve asked TSN about the ratings). 2nd part would depend on how you define major competition. Sure there was no hockey, but a curling game that almost got 300k on a digital channel is fairly major. And there was a WGC event on Global, but without Tiger or Rory it probably didn’t do any great numbers.

  4. This may be a little off topic but, what ever happened to Eric Francis on CBC’s Hotstove? He used to be a panellist,. but I haven’t seen him at all during this season.

    • HNIC seems to just be going with their regular studio guys now for the Hotstove segment (Stock, Weekes, Healy, and Friedman). In my opinion the Hotstove should be more for the insiders and journalists like Friedman and writers such as Francis. Having just the same studio analysts doesn’t really differentiate the segment much from the rest of the studio show now.

    • I think I’d rather have Healy and Weekes over Francis. He wasn’t much of an insider either.

  5. Do the CBC numbers include the Flyers @ Habs game too?

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