James Cybulski Leaves TSN

James Cybulski has announced he is leaving TSN. Cybulski’s last day hosting TSN Radio’s drive show was Friday. Dave Naylor is replacing him on Monday. I expected Cybulski to return to televison for TSN following his stint at TSN Radio. However that will not happen with this news. Here is the message he posted on Twitter today.

So, let the speculation begin on what this incredible oppertunity is. Toronto Sports Media has indicated Cybulski is returning to Vancouver, where he worked for the Team 1040 prior to joining TSN. I personally thought Cybulski was at his best as a reporter on speed skating during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, but a return to a job of that type wouldn’t allow him to spend more time with family.

2 thoughts on “James Cybulski Leaves TSN

  1. Actually Cybulski & Co haven’t been on for two weeks. The original press release reported Cybulski would be returning to TV. His cohost Bob Mac… (can’t spell it) will now be doing 9-noon on TSN Radio.

  2. i can tolerate bob macko at 9-12 but he will be paired with matt cauz
    cauz is horrible i change to the fan when i hear his voice
    not a jeff blair fan but consider the options
    cauz has got to go

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