Jays Spring Training TV Schedule

Spring Training kind of snuck up on me. The first games were played yesterday, with the first Jays game earlier today. With the increased interest in the team, Sportsnet has increased their coverage compared to last year. Sportsnet will produce and broadcast seven Jays spring games this year, up from just two last season. And that’s on top of all of the World Classic games over the next month as well (more on that next week). In addition Sportsnet announced earlier this week that five more games will air on FX Canada. Here is the complete Jays spring training schedule.

Saturday 2/23, 1:00pm – Blue Jays @ Tigers – Sportsnet
Thursday 2/28, 1:00pm – Blue Jays @ Yankees – FX
Saturday 3/2, 1:00pm – Phillies @ Blue Jays – Sportsnet
Sunday 3/3, 1:00pm – Blue Jays @ Phillies – Sportsnet/SN1
Thursday 3/7, 1:00pm – Blue Jays @ Orioles – FX
Sunday 3/10, 1:00pm – Yankees @ Blue Jays – Sportsnet
Saturday 3/23, 1:00pm – Braves @ Blue Jays – Sportsnet/SN1
Sunday 3/24, 1:00pm – Blue Jays @ Twins – FX
Wednesday 3/27, 1:00pm – Blue Jays @ Rays – FX
Thursday 3/28, 1:00pm – Blue Jays @ Phillies – FX
Friday 3/29, 7:00pm – Blue Jays @ Phillies – Sportsnet
Saturday 3/30, 1:00pm – Blue Jays @ Phillies – Sportsnet

3 thoughts on “Jays Spring Training TV Schedule

  1. I’m guessing the games on FX will be broadcasts of the opposing team

  2. This is a big improvement from just two games or the embarrassing CityTV game in previous years. Great to see.

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